Frosty Wonderland


I had a fun outing recently, up along Cimarron Ridge, not far from our home. New snow coated the tall spruce trees along the top of ridge and I felt like I was in a winter wonderland! Clearing clouds offered spotlights on the rocky ridge and frosty winter coating. I couldn’t help but think that the pristine scenes were a beautiful way to start a fresh new year.

A little sliver of light illuminates a spot on a frosty winter ridge.

‘Frosty Highlight’ © Denise Bush

Chimney Rock of the Cimarrons, in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado, catch some nice light as a storm clears.

‘After The Storm, Chimney Rock’ © Denise Bush

A frosty wonderland lives just beyond a hill of Pinyon Pines, near Ridgway Colorado.

‘Beyond Some Pinyon Pines’ © Denise Bush

Clouds lift to reveal the beautiful snow-coated trees on Cimarron Ridge, near Ridgway Colorado.

‘Winter Wonderful’ © Denise Bush

Fresh snow creates a frosty wonderland at the top of Cimarron Ridge near Ridgway Colorado!

‘Frosty Topping’ © Denise Bush

Frosty trees below a rocky outcrop along Cimarron Ridge, create a beautiful accent to the scene.

‘Wintry Outcrop’ © Denise Bush

Sunset creates a beautiful winter alpenglow above cimarron ridge, near Ridgway Colorado.

‘Pink & Frosty’ © Denise Bush

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56 Responses to “Frosty Wonderland”

  1. Definitely “cool” photos, Denise.

  2. 3 Deb

    Gorgeous! “After the storm, Chimney Rock” is my favorite. It looks like castle’s in the sky!

  3. These generally more subdued views with overcast skies do a good job of conveying what winter is like in your part of the world. In particular, the snow on all those tall spruce trees adds a distinctive visual element.

  4. You are so fortunate to live in or near places like this! I like “After the Storm” best in this group.

  5. 9 bcplimpton

    I love them all. How long until you are snowed in?

    • We only get temporarily snowed in … until the driveway gets shoveled or snow blown, and roads are cleared. It is hard to get out right away. When I subbed school it was never cancelled but just delayed for an hour or two. We have quite a bit on the ground now, it evaporates and melts some then it snows again.

  6. Nice !

  7. I love them all. Beautiful lighting. Chimney Rock is my fav.

  8. It is a winter wonderland! “Wintry Outcrop” is my favorite.

  9. Beautiful photographs!

  10. “Beyond some” is my fave of the set!

  11. Nothing like a fresh coating of snow to ratchet up the beauty of a landscape… gorgeous set, Denise!

    • Thanks Eliza. I wish it stayed fresh longer! I went out 1-1/2 days after a foot of snow and it was all tracked up … deer, elk, cattle, ATVs, snowmobiles, cross-country skiers, etc.!

  12. It looks magical and beautiful, Denise! Happy New Year!

  13. Lovely viewing these this morning. We have our first snow happening but I don’t believe I will see anything remotely close to these beautiful captures. So thank you for sharing!!!

  14. Love how you captured the light in these pictures.

  15. 32 Ken Curtis

    Wonderful set of images, Denise. My favorites are After The Storm, Chimney Rock and Beyond Some Pinyon Pines because of the way the light hits the mountains.

  16. 34 fiddledee2

    Awesome artwork.

  17. Stunning captures Denise!!! If I had to pick a favorite for me it’s Wintry Outcrop. They are all so beautiful!! You do live in a beautiful part of the world!!

  18. Beautiful set of images, Denise.!!

  19. Absolutely gorgeous captures, Denise. Love the majesty!!

  20. Absolutely stunning pictures 😍😍

  21. “Pink and frosty” has such a dreamlike quality to it. Definitely my favorite of this group. Wishing you a very Happy New Year!

  22. Hi. Those ridges/mesas/mountains are really beautiful. It must have been exhilarating to be up there. Take care. Neil S.

    • I can see those ridges and Chimney Rock from my house and go up there often. This time of year the road that goes all the way up doesn’t get plowed and gets gated. I at least could get closer than what I see from my house. Happy New Year Neil!

  23. I really like how the colours change in the photos.
    Excellent series, Denise.

  24. Remarkable series of images Denise! The mountains look like layers of some fancy wedding cake, the clouds and light, simply awesome 😀

  25. As always, a wonderful collection, Denise! We finally got some snow last Friday but by the time I got out of work the wind had picked up, which made snowblowing a challenge, and by Saturday morning the trees were bare again and the ground covered with debris. That’s pretty much been the story with our winter weather events so far this season. Work! Anyway, I can enjoy your beautiful scenery and wait til we get some of that here.

    • Thanks Steve. We could use some fresh snow but there isn’t any in the weekly forecast. I know the winter challenges you describe. With these scenes the snow/ice stayed on the trees up top for quite a while. I think it must have been wet at first to stick like that.

  26. Such gorgeous light you had to work with, in addition to that pretty dusting of snow – just the right amount! “Beyond Some Pinyon Pines” has a wonderful contrast of cold, moody skies and warm, sunny rocks. I like the bands of textures in that image, too, from sky to rock to evergreens to pinyon pines. Very cool. Each one is worthy of framing. 🙂

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