Aspen Awakening


After Colorado’s long winters I get excited when the aspen trees begin to leaf out! When it happens, depends on where. Lower elevations before higher elevations, and sunny spots before shady ones. The foliage starts out very bright and delicate, and I enjoy seeing the tree structure through the leaves. When new leaves are backlit, it can feel magical … like twinkle lights shimmering in the breeze. I’ve been getting out to shoot and survey aspen progress. As I write this, a lot of the leaves in higher elevations have not yet emerged. I traveled far to check on a composition I am visualizing and the trees in the scene are still bare. Timing is important. It doesn’t take long for the bright green to darken. I hope you enjoy this early selection … there are surely more photos that include aspens to come!

New aspen leaves are especially beautiful in spring ... bright and delicate!

‘New Spring Leaves!’ © Denise Bush
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Natural elements come together to create this peaceful spring scene.

‘Spring Moon Setting’ © Denise Bush

Backlit aspen leaves are especially beautiful in the spring ... bright and shimmering in the sun.

‘Awakening’ © Denise Bush

Mount Sneffels makes a statement every time of year. Here its beauty is enhanced with spring aspens framing the tall peak!

‘Spring Joy Drive’ © Denise. Bush

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36 Responses to “Aspen Awakening”

  1. Very nice! ‘Spring Moon Setting’ gives me broad perspective of different time trees are coming back.

  2. 3 Deb

    Love “New Spring Leaves”. ‘Never get tired of those beautiful aspens! Lovely Denise!

    • Thanks Deb. I’m glad you like that one … something about that arrangement spoke to me. In a forest full of trees I can be very picky about what I choose to frame. 🙂

  3. Lovely images, Denise. That early spring green is one of my favorite colors. Against the white bark, it is magical. After the long winter, it feels like a celebration!

    • Yes, it does feel like a celebration! I’ve been in my happy place while out and about. Glad you like … thank you.

  4. That emerging foliage is a pleasant way to open the post. I do hope you’ll find the composition you envisage.

    • Thanks. I plan to go back in a few days. It would be great to have a webcam on the scene so I could go at the perfect time!

  5. Soooo gorgeous, Denise. The green and white contrast in your lead is lovely and I am mesmerized by Vertical Existence. Excellent work.

  6. Spring Joy is a good overall description of this entire post. Each one says spring beautifully. I agree with Jane…Vertical Existence is mesmerizing. Wonderful views, Denise!

  7. 13 bcplimpton

    Aspens are really something special from early spring to the golden autumn.

  8. 15 Ken Kemp

    I do not recall being around to photograph Aspens in the early spring; but I do like the light green, spring leaves in your photos. Thanks for sharing.

    • I guess most people think of photographing them in the fall. They turn darker very quick so I hope to get out there a few more times to catch the bright green and small leaves.

  9. 17 Kenneth Richard Sichel

    Thanks for sharing……..I love the aspens

  10. Pastel perfection.

  11. “Spring Joy Drive” looks like the perfect spot for me an my motorcycle! Wonderful to see Aspen up and around. Bravo!

  12. Lovely images Denise. I like the way you set a frame.

  13. Enjoy, I did! It’s interesting that that virgin spring green is nearly as elusive as the autumn gold that so enchants us. Here today and gone tomorrow.

  14. I love them all! The top one and the one with the Moon are my favorites though. They’re so cheerful. I love green!

    • Hi Deborah. We had hail yesterday and it got down to 34 degrees last night. I see fresh snow on the peaks and do hope it didn’t hurt the young aspen leaves. Appreciate the visit and letting me know your favorites.

      • We also are having near freezing mornings again and maybe new snow on the mountains they’re saying. Two weeks ago there were no leaves on the Aspens when I drove through the valley with my favorite groves. I hope these cold mornings don’t hurt your groves or ours for the season! Stay warm!

  15. 30 Ken Curtis

    These are really nice, Denise. My favorite is New Spring Leaves because of the non-saturated colors of the leaves against the white bark. It has a relaxing feel about it.

    Wish I see these in a larger size. It is a bit difficult to see details. I tried following directions beneath the photos and could not find anything to click.

    • Hi Ken! In the shade the colors are softer than when sunlit. I think I processed the first to be what I saw … subdued as you mention. I only choose some of my images to go in my store as I post, and then at the end of the year in my website’s yearly ‘favorites’. I have always avoided posting large images on my blog so everything isn’t out there for the taking. I may decide to add links to one or two of these on my store site but didn’t do so ahead of time with this post as I sometimes do. Thanks for your comment!

  16. Mmm, I love that early spring green, in your photos and in your text, which describes it nicely. I love those verticals and hazy, soft foliage in the third photograph. Happy Spring, Denise!!

  17. Love how sculptural these trees are. Incredible as a lone tree or as part of a mountainside. You have a great eye Denise.

    • Hi Mic! I hadn’t thought of them as sculptural … but structural … I guess the two words have some commonality though. Interesting! I appreciate your visit and thoughts. Thanks!

      • Sculpture has many facets, structure being and important one of them. But at the end of the day ‘it’s all just words’ and your photos are great!

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