Kudos To Cottonwoods


It wouldn’t be fair to close out the fall foliage season without giving cottonwoods their due. Perhaps they are not as beloved as aspen trees but they do have qualities all their own. While they may look big and strong, their large branches break easily. I am always on the lookout for some with nice shapes. Cottonwoods are still hanging on to their leaves when the aspen trees are bare. Their colorful offerings help ween me from the aspen’s explosion of color, into a more monochromatic landscape. I hope you enjoy the images … the credit goes to the cottonwoods!

Cottonwoods adorn a sweeping view near Ridgway, Colorado.

‘Ranch View In Fall’ © Denise Bush

A closer look at some cottonwood trees refeals their structure and character.

‘Cottonwood Brilliance’ © Denise Bush

A beautiful group of cottonwood trees light up with late day light.

‘Cottonwoods & Mountain View’ © Denise Bush

Some golden cottonwoods below Mount Sneffels create a pleasing autumn scene.

‘Cottonwoods Below’ © Denise Bush
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The right light and golden foliage lights up a group of cottonwood trees in fall.

‘Below My Mesa’ © Denise Bush

Bright autumn cottonwoods border some grazing land in Ridgway Colorado.

‘Good For Grazing’ © Denise Bush

Hills with backlit cottonwood trees is a pretty sight, photographed at just the right moment.

‘Cottonwood Hills’ © Denise Bush

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44 Responses to “Kudos To Cottonwoods”

  1. Cottonwoods below is my fave with Good for Grazing a strong second! Lovely as always!

  2. 5 Bonnie Rovere

    Just so beautiful!

  3. 7 fiddledee2

    Really beautiful, Denise

  4. From what you’ve said, it seems cottonwoods are the last trees to put on a fall foliage display in your area. Your pictures provide a colorful fond farewell to autumn. Are you ready for snow now?

    The USDA map shows that the same Populus deltoides that we have in Austin grows in parts of Colorado. Do you know whether that’s the species you’ve shown here?

    • I have no idea but would not be surprised. They like it best in the valleys and in more arid areas too. They like wetter areas and grow along ditches, streams and rivers.

  5. A beautiful farewell to the foliage season, which is always too short, IMO. 🙂 My favorite is ‘Cottonwoods Below’ – that mountain makes a beautiful backdrop!

  6. Magical contrasts

  7. Wow! Amazing pictures, Denise. Thanks for sharing!

  8. 17 Vickie R Bush⁷

    Love those Cottonwoods!! Beautiful shots Denise

  9. Each image is so beautiful. The landscape is awesome.

  10. 22 bcplimpton

    As usual, simply inspiring!

  11. You brought out such beautiful fall. I could not resist and yes!

  12. So beautiful, Denise!

  13. 28 Deb

    Beautiful as always! My favorite is “Cottonwoods Below”!

  14. I love the Cottonwoods and mountain view! That was a gorgeous pop of color there!

    I am so amazed by how much our landscapes are similar. Cottonwoods are growing on me since living here where they’re almost as prolific as the Willows, and Russian Olive trees.

    • Thanks Deborah! My favorite group of cottonwoods is in that image. I have all kinds of variations … close, far, B&W, fall, winter, spring, different angles, etc. I don’t know if we have Russian Olive trees here. Living close to the base of the San Juans gives us the best of both world’s and in-between!

  15. 32 Ken Curtis

    Denise, another series of fine photographs that give us a feel for your subject matter, this time the Cottonwood trees. My favorite is Ranch View In Fall.

  16. They’re wonderful trees, as your photos show. I like the leaf shape, too. What a contrast those golden trees provide to the icy blue mountaintops!

  17. Denise, you so truly have the “eye”!! Love your framing and your perspective! All of these shots stand out with such beauty!! I can’t say enough!! Love your gift!!

    • You are too kind … thank you so much! In my case I think persistence and editing has a lot to do with it as well! I have been interested and involved in art my whole life. 🙂

      • You have a gift and use it well! Seriously, your work is awesome!! (You are also blessed living in God’s Country) 😎

  18. Beautiful scenics all but I am hopping on the “Cottonwoods Below” bus with a bunch of like-minded scenery fans. They make a perfect foreground for your wonderful Mount Sneffels.

  19. These are great, Denise, the Cottonwoods are so full and happy looking. The variety here shows how many guises these trees can have. We have them here, too, and at this time of year, they can still have a few leaves hanging on, which is a welcome sight. By now the trees in these photos must be bare…but I’m sure you could create beautiful landscapes with the bones of the trees, too (and probably already have it).

    • Yes, I have some winter cottonwood shots in my portfolio. Like I said in my post the branches break easily so finding one with a nice shape is always a win! I will visit soon!

      • Another friend who lives in Ohio was showing photos of Cottonwoods near where she lives today. She was saying the last leaves often just cling to the very top branches. I haven’t noticed that here, nor have I noticed branches prone to breakage, but I guess it varies. It’s interesting though that this tree thrives in three very different locations (and more, I’m sure).

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