Some Summertime Mountains

No matter what scene or subject I’m out to capture, I’m always open to the many mountain scenes I’m presented with. For this post I’ve grouped some recent compositions where the mountains and peaks play the starring role!

Trees along a road leading to Mount Sneffels shine with morning light and help to set the stage.
‘A Different Road To Sneffels’ © Denise Bush
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The rising sun lights up a distant peak to greet the new day.
‘A New Day’ © Denise Bush
The mountains are far away in this layered landscape.
‘Layered Landscape’ © Denise Bush
Beautiful light filters through clouds to cast interesting light play below.
‘Gulch Spotlight’ © Denise Bush
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The setting sun lights up clouds to the northeast, in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado.
‘Evening Vista’ © Denise Bush
Red Mountain is aptly named for the high iron and mineral content giving it beautifully colored slopes.
‘Fading Light On Red Mountain’ © Denise Bush
The sun makes its way over the eastern mountains to illuminate the landscape including a portion of the Sneffels Range.
‘Morning Highlights’ © Denise Bush

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A Popular Subject

Someone once told me that ‘water’ was the most photographed subject. When I thought about water in all its forms and features, it was easy to believe. There’s oceans, seas, lakes, reservoirs, ponds, rivers, streams, creeks, waterfalls, cascades, fountains, watering holes and even puddles … and then there’s snow and ice too! Regarded as the ‘source of life’, water is interesting symbolically as well. Upon investigating the claim, the internet tells me there are other contenders for ‘most photographed’, so let’s just say water is a ‘popular subject’!

Water subjects have a special allure. My favorite time to photograph beside the water is in the spring and early summer, while it is still flowing from the mountains. Ponds and reservoirs are full before they shrink, sometimes drying up altogether later in summer. I don’t think I’ve concentrated on water subjects as much as some previous spring/early summer seasons, but still have the following to share.

Pretty clouds are twice as nice when reflected in this watering hole on the range.
‘Cloudy Watering Hole’ © Denise Bush
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A beaver dam and lodge illustrate the beaver's master building techniques.
‘Built With Skill’ © Denise Bush
The Uncompahgre River leaves the town of Ouray; and travels north toward Ridgway swiftly in spring.
‘Leaving Ouray’ © Denise Bush
Water rushes down a river in a big hurry to reach its destination.
‘Rushing Over Rocks’ © Denise Bush
(Yes, the rocks are really this orange!)
A summer waterfall branches out taking different paths of vertical descent.
‘Vertical Divergence’ © Denise Bush
A close-up of a spring cascade captures the flowing motion.
‘Flowing Motion’ © Denise Bush
Water rushes downstream through a rocky river in Colorado.
‘Mountain Currents’ © Denise Bush
Spring melt rushes down a mountainside and plunges through a rocky grotto flowing to a river.
‘Waterfall Grotto’ © Denise Bush
A long waterfall plunges from high above the cliff to disappear behind a rocky ledge.
‘Spring Plunge’ © Denise Bush

See more water subjects in my ‘Colorful Colorado’ collections HERE!

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