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I’ve never adhered to any kind of schedule for blogging. I simply post when I have recent work and themed projects to share and archive. Then today I realized it’s been over a month since my last post, and that’s a little longer than I like. As explained then, our winters are long! It seems I have lost my enthusiasm for the winter landscape (until next year) so I haven’t been out with my camera as often as usual. I’ve been waiting for spring and thankfully each day is bringing a little more green. When the aspen trees leaf out I will feel fully rejuvenated! But with that said, I have been out a handful of times during the last month, and this post displays my latest landscape keepers. In chronological order you’ll see how the snow has melted down below. We’ll have snow on the peaks for quite a while longer, and then it starts all over again!

I was delighted when this pink cloud perfectly positioned itself above some distant mountains, glowing with last light!

‘Pink Cloud Over Peek-a-boo Peaks’ © Denise Bush
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The San Juan Mountains, in Colorado are known for its rail fences and beautiful mountains as displayed in this scene.

‘San Juan Classic’ © Denise Bush

Rusting farm equipment provides an introduction to this mountain scene.

‘Resting Plow Parts’ © Denise Bush

An abstract version of Mount Sneffels is reflected in a spring puddle.

‘Vertical Reflection’ © Denise Bush

First light strikes a distant snow-capped mountain while the valley below begins to turn green.

‘May Mountain Morning’ © Denise Bush

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44 Responses to “Latest Landscapes”

  1. Well, it sure was worth the wait, Denise. These are a great combination of winter into spring shots. “San Juan Classic” really spoke to me today. Excellent set.

  2. Superb, as always, Denise!

  3. 5 Ken Curtis

    San Juan Classic is my favorite and May Mountain Morning is my next favorite. The first is quite dramatic with the clouds, and I love the lighting in the second. All good image, however. Hope spring arrives soon for you.

  4. Love the early/late light highlighting the mountains. I really like all the elements in ‘San Juan Classic’ – sky, mountain, meadow and fence line. Nice!

    • Thanks Eliza. I love the old style fences and hate to see when they are replaced with metal posts and barbed wire. This one is kept in good shape.

  5. 9 Deb

    These are beautiful! I can understand the wain of enthusiasm for winter (as beautiful as it is)!
    “San Juan Classic” and “Resting plow parts” are my favorites!

    • Hi Deb! I’m glad you like ‘Resting Plow Parts’ … its first like. I want to go back there in different lighting. It was late and somewhat overcast when I shot it. XO

  6. I think you captured a very nice transition from winter into spring. A nice touch to have the old plow part into the “‘Resting Plow Parts”.

    • Thanks Yellow Cable! I’m always on the lookout for rusty farm equipment! Glad you like that one. I was pleased with the ingredients!

  7. How about those parallel pinks in the first picture? Then there’s the pink in the reflection of the mountain three pictures later, and finally the faint pink on the snowy mountain at the end. We could say you’re in the pink.

    • Hi Steve. Pink makes its way into a lot of my compositions with our alpenglow and gradient skies. I like to be out at the times of day that offer the possibility. I think I’ve used ‘In The Pink’ and ‘Pretty In Pink’ for titles. Appreciate your observations!

  8. Just wonderful. For me, these all have a peaceful vibe. Since I am Puerto Rican, totally partial to San Juan Classic. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  9. 18 mic


  10. 20 fiddledee2

    All beautiful, Denise.

  11. Each and every capture is exquisite!! You have a great eye for framing stunning scenery!! Awesome!!

  12. Again, really wonderful landscapes!

  13. Another excellent collection, Denise! I can pick a favorite but all are enjoyable and lovely compositions. As to the favorite, well I am a sucker for reflections and “Vertical Reflection” really appeals, especially with the lovely light. I am also a fan of “San Juan Classic” with that wonderful stacked split rail fence (not sure what its real name would be) leading into the scene. The fence makes me think of the hard work and all the stones stacked to make our New England fences and walls one now finds in the woods.

    To use a common term, winter does get old after a while and our anticipation of spring makes it even older. We are still having wood stove burns some of these nights but the weather’s getting warmer and winter is fading into the past…hurrah spring!!! 🙂

    • Hi Steve. Thanks for letting me know your thoughts! I don’t think there is an official name for that type of fence … not that I have ever heard anyway. I hate to see when they are old and replaced with metal posts and barbed wire. Some ranchers do replace them with the same style. The leaves are peaking out on our aspen trees and I saw some tiny lupine foliage on our neighborhood trail. Yay!

  14. Seems like winter doesn’t want to let go this year, but spring is fighting back hard. Cool, finding that old plow.

    • Hi Dave! I’ve passed that tractor (or part of a tractor?) several times but because it’s in an awkward position I didn’t see this composition before. I’m definitely going back to see what else I can do with it in different conditions. Hope all is well. When I checked last it looked like you were taking a break from blogging.

      • Yeah, I took about a year off, and wasn’t posting too often before that due to Covid and lack of travel. Now, we did a trip to Mexico in March and I did a photo trip to the Palouse in eastern Washington in late April, so there’s grist for the mill again.

  15. Nice collection of images. I like the leading line of the fence in San Juan Classic. Like you I haven’t posted much this spring, though I have been out a few times. I am due to share soon.

    • Hi Lawrence! I’m glad I’m not alone in taking a break. ‘San Juan Classic’ seems to be a favorite here … leading lines can work wonders! Looking forward to seeing your spring!

  16. Yep, those are all keepers. It is always a pleasure to see your photos. I look forward to your spring and summer shots.

    • Thanks Ken! It has been very windy and we are already getting some wildfire smoke from fires in other states. I am raring to go out as soon as the wind dies down!

  17. I get it about being tired of a season sometimes and following your own schedule. I like the first photograph very much, the subtle colors, the feeling of being in the southwest (kind of!) and the old fence (?) in the foreground The plow and snowy mountain photo is perfectly composed! Ending with ‘May Mountain Morning’ is very hopeful. I see the increase in light there….

    • Hi Lynn! We’ve been having very high winds and red flag alerts for the last several days. Depending on the wind, we get smoke from wildfires in other states already … so early in the season. Dirt and smoke combined completely obscured the mountains the other night! I took a walk on the trail that borders our property and saw lupine, paintbrush and mule’s ears foliage sprouting. Looking forward to getting out there but not in this wind, morning and night!

      • A late thanks for your reply…by now the wind has died down, come up again, and died down again. 😉 And maybe the lupines are starting to bloom?

      • It’s still windy! Someone called it ‘the new normal’ but I hope not. Yes, some lupine are blooming on the trails here on our mesa Anand they’re starting to bloom up higher too. It looks like they might not be as nice in places this year. Will visit soon.

  18. 40 Priti

    Wow excellent photos beautiful shot thanks for sharing 😊👍

  19. Great photos. The mountains are spectacular. Earlier today I read a post on another blog — the writer lives in Colorado. She says that her area, four days ago, was hit with a foot of icy snow. Did your area get snow too?

    • Yes … we got about 4 inches on Saturday but it melted pretty quick. We need any kind of precipitation and it freshened up the snow on some peaks. They got more toward the middle of the state and we are closer to the southwest corner. (Ridgway) The aspens are leafing out and I’ve been trying to get out often. Thanks for visiting and commenting too! 🙂

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