The Quiet Time


Snow has come to the peaks but the valleys have received very little moisture. What has fallen melts, leaving a landscape in-between seasons. It’s a quiet landscape … summer and fall visitors are long-gone and winter enthusiasts haven’t arrived. Some businesses close and workers take time off in what is known as ‘shoulder season’. It’s a good time for everyone to slow down, and take a break. And I have too (to some extent) but my camera and I can’t stay away from the landscape long! Getting out is good for my head no matter what, and I love the more relaxed feeling this quiet time brings.

A broken fence creates a western theme in this Colorado mountain scene.

‘Broken Fence Below Mountain’ © Denise Bush

Low clouds hang in the valleys after a snow and rain storm in the mountains.

‘Cimarron Inversion’ © Denise Bush

A half moon rises over Lone Cone Mountain, near Norwood and Telluride Colorado.

‘Moon Over Lone Cone’ © Denise Bush

Snow starts on the peaks and works its way down the slopes into winter.

‘Winter Is Coming’ © Denise Bush

41 Responses to “The Quiet Time”

  1. 1 Vickie R Bush

    I’m in love with Cimarron Inversion!

  2. A fine set, Denise. I love the details and otherworldly look to ‘Moon Over Lone Cone.’ Indeed, winter is coming!

  3. I like the way you personified your camera in “my camera and I can’t stay away from the landscape long!” Sometimes our devices do seem willful.

    “Shoulder season” is an interesting way to put it. Steve Gingold says that people in New England refer to the time after the leaves all fall off as “stick season.”

    The clouds and other layers make for an attractive second photograph. It’s good that you caught such a large moon in your next-to-last picture.

    • Thanks Steve! Yes, I like to think of my cameras as my friends and companions! I’ve noticed the moon appears larger when close to the horizon. Using a longer focal length will help make the moon appear larger too, as you know, by compressing the distance.

  4. Stunning pictures! Love nice contrast and saturation of ‘Cimarron Inversion’.

  5. 9 Ken Curtis

    Excellent series of images, Denise.

  6. Beautiful!

  7. 13 fiddledee2

    Excellent as always Denise.

  8. All of these are so beautiful. I really like the broken fence but my favorite is “Winter is Coming”. The tree in the foreground anchors this scene so well. Shhh……………..I’m taking a photo. XOXO

  9. 17 Deb

    Very nice series! If I have to pick a favorite it would be “Moon Over Lone Cone” followed closely by “Cimarron Inversion “!

  10. Wonderful photos, Denise!

  11. Love all 4! Very relaxing, especially Moon Over Lone Cone.

  12. I always look forward to your posts, Denise. As always, it’s hard to pick a favorite, but I kept coming back to Cimarron Inversion. I think the color contrasts and the layers of different texture created a unique feeling of depth. I dunno what I’m trying to say. I liked it a lot!😀

  13. “Broken Fence Below” has my heart captured. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing 🍁🍁🧡

  14. 27 Virginia RIce

    As always stunning landscapes Denise. Have a wonderful holiday season.

  15. These are beautiful. I love the one with the moon over the mountain.

  16. Beautiful images Denise! There’s such a wonderful stillness to Moon Over Lone Cone and Winter Is Coming. The colour palette reminds me of old Japanese watercolours – subtle and exquisite 🙂

    • Thank you! I’m glad you appreciate the subtle colors in that last image. That’s why I like it and can see what you are saying about the resemblance to Japanese watercolors!

  17. I never tire of seeing the Colorado mountains through your eyes, Denise! All beautiful landscapes. Here in New England this between time, as Steve mentioned above known as stick season, is a bit more challenging on the landscape. Fog certainly helps. But I enjoy the clear air and gorgeous views here in your post. We may get some snow soon so that will add some interest hereabouts. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.

    • Hi Steve! I’m glad you aren’t getting tired of seeing my landscapes! I am hoping for a good winter shooting season … for all of us! Thank you!

  18. Each shot projects a peaceful solemn moment to just enjoy! Beautiful as always!

  19. I love the ‘Moon Over Lone Cone’ and the first photograph, too. Happy shoulder season!

    • Thanks Lynn! Well we are past shoulder season now and it’s full on holidays and winter. We have about a foot of snow here and 2 feet higher up. Hope to get back to the Lone Cone location when the roads allow.

  20. Being in the landscape with your camera is indeed therapeutic. But your landscapes also speak to the viewer, enabling a heartfelt appreciation of the profound beauty on display in the natural world!

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