Autumn Magic ~ Part 3


Here’s the last of my three-part, ‘Autumn Magic’ series, highlighting foliage in the beautiful San Juan Mountains of Colorado! I hope you enjoyed seeing the images. They were fun to make and share. Upon noticing some golden cottonwoods on a recent drive north I think I might have one more seasonal post in me. Found below the mountains, their color changed later and lasted a longer than the aspens. But as I write this, snow is expected. Soon it will be time to share winter scenes! I will surely miss fall, and warmer temperatures but getting out in the beautiful landscape is a blessing no matter the season.

A wooden corral is an accent to a beautiful scene near Ridgway, Colorado.

‘Corral With A View’ © Denise Bush
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A mountain lake and view of a snow covered mountain creates an idyllic scene.

‘Lake With Mountain View’ © Denise Bush

Beautiful, happy clouds add to a perfect day for a leaf peeping drive!

‘Happy Clouds Over Autumn Road’ © Denise Bush

Aspen trees mingle with spruce while catching the light on the side of a cliff.

‘Bright Bits Of Gold’ © Denise Bush

Nothing beats scenic beauty like snow on the peaks in autumn!

‘Snowy Peak In Autumn’ © Denise Bush

Golden aspens set the stage for an autumn scene with a distan outcropping.

‘Rocky Outcrop Beyond Autumn’ © Denise Bush

A curvy dirt road winds through the countryside toward the autumn colors up ahead.

‘Curving Toward Autumn’ © Denise Bush

Tall aspen trees display a beautiful gradient from orange to yellow

‘Orange & Yellow Combo’ © Denise Bush

With a snowstorm expected overnight, here's the last look at some autumn foliage below Sunshine Mountain, near Telluride.

‘End Of Autumn’ © Denise Bush

47 Responses to “Autumn Magic ~ Part 3”

  1. 1 bcplimpton

    Denise, Just being able to see your photos is an inspiration to me. I just love the Rockies and wish I could be there for a couple of weeks in each season instead of the few hours at a time that I have been able to do in the past. I usually try to pick a favorite but I can’t with this bunch.

  2. Dazzling images, the last one stands out properly.

  3. 6 Ken Curtis

    Denise, I have been very busy lately, and only now did I take the time to view this post and the two previous posts. In all three, you have done a marvelous job of finding beauty in the trees, their colors and their positions in the landscape. You have shown how stunning nature can be if we just take the time to look. As always, your images are technically well done and stimulating. Your photos make me wish I could be there to view the scenes with my own eyes. I am envious.

    • Thanks Ken! We are lucky to be able to make living here happen for sure. Your use of ‘job’ is correct and I work hard at it … especially in the fall. I appreciate how supportive you are and know you understand first hand what goes into it! 🙂

  4. Gasp-worthy shots, Denise. Stunning, to say the least! I love every single one. ❤

    • Thank you Eliza. For some reason this set was hared to put together. I replaced some and made changes to others until it felt right! Hope you are enjoying your fall!

      • The weather has been great, warmer than usual. Most of our early foliage is gone, we’re down to the oaks and beeches now. Not as stunning a foliage, but still lovely in its own way.

  5. My favorite here is “Curving Toward Autumn.” I love how the road leads you through the scene.

  6. Wow!!! I just love – ‘Corral With A View’, ‘Lake With Mountain View’ and ‘Bright Bits Of Gold’. All are wonderful.

    • Thanks so much YellowCable. I often take one image from a post and put it on my Facebook page and I’m thinking the corral shot might be the one!

  7. The orange and yellow make your image mellow. The more-subdued “End of Autumn” is an appropriate way to close out the post.

  8. Colorado the beautiful. “Orange and Yellow” is wonderful as is “End of Autumn”.
    Considering that you had less time than usual for photography this season you had a bounty of success.

    • It really is a marvelous place to photograph fall color! I did get out quite a bit but some of the earlier shots with more green and less fall didn’t measure up to the images shot near peak.

  9. I love that we had so many orange aspens this year!

    • Yes … they mix it up so beautifully! I think a lot of people think fall aspens and think yellow and gold. In an image last post they go from yellow at the bottom to orange, orange-re and then even a tip of red!

  10. curving does it for me!

  11. Stunning, each one.

  12. Took a walk along your blog. Loved the stunning and wonderful photography. The photographs are outstanding.

  13. Well done. So worth all the effort. I know how much passion goes into your work and it shows.

  14. 31 Debra

    Gorgeous series!
    My favs- “Snowy peak in Autumn”, “Curving Towards Autumn ” and ” End of Autumn “!

    • Oh thanks for your picks! I usually put a favorite first and ‘Snowy Peak In Autumn’ was my second place in the end. It’s got that cloudy fall day feeling.

  15. Stunning in a superb kind of way! 🙂

  16. Beautiful fall photo, Denise. I especially like Orange & Yellow Combo.

  17. Jaw-dropping gorgeous, Denise! Fabulous work!!

  18. Beautiful autumn landscapes.

  19. It’s so beautiful there! I love the curvy road leading to the mountains with those wonderful wooden fences. Winter is quickly approaching here too. Stay warm!

  20. Nice photos. YELLOW has made its presence felt, strongly.

  21. ‘Corral with a View’ has so much to offer, it’s wonderful. ‘Curving Toward Autumn’ and the second-to-last are my other favorites here. I’m a sucker for roads and trails and the grand emptiness in your photograph is captivating. You’ll probably guess that I appreciate the abstract nature of the aspen leaves and trunks – very painterly. Great work, Denise!

    • Thanks for letting me know your favorites! I am always looking for trees that are nicely arranged like in ‘Orange & Yellow Combo’. The round aspen leaves can look pointillistic at times.

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