Amazing Sunsets


We’ve had some amazing sunsets lately and if I’m lucky, I’m already out there, ready to capture them. The landscape photographer hoping for a successful sunset shot needs to plan, pray and practice patience! (The three P’s!) You never know what will happen! I’ve learned to be grateful when it works out and stay positive when it doesn’t. Special moments like these make every effort worth it!

A beautiful sunset highlights the beauty of the mountains, across a frozen lake.

‘Icy Sunset’ © Denise Bush
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A beautiful sunset cloud hovers above a mountain in Colorado's San Juans.

‘Mountain Time’ © Denise Bush

A mountain peak seems to point to the beautiful sunset above!

‘On Point Sunset’ © Denise Bush

A beautiful sunset graces a mountain view in Colorado's San Juans in early winter.

‘Valley View At Sunset’ © Denise Bush

A beautiful sunset envelopes the San Mountains of Colorado in early winter.

‘Sunset Over Brown Mountain’ © Denise Bush

55 Responses to “Amazing Sunsets”

  1. Fire and ice, pretty spectacular sunsets. Thank you, Denise, it makes me recall one of my lucky moments too : )

  2. They are all beautiful, Denise. Thanks so much for sharing them.

  3. 5 Ken Curtis

    My favorite is Icy Sunset. Maybe it is because I am partial to icy, frozen lakes. As I mentioned on Facebook, it’s a wonderful composition.

    • After some expected snow tonight, tomorrow and again on Friday that ice will be covered with snow until spring. I’m glad I made the effort to go there before it was covered. Thank you!

  4. Colorful sunset clouds and mountains are always special scenes and you captured good ones.

    Here in Texas, we often get good sunrise color with the early morning clouds, which usually burn away during the day. If there are late day clouds, the sunsets can be spectacular. Unfortunately, I’m seldom in a place with great scenery to go with the most spectacular ones. Just this weekend, as we returned home from a short road trip, I remarked to my wife that we might have a good sunset, since it had been cloudy all day. As we got within a few miles of home, a beautiful rainbow appeared in the east and the clouds in the west began to glow bright orange with gorgeous detail that went to pink and magenta and were gone by the time we arrived home. At least we got to enjoy the colorful clouds as we were driving.

    • You have to be in place and ready to get the best photos … IMHO. There’s been many times seeing a sunset from inside the house or driving in the car with no place to get to in a hurry. Thanks!

  5. Your pictures live up to the “amazing sunsets” you billed them as. “Pretty in pink” could be a tagline.

    • Pretty in pink they are and I’m sure I’ve used that title before … like the movie with Molly Ringwald. It gets harder and harder to avoid repeating! Thanks Steve.

  6. Nice set, Denise! Are your lakes frozen already? We’ve had an unusually warm autumn, so not even the ground is freezing except in the north facing shadows. Not complaining about that though… mild is okay with me. 😉

    • Yes … I visited a couple because we haven’t had any snow since they froze. After last night they are covered with snow so they don’t even look like a lake. Ice fisherman come and the snow gets tracked up. Thanks and happy holidays! (I try to start enjoying early!)

  7. I would say you hit pay dirt with each of these shots!! Stunning work Denise!!

  8. Lovely skies. Great captures of the colors of the clouds and the skies. They have warm tone but at the same time you get the feel of coolness from the snow on the mountain tops.

  9. Lovely colours.

  10. Incredible pink hues over striking scenes 😍

  11. Amazing clicks of amazing sunsets!

  12. 24 fiddledee2

    Very beautiful

  13. Lovely light and great images. Aren’t cold winter sunsets the best?

  14. I was just talking with someone the other day about how spectacular both the sunsets and sunrises have been in Idaho lately. I think that’s common this time of year. Maybe it is because there’s a bit more moisture in the air? Anyhow, as always you capture the beauty so well. I think my fav is the first one, Icy Sunset. It’s very traditional, but just so lovely, nicely composed, and soothing. Thanks for brightening my day.

    • Thanks Linda. Yes … I think it has something to do with moisture. We don’t get great sunsets as often as some other places. They even seem more frequent near the front range and eastern plains. For me they are more often a bust. Both of the nights shown here were exceptional for this area.

  15. It must be cold out there…I’m glad you’re tough, Denise! 😉

    • It was 6 degrees when we got up but it looks like we might get into the 40s today. We got about a foot of snow Thursday and Friday. I can handle the cold pretty well … I was born in Buffalo! 😊

      • Born in Buffalo! Wow. I lived for 2 years in Orchard Park, a suburb south of Buffalo. Before that, Syracuse. I have grown seriously UNused to the cold after being here for ten years. I bet the snow is beautiful though!

  16. The colours are really amazing.
    Excellent landscapes!

  17. WOWZA! Absolutely amazing, Denise. During most of the year I miss sunsets because I go to bed earlier than many so it’s sunrises for me. Either time of day they are beautiful to experience and these must have got your heart quickening. I always feel excitement build as the color does. Good advice for patience. Just as the changing of the seasons, having successes and failures while waiting out a sky makes the good ones all the more special. Each of these fits that description.

    • I find this time of the year easiest for timing sunsets. Sunrise is at a later time too but it’s often so cold or icy it makes it harder. I would like to get out more often for sunrise. Sunset allows me to see how the clouds are developing and I often choose a direction where they look best! I knew I had to hit that first lake scene before the ice got snow on it. Now there’s about 2 feet and tracked up. Thanks Steve!

  18. Wow! Amazing color. What a treat! I especially like the first one with the icy lake.

  19. They’re all so beautiful!! While you’ve had some wonderful, and gorgeous sunsets we’ve been having beautiful sunrises.

    There’s a tool I use to see if there’s a good probability of having a good sunrise or sunset. It’s called SunsetWx, LLC.
    You still need those three P’s mind you, but it helps to know if there’s a good chance of a good sunrise or sunset and do you want to go out to wait and see or not. Do you use a tool like this?

    My favorite of this series is the top one icy sunset. GORGEOUS!!

    • Hi Deborah! Yes, I have used SunsetWX in the past but got away from it for some reason. I think it was rarely showing me that it would be promising, so I reverted to figuring if there were some clouds it might work out. You’ve reminded me to start looking at it again. I think our very dry air limits the chances. Glad you like these and thanks very much for stopping by! Happy holidays!

  20. I just got the usual sort of e-mailed post announcement from you entitled “Happy Holidays!” and containing three sentences of text, but when I click to see the post on your website it isn’t there.

    • I am having trouble with that post & image. It’s the same as usual and it looks good viewed in my actual site but blurry in the wp reader. I don’t get it … same size & RGB as always? Tried again and still looks blurry in reader. Can you see the most recent one I just published?

      • Yes. Previously I got nothing. Now I find a picture of a tree in snow. It does not look blurry.

      • I took the first post down which is why you got nothing at first. Looks OK on my laptop in Reader but not on my (high def) computer with Reader. Do you use Reader or my actual site? Have an email in to support. Thanks!

      • I go straight to people’s sites. I don’t use Reader but I checked your post that way just now and it also looks okay on my 27-inch iMac display.

      • Thanks for doing that. I have an iMac too. I’m stumped! I go to everyone’s sites too.

      • I just remembered that a few weeks ago I had one picture in a post that behaved the way you’re describing. It looked blurry on my monitor when I looked at the post online but when I clicked the picture, the image that came up looked normal. Some people told me that the image looked fine to them even before clicking it.

  21. Spectacular compositions Denise, love the color palette!

  22. Red sky at night shepherd’s delight! It’s great to capture a sunset to look at on grey days! Happy New Year Denise 🎉

    • Happy New Year Mick! I suppose if sunsets like these were more frequent they wouldn’t seem so special! Red sky is also sailor’s delight!

  23. Such a beautiful sunset 😍😍

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