Picturesque Ponderosa Pines


Many of us have a shared affection for trees … they’re so easy to love! Since living in Colorado a lot of my attention has gone to our very popular aspen trees. However, I have long admired the ponderosa pines that grow in my neighborhood, so I decided to make them a self-assigned photo topic. Ponderosas are big and beautiful, rising well above the other trees, with long needles, and bark that glows orange when the light is right. They seem to like an in-between elevation like our Loghill Mesa at 8,000 feet. The record for the tallest ponderosa, found in Oregon, claims 268 feet. To compare, a quick internet search tells me the tallest recorded Sierra Redwood is 325 feet. For the following images I went out on three occasions. The snow made the outings extra special, and it felt very peaceful just to stand below these magnificent beauties!

A stand of ponderosa pines show-off their beautiful bark in winter.

‘Pretty Ponderosas’ © Denise Bush
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Some ponderosa pines catch some light showing off their beautiful trunks.

‘Dressed In Snow’ © Denise Bush

A closeup view of a ponderosa pine tree trunk reveals the color and texture among snowy branches.

‘Ponderosa Forest Close-up’ © Denise Bush
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Ponderosa pine trunks display a warm rust color, especially beautiful in contrast to the snow-covered branches.

‘Ponderosa Detail’ © Denise Bush

Large Ponderosa Pines create a peaceful winter grouping.

‘Ponderosas In The Snow’ © Denise Bush

Four ponderosa pine trees show off their straight trunks and colorful bark during a winter snow storm.

‘Snow Falling On Ponderosas’ © Denise Bush

A mighty ponderosa pine shows off it's beutiful orange bark in the last light of day.

‘Ponderosa Pines In Shadow & Light’ © Denise Bush
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51 Responses to “Picturesque Ponderosa Pines”

  1. Beautiful study of these pines. I love how you captured their details in different lighting and perspective.

  2. 3 bcplimpton

    ‘Ponderosa Pines In Shadow & Light’ was my favorite.

    • Thanks Barry! That is the only one from my second outing that I included. You can see there wasn’t much snow on that day. Glad you like!

  3. Ponderosas in the snow are esp. beautiful, their cinnamon bark with dark fissures contrasts against the evergreen needles and snow. Lovely set, Denise!

  4. Trees are difficult subjects to pull off just right. Nicely done, Denise! I especially like ‘Ponderosa in the Snow’ because of the misty view down along the hillside. PPin S&L is classic.

    • Thanks Rich! It was snowing in that misty scene and a bit of a struggle to keep the camera dry. I guess I should have taken the time to use a rain sleeve. The last image was the same place but later the next day.

  5. There’s nothing ponderous about looking through your lovely photographs of ponderosa pines. As you noted, snow added to the pictures’ charm.

  6. Beautiful collection! I like the warm color and light of the trees trunks with the cool colors of the background in the first. Also I noticed how the trees are often arranged with space between them.

    • Thanks! I took my time to make sure the trunks didn’t overlap in these shots. Sometimes an inch to the right or left, forward or backward, made all the difference!

  7. Beautiful! I love ponderosas.

  8. Beautiful art.

  9. 17 Bonnie Rovere


  10. Love me some ponderosa pines! My favorite is Ponderosa Pines In Shadow & Light.

  11. 21 Ken Curtis

    These are all wonderful images, Denise. I feel a sense of peace viewing these. Of the top two, Dressed In Snow is my favorite because of the smaller, new growth trees around the base of the larger trees. I prefer Snow Falling On Ponderosas to Ponderosas In The Snow because of it’s vertical orientation fits with the tall trees although I do like that there is more to see in the horizontal image’s background. Again, great work and I love snow.

  12. Beautiful pictures of these trees and indeed the snow makes the pictures more lively, especially this time of the year too 🙂

  13. They’re gorgeous! I love you images with the branches filling the frame and the snow topping them.

  14. Each one is lovely, Denise! My favorite is “Pretty Ponderosas”! I love seeing their height and the rocks littered in the foreground. 🙂

  15. 32 Jan Williams Photography

    Wonderful captures!

  16. A beautiful pondies! I felt like I could smell them right through the screen.

  17. Love these captures Denise…so beautiful!! Thanks for sharing! Love your work!

  18. Beautiful, ponderosas in snow ❄

  19. Beautiful trees. Beautiful photos. I used to watch Bonanza, a Western series on TV. The name of the ranch where the main characters lived was The Ponderosa.

    • Bonanza was one of my favorites growing up and Hoss was my favorite character. We still watch it sometimes. The main road through our neighborhood is named Ponderosa. Thanks for your visit and comment … I appreciate it every time!

  20. Wow. Looks especially magical with the snow.

    • Thanks rabirius … I waited until there was some fresh snow in all but the last. It’s been very dry but we are expecting some snow today! Yay!

  21. Those are some happy winter Ponderosa shots, Denise. They have such a warmth to them even in flat light. I really “Ponderosas in the Snow”.

    • Thanks Steve! It was blowing and snowing when I shot that one, so I didn’t stay long. I need to get a rain cover for my pack and use a rain sleeve for that scenario in the future. As we were discussing before … the lighting has a quiet mood.

  22. I like this, Denise – love those trees. Our Shore pine, which is a lot shorter and often grows in contorted shapes, is a close relative of the Ponderosa but it doesn’t have the pretty bark, nor does it have the scent. With that bark color they are gorgeous in the snow! And ‘Ponderosa in the Snow’ conveys a wonderful sense of place. The last image puts me right there. I imagine warmth in the sun and quickly plunging temperatures as the sun sets.

  23. These are exquisite, Denise. The light and details are so well captured. Nice celebration of the Ponderosa Pine. 🙂

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