Mountains In May


The following are spring images chosen for their mountain theme. Spring has given me renewed enthusiasm for getting out there! These were shot in May, and at this time of year some of the mountains can still have snow on them. The snow can get a bit dirty from high winds and blowing dust, but Mother Nature sometimes freshens it up on the peaks. With more roads open I’m revisiting favorite locations to explore new compositions. And, I’m finding some new spots too … although that is getting more difficult close to home. ‘Everything is far away!’ someone once told me, and there is truth to that. A typical photo outing can range from 50 – 150 miles, and a day trip is often closer to 300 miles. I’m looking forward to more exploring, shooting and posting in the days ahead. I appreciate all the looks, likes and comments … thank you!

Springtime aspen trees show-off their bright green, under Sunshine Mountain near Telluride, Colorado.

‘Sunshine Mountain In Spring’ © Denise Bush

The morning sun illuminates spring aspen leaves allowing a view of distant mountains.

‘Through Spring Aspens’ © Denise Bush
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A winding road climbs before ending up at the trailhead that leads to Mount Sneffels of the San Juans.

‘The Way To Sneffels’ © Denise Bush

Kendall Mountain in southwest Colorado, catches beautiful light while spruce trees below create a shady frame.

‘Kendall Under Blue Sky’ © Denise Bush

An old style corral adds a western theme to this San Juan Mountains scene.

‘Corral Vista’ © Denise Bush

A beaver pond in the San Juan Mountains reflects a mountain peak lit with the low setting sun.

‘Reflecting Beaver Pond’ © Denise Bush

Beautiful clouds light up in pastel colors above Mears Peak along the Sneffels Range.

‘The Valley & Beyond’ © Denise Bush

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40 Responses to “Mountains In May”

  1. 1 Ken Curtis

    All are very well done. My favorites are the top 3 with Through Spring Aspens being the image I prefer best of all. I know it is more about the trees and the landscape in the middle ground than of the mountains, but I like the colors and content. It is a beautiful image.

    • Thanks Ken! That was the only one I chose to add to my store website since I thought it was different from what is already there. I went back to the previous post and added a couple images and links to the store from that post too.

  2. All are breathtaking. Thank you for sharing your talent with us, Denise😊 Very inspiring 💗

    • Thanks very much for visiting Denise! Blogging is just what I do … since 2009. I don’t think there is any stopping me now! 😀

  3. These pictures are reminding me of coolness of spring time still. They still look fresh and cool.

    • Yes, it is still fairly cool especially at night. Even though we haven’t had much precipitation, there’s a lot of green. If we don’t get some rain, brown will creep in to the scenery. Thanks for always stopping in!

  4. 7 Deb

    Some beauties there!
    “The Way to Sneffels”, “Corral Vista” and “Reflecting Beaver Pond” are my favorite!
    Glad you’re getting out there and enjoying yourself.

  5. Spring is my absolute favorite season when nature renews itself. Showing the contrast of winter still in the mountains gives it added appreciation. Beautiful shots, Denise.

  6. 11 Vickie Bush

    Denise, loving Beaver Pond. Is that on a mesa we visited together?

  7. Very nice collection. I especially like the way the bushes in the last photo lead you into the rest of the photo.

    • Thanks for noticing that Lawrence! I was aware of that when I shot it. I always appreciate your visits and thoughts. I will return the visit soon!

  8. 15 bcplimpton

    I’m crazy but I just love vertical landscapes so “Kendall …” and “The Valley …” are my favorites. I love the Jersey Pines but nothing compares to the Rockies.

  9. 17 Ken Kemp

    It is alway good to see views of the mountains with snow still on them; but the snow looks thin already.

    • They say our snow pack peaked early and then we had nothing in April. We did get some snow last Saturday and the mountains looked fresh again but it only lasted a day or so.

  10. Always love fences in a scene. Especially one where I can put my horse (: So Corral Vista gets my vote. Seriously though, all lovely. XOXO

  11. Reflecting Beaver Pond takes the win for the gold! (Although, they are all marvelous!) Thanks for sharing.

    • I’m glad you like that! I wasn’t sure if it would be too much shade. I tried that shot earlier in the day and it didn’t look balanced with bright light on the left and shade on the right. Thank you!

  12. Beautiful Series of images! Enjoyed seeing them!

  13. Corral Vista pushes all the right buttons for me! Nice set, Denise!

    • Hey there Rich! That corral is on Ralph Lauren’s ranch … the Double RL. The county road to access the National Forest goes through his property. There are signs to stay on the road and this is right along it.

  14. Such magical frames. I would love to be in such places one day.

  15. Ah, Sneffels sparkles again! Thanks for taking us on such a lovely outing without us even having to use a drop of precious gas! As always, your posts brighten my day.

  16. Is “finding some new spots… getting more difficult close to home” because development is reducing the number of places that are in a natural or semi-natural state?

    • Once in a while a new home might obstruct a viewpoint. But it is mostly because there aren’t a big assortment of roads, because it is so rugged. There are really 3 highways nearby … mostly single lane each way, and then a handful of county roads that are dirt roads … talking close to home. Many of the mining/jeep roads are not maintained, narrow and steep and there are few I would risk on my own.

  17. 33 Diana

    Beautiful! As usual, my favorite is Mt. Sneffels. It’s just so incredible.

    • It is really is … I was out shooting Sneffels from a different location today. You can see it from so many spots! Thank you! I’ll visit soon!

  18. It’s good to hear your enthusiasm – but oh, the price of gas for those long rides! Oh well, let’s hope it goes down before too long. This series has so much to offer – I came back to the aspens. Looking through something into the distance always intrigues me.

    • Thank you Lynn! That one seems to be the viewer’s favorite. I like how delicate the leaves are in the beginning and that one shows that off.

  19. These are all beautiful, but I think I like the spring aspens best! These mountains look so beautiful with just a small amount of snow at the top. It’s melting fast now!

    • Thanks Debby. Yes it looks like it is melting fast but it is surprising how much is still up there in the basins. My husband went up on his dirt bike and showed me some phone shots of where the snow is still quite deep.

  20. Spring looks gorgeous there! Safe travels on your photography trips!

    • Thanks Deborah. I have been enjoying going out early. Sometimes I just don’t have the energy to go out later in the day.

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