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If you are a frequent visitor to this blog there’s a good chance you’ve seen photos of Mount Sneffels, and read about it too. That’s because it’s Ouray County’s tallest, and most prominent mountain at 14,157 feet. It can be seen from many locations and therefore makes its way into a lot of my compositions. I’ve collected some shots from the past year that I haven’t posted before, to create this set.

Another view of Mount Sneffel highlights the west slope before sunset.

‘Another View’ © Denise Bush
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Sunset brings pastel stripes over the southern sky above Mount Sneffels.

‘Pastel Stripes Over Sneffels’ © Denise Bush

A mountain road winds downhill with Mount Sneffels and the Sneffels Range in the distance.

‘Mountain Road To Sneffels’ © Denise Bush

To demonstrate how much conditions and lighting can impact an image compare the above image with the following … same location, different day! Notice how you can pick out Sneffels from a distance.

A mountain road winds through the mountains with the Sneffels Range in the distance.

‘Mountain Road With A View’ © Denise Bush

Sneffels is cloaked in lifting clouds but if you look closely you can see a part of its slope and peak.

‘Barely There’ © Denise Bush

Mount Sneffels peak is looking rosy in this colorful sunset shot.

‘Sneffels In The Pink’ © Denise Bush

See more Sneffels images in a previous post titled, ‘Salute To Sneffels’ HERE.

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40 Responses to “All About Sneffels”

  1. 1 Deb

    “Beaver Pond Reflection” is my favorite!
    Of the two photos that are the same but different day, I love the warmer of the two overall but the clouds in the cooler one are beautiful!
    All beautiful!

    • Thanks Deb! Appreciate your thoughts on the 2 that are from the same location. I like them both but am leaning toward the cooler one … for the composition that includes the trees and continuation of the road.

  2. I like the minimalist leanings, both in hue and composition, of your two pink pictures. ‘Barely There’ is indeed barely there, in spite of which one can feel the massiveness and energy. The theme of Mt. Sneffels kept making me think it’s preferable to the sniffles.

  3. All are stunning, Denise! Another view and Beaver pond are my faves of this set!

  4. Mountain Road To Sneffels and Beaver Pond… just wow! Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. Another gorgeous series, Denise. I love the pink skies and that last one showing the reflections is stunning. Hope you’re keeping warm out there!

  6. Stunning images. Thanks for sharing, Denise.

  7. Hi. That’s an imposing mountain. To me, it looks like a difficult climb to the summit.

    • Some people challenge themselves to summit all of Colorado’s 14ers. My husband and son climbed Sneffels. There is a trail and then a skree field scramble at the top. Thanks for the visit!

  8. 16 Bonnie

    It is hard to imagine being able to see such a wonderful site right in your own back yard! These are beautiful!!

    • The scenery never gets old Bonnie! It is getting harder to find new scenes and vantages but I have fun trying. The mountains and trees are my best friends!

  9. Marvelous! You captured different moods from the place. Even the bending road pictures are awesome.

  10. 20 K

    What a treasure you have out there. Your shots are beautiful. My favs are “Another Way” because of the lighting and “Barely There” because of the mystery.

    • Hi Ken! I’m glad you can appreciate ‘Barely There’ … it was a fleeting moment. I saw it while driving but it disappeared by the time I had a chance to quickly pull over with a vantage point. Then it came back for this. I contemplated whether to show it … if it was enough. Thank you!

  11. So so beautiful! I think Sneffels is my favorite mountain the Colorado. One of these days, I’ll climb it. Until then, I’ll enjoy your many photos of it.

  12. Beautiful set, Denise, Beaver Pond Reflections is my favorite!

  13. It’s a gorgeous view, and series, Denise! I loved the reflection, and the images of it in pink.

  14. Beautiful images
    Great post ❤️

  15. Love these shots!! it was fun to see the same shot on two different days….lighting does make a difference, yet both are great in their own way!! Thanks for sharing…love your work!

  16. So beautiful. I’m always amazed by your landscapes, Denise.

  17. I won’t be summiting Sneffels, but I’d love to see it someday, if I get to your neck of the woods. I like the comparison of lighting on the two images taken from the same location. And I love Barely There. But I guess Beaver Pond Reflections is a true classic, with lovely composition, peaceful lighting and color.

    • Appreciate your thoughts always, Linda! Yes … you should come to this neck of the western woods someday!

      • I just may do so, and along the way pick your brain for a good public lands hiding spot for my rig for a night or two. If I ever take to the road again…

  18. The mountain’s many moods – this series says it so well. It’s fun seeing the two road views together and the B&W is stunning. Beautiful work that shows how well you know your subject. 🙂

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