The Quiet Time

Snow has come to the peaks but the valleys have received very little moisture. What has fallen melts, leaving a landscape in-between seasons. It’s a quiet landscape … summer and fall visitors are long-gone and winter enthusiasts haven’t arrived. Some businesses close and workers take time off in what is known as ‘shoulder season’. It’s a good time for everyone to slow down, and take a break. And I have too (to some extent) but my camera and I can’t stay away from the landscape long! Getting out is good for my head no matter what, and I love the more relaxed feeling this quiet time brings.

A broken fence creates a western theme in this Colorado mountain scene.
‘Broken Fence Below Mountain’ © Denise Bush
Low clouds hang in the valleys after a snow and rain storm in the mountains.
‘Cimarron Inversion’ © Denise Bush
A half moon rises over Lone Cone Mountain, near Norwood and Telluride Colorado.
‘Moon Over Lone Cone’ © Denise Bush
Snow starts on the peaks and works its way down the slopes into winter.
‘Winter Is Coming’ © Denise Bush

Kudos To Cottonwoods

It wouldn’t be fair to close out the fall foliage season without giving cottonwoods their due. Perhaps they are not as beloved as aspen trees but they do have qualities all their own. While they may look big and strong, their large branches break easily. I am always on the lookout for some with nice shapes. Cottonwoods are still hanging on to their leaves when the aspen trees are bare. Their colorful offerings help ween me from the aspen’s explosion of color, into a more monochromatic landscape. I hope you enjoy the images … the credit goes to the cottonwoods!

Cottonwoods adorn a sweeping view near Ridgway, Colorado.
‘Ranch View In Fall’ © Denise Bush
A closer look at some cottonwood trees refeals their structure and character.
‘Cottonwood Brilliance’ © Denise Bush
A beautiful group of cottonwood trees light up with late day light.
‘Cottonwoods & Mountain View’ © Denise Bush
Some golden cottonwoods below Mount Sneffels create a pleasing autumn scene.
‘Cottonwoods Below’ © Denise Bush
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The right light and golden foliage lights up a group of cottonwood trees in fall.
‘Below My Mesa’ © Denise Bush
Bright autumn cottonwoods border some grazing land in Ridgway Colorado.
‘Good For Grazing’ © Denise Bush
Hills with backlit cottonwood trees is a pretty sight, photographed at just the right moment.
‘Cottonwood Hills’ © Denise Bush

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