The Forgotten


Last September I went out exploring, unsure where I would end up. I came across a place with several abandoned buildings and had a wonderful time framing up some subjects. I came home, pleased with what I found, processed them, and then … forgot about them! I can only guess that since it was at the beginning of September, I got side-tracked with fall color. While looking for a particular image today I found them all ready to go, once keyworded, sized and watermarked. I’m glad I didn’t forget about them forever! Now … what was it I was looking for in the first place?

A beat-up Ford truck is parked on the corner of a building to match.

‘Parked On The Corner’ © Denise Bush
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There is something charming about the colors and simplicity of this little old shack complete with a rusty tin roof.

‘Tar Paper House’ © Denise Bush

An old log cabin offers a look back in time.

‘House Made Of Logs’ © Denise Bush

A bull elk skull and antlers hang above a door in Southwest tradition.

‘Elk Greeting’ © Denise Bush

Tall grass surrounds a house complete with a picket fence ... probably very quaint and cared for years ago.

‘Picket Fence’ © Denise Bush

Old, weathered shutters offer an abundance of texture, lit with warm afternoon sun.

‘Shuttered Window’ © Denise Bush

An abandoned log building is locked up tight with shutters and padlocks on all three windows.

‘Three Shuttered Windows’ © Denise Bush

An old Chevrolet truck parked next to an outhouse reminds us of how it used to be!

‘Truck Stop’ © Denise Bush

See my ‘Remnants & Remains’ and ‘Windows & Doors’ galleries HERE!

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47 Responses to “The Forgotten”

  1. I love rustic old buildings/vehicles in photos. Very nice!

  2. Parked on the Corner is my favorite, Elk Greeting is scary. Wonderful compositions!

    • Oh good, I’m glad you like that one best. It was between it and ‘Tar Paper House’ to go first and also add to my store. I think ‘Elk Greeting’ is a little scary too … like some place where a cult meets!

  3. I’m glad you found these. They are great! I especially like “Elk Greeting.” What were you looking for anyhow? 🙂

    • Hi Bruce! Nice to hear from you. I’m glad you like ‘Elk Greeting’ … it’s a little scary like ‘rutakivntome’ above wrote! I will visit your blog soon.

  4. Great finds. I’m always attracted to such old, weathered items. Especially, old automobiles and trucks with faded, rusting bodies. The green on the Ford truck is matched by a similar green on the adjacent structure.

    And I love the patina on the wood windows.

    • Seems a lot of people like this subject matter. It’s been a favorite of mine ever since I’ve had a camera to use! I will visit your blog soon.

  5. 9 Deb

    Love all of these! Can’t believe you forgot!!

    • Thanks Deb. It’s easy for me to believe I forgot when I can blame it on the fall foliage. I get mesmerized. I had company after that too. I remember the day well because I had so much fun!

  6. 11 Amy

    Love this selections, Brian!

  7. These are great images, Denise, glad you ‘found’ them again. An abundance of rustic charm, I can’t pick one or two, I like them all! 🙂

  8. All are beautiful portraits of things which time has given individuality and personality. I appreciate much “Tar Paper House” because at university one of the first thing we were taught about in architecture about is to not make homes with shapes of faces or rockets; so seeing one with windows as eyes is very cute. Thank you, Denise. By the way I read the comment by Amy, once happened to me that as sometimes comments don’t get recorded outside the reader I have to click back in another window of the reader, so I commented by mistake in another blog. I suspect a blogger called Brian probably has been complimented in the textures of the wood while being called Denise : D

    • Thanks Francis! I debated whether to put ‘Tar Paper House’ first here. I thought it was cute too and liked it enough to include it in my 2021 Favorites Gallery. I figured something funny like that happened … it has happened before with Amy. I usually go to the actual sites to look.

      • It is a favorite of me from your work now too, Denise ^_^ Just to clarify, I have an issue which maybe Amy has too. I open the blogs to be in their actual sites too to appreciate the publications as they are intended; but maybe is an issue with my browser if I like the publication or comment many times the system don’t register the action. So I go to the WordPress reader to do those actions from their reader, where subscriptions are in a list. Of course I would prefer to enter directly, I know your handle by memory Denise Bush Photo : ) but this issue has like three years already for me. Wishing you a good night and thank you for sharing these memories, Denise.

  9. They are awesome! I am glad you found these treasures!

  10. It’s always gratifying to rediscover accomplishments you’ve forgotten about, especially those you never presented to the world. You picked an excellent picture to open the set, what with all the metalwork on the front of the vehicle.

    • Hi Steve. I guess that is an old-fashioned grill guard. Like most things more attractive than what we have today. There was a lot of junk in the truck and background so it encouraged a more unique composition. I added the first 2 in my 2021 Favorites gallery but didn’t realize I never did a blog post. Such a fun day!

  11. Beautiful photo series Denise, you have really brought out the character of these buildings … and that truck!! Fantastic patina 😀

  12. 25 Bonnie Rovere


  13. I like these quite a bit. A nice change from the usual grand, albeit beautiful landscapes.

    • Glad you like! I’ve always shot both landscapes and what I call Remnants & Remains but haven’t done any blog posts with this theme for a little while. I’ve found most of the places close to home at one time or another. Here’s my ‘Remnants & Remains’ gallery with 148 photos with this theme. This is a pared down selection of what has been on my blog over the years.

  14. While “Elk Greeting” seems scary to most I find it the most interesting, not to say they are not all interesting, but it is filled with a curiosity. One thing I am curious about is what happens when someone opens the door? It sure does look like it’d get knocked off the house. “Picket Fence” is also one I like a lot.
    It’s always enjoyable to “rediscover” something that was overlooked. Especially when you’ve already done all the work.

    • Thanks for stopping by Steve. Well, Carlos thought ‘Elk Greeting’ was scary and I agreed it was a little cultish … but just us! I think maybe the nose is sticking out further than the door. I recall the day well because I enjoyed exploring new territory!

  15. What a cool place to find! I’m glad you didn’t forget about the images for too long as well. I love the old weathered and rusty trucks. The Truck stop was pretty funny.

  16. 34 Ken Curtis

    Always nice to rediscover something you did a while back. Also, nice to see some old and neglected objects and how they make wonderful subjects for photographs.

    • Thanks Ken! Part of me wants to go back but I did spend a lot of time there so I don’t know if I could find anything new. It was a couple hours away.

  17. Terrific photos. You prove that there can be beauty in the abandoned.

    • Thanks very much … abandoned, old weathered structures and rusty stuff has been a longtime interest. I’m glad you see it too!

  18. I love coming across places like this as I see the opportunity you so eloquently framed. Love these and you truly did an awesome job framing them! Thanks for coming across them again and sharing!!

    • Thank you Kirt. Often times there are obstacles and distractions (aka ‘junk’) that leads me to frame a certain way. Glad you like!

  19. Glad you found these. I really like Elk Greeting. I also enjoy looking at the mix of color/B&W. It’s interesting to contemplate why a particular image just screams for B&W while others seem happier in color. I don’t think it necessarily has to do with the original color values of the location. It’s sort of a mysterious dynamic.

    • Thanks Linda! Sometimes I just don’t like the color or I think it distracts from the subject. I often give color images a try in B&W and decide they don’t work … and sometimes I decide they don’t work either way! 😀

  20. I really like the details you show us of the place.
    In my mind I am piecing them together again.
    Really fantastic series, Denise.

  21. 44 Amy Golden

    I love each and every one! Amazing colors and composition.

    • Thanks for resubscribing Amy! I only post about 1or 2 times a month with current work. Hope you are having a fun summer so far! XO

  22. I’m forever fascinated by old doors and windows so “Shuttered Window” was an especial treat from this set. Hope this finds you safe and well.

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