Autumn Magic ~ Part 2


You have to capture the magic when you can! The images here and in the previous two posts were shot between September 19 and October 11 … a 23 day window. That’s not a lot when you consider a year is 365 days. It doesn’t seem right … that’s less than 7% of the year! Shortly after my last outing on the 11th we had snow and wind that took away most of the aspen foliage. Some golden cottonwood trees lingered, but the best of it went way too fast. Here are more images that I hope show why autumn is a magical time for me!

Wilson Peak, near Telluride Colorado, peeks out above some autumn, leaning aspen trees.

‘Through Leaning Aspens’ © Denise Bush
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Awesome autumn views can be seen from high points in the San Juan Mountains.

‘Awesome Autumn View’ © Denise Bush

An open view of a bluf and forest below creates a scene that looks like a tapestry.

‘Tapestry Slope’ © Denise Bush

The Million Dollar Hwy runs through this breathtaking valley in Ouray County, Colorado.

‘Down In The Valley’ © Denise Bush

Pretty clouds and light create a tranquil autumn scene, in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado.

‘Autumn Near Ophir’ © Denise Bush

Young aspen sprouts create a beautiful array of fall color against the dark, blue-grey rock.

‘Fall Foliage, Slopeside’ © Denise Bush

Early morning light and a long pinkish cloud create a pretty autumn scene in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado.

‘Long Cloud Over Distant Mountain’ © Denise Bush

Orange aspens set the stage for a knobby mountain in the distance.

‘Knobby Mountain View’ © Denise Bush

To see my previous 2021 autumn posts click ‘Denise Bush’s Photo Blog’ at the top and scroll down. Thanks for visiting!

50 Responses to “Autumn Magic ~ Part 2”

  1. Beautiful images Denise! Enjoyed seeing them!

  2. The aspens and knobby mountain view are my favourites! It is a narrow window for fall colours 😏

  3. Love the leaning aspens!

  4. 10 Deb

    Gorgeous! My favorite time of year!
    Love “Through Leaning Aspens”!

  5. Not a long time to view this spectacular show, but so glad you did, Denise. Wildly gorgeous shots!

  6. Another great sequel! Even only small part of the year but it is a great part of all!

  7. Mother Nature and you are both magnificent!

  8. As always in your part of the world, the aspens claim pride of place.
    Your title “Tapestry Slope” is a good description of the unique view you recorded.
    What a blast of colorful fall foliage you closed out the set with.

  9. Beautiful morning coffee viewing. “Knobby Mountain View” is really lovely. My fav is the “Tapestry Slope” Spot on with it’s name. Ahhh…….Fall (:

  10. 25 S

    Wow these are gorgeous! I love seeing the colour change from summer to autumn. The hundred shades of green are now yellow, oranges and reds. Nature is breathtaking.

  11. Wow, amazing! I think the Ophir and tapestry ones are my favorites.

  12. More Colorado beauty. It is a shame autumn lasts for only a few weeks. Here our season has been kind of hit and miss as the weather held our color back and it is now speeding along. It’s already over in many places.

    As often is the case with your posts, I can’t pick a favorite. All are sumptuous and wonderful bursts of color.

    • Went out yesterday for a hike and there are still a few trees here and there. Having company shortened the time I could spend shooting the ‘sumptuous’ color. When the light hits just right I sometimes can hardly believe my eyes. Hope your fall is good to you and your camera!

      • Like you, we still have some color in lesser amounts and fewer places. Hoping for a little more today and tomorrow.

  13. So, so beautiful! and yes, autumn here is disappearing fast too. Thank you for such wonderful images 🙂

  14. The beauty of your work continues!! I remember years when the fall colors would come and go too quickly. You have posted some of the most incredible captures of that part of the world during fall regardless how long it does or doesn’t last! Absolutely stunning!! Thanks for sharing your talent of seeing and capturing natures beauty!!

  15. These are lovely, as always. I think my favorite was Tapestry Slope, but I also loved that spot light on Down in the Valley. It seems we also had a very brief splash of color. I was in the high country about 1 week late to catch the aspens, and while I was in the high country, I missed the explosion of color in town. My amazing autumn blaze maple dropped its leaves in about 2 days, something that normally spans about 2 weeks.

    • 2 days? That’s crazy!

    • Noticed the cottonwoods still look pretty down lower. I have one more ‘Autumn Magic’ post and then I may have to post some cottonwoods too. I have learned that I need to get out there. Too bad you didn’t get to enjoy your maple longer. Thanks for stopping by. I will catch up soon!

  16. They’re all gorgeous! I loved Tapestry Slope, Down in the Valley, and Autumn View. You made the most out of the short fall color season!

  17. Beauty in Autumn, Nice

  18. I have nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award! Congrats! Head on over to my blog to check it out (anotherdaywithjulie).

  19. Tapestry Slope is a favorite among these beautiful images!

  20. Indeed magical.

  21. Some amazing views here, Denise – I love ‘Tapestry Slope.’ The clouds in the second and fourth photos really are picture perfect! Takes your breath away. One gets the impression from looking at these and the previous posts that all you have to do is get in the car and start shooting. I know it’s not that easy but there seems to be an embarrassment of riches at this time of year in your neck of the woods – no wonder you bemoan those first storms!

    • Thanks for the review Lynn! Well yes … it’s not as easy as it may look, especially when you have no control over the conditions and sky. The clouds are rarely in alignment the way I like and for me that can make or break an image as in the second and fourth. For every photo that I post, there are many many more that don’t make the cut! I make the most out of fall by going out frequently. The fall images I have shown on this blog were shot between 9/17 and 10/25 which is 39 days and I went out shooting 26 of them!

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