Some Summertime Mountains


No matter what scene or subject I’m out to capture, I’m always open to the many mountain scenes I’m presented with. For this post I’ve grouped some recent compositions where the mountains and peaks play the starring role!

Trees along a road leading to Mount Sneffels shine with morning light and help to set the stage.

‘A Different Road To Sneffels’ © Denise Bush
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The rising sun lights up a distant peak to greet the new day.

‘A New Day’ © Denise Bush

The mountains are far away in this layered landscape.

‘Layered Landscape’ © Denise Bush

The setting sun lights up clouds to the northeast, in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado.

‘Evening Vista’ © Denise Bush

Red Mountain is aptly named for the high iron and mineral content giving it beautifully colored slopes.

‘Fading Light On Red Mountain’ © Denise Bush

The sun makes its way over the eastern mountains to illuminate the landscape including a portion of the Sneffels Range.

‘Morning Highlights’ © Denise Bush

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41 Responses to “Some Summertime Mountains”

  1. Glorious landscapes, Denise. Sneffels has many beautiful elements coming together, Gulch is a great comp, Morning Highlights has three great layers. Whole set is terrific!

  2. These are gorgeous mountain vistas, Denise. Postcard worthy!

    • Thank you Eliza. We are having a nice summer … lots of rain and comfortable temps.

      • Glad to hear it, most of the US is not as happy it seems. Our summer started well, but is now in drought and we just came off a 6-day heat wave. Thank god it broke!

  3. 6 Ken Curtis

    “A Different Road To Sneffels” is my favorite because of the golden lighting and the clouds. Also, the side lighting shows the details in the mountains. It is an outstanding photograph. “Fading Light On Red Mountain” has three interesting clouds in the image. All are wonderful images.

    • Thanks very much Ken! I like reading about your favorites and why. As I’ve mentioned before, I often put a personal favorite first in a post.

  4. No matter how we look at mountains, they are always beautiful. Lovely images.

    • Thank you! As you know, a beautiful mountain is often not enough to make a beautiful photograph. Lighting and timing, vantage point, composition, technical skill and how the image is processed, makes all the difference between just another mountain photo and something special.

  5. 10 bcplimpton

    Love them all but especially Gulch Spotlight and Morning highlights.

  6. Those mountain peaks play a starring role indeed. You’re fortunate to have them in your vicinity. And how can I resist saying “Better Sneffels than sniffles”?

    • The name according to Wiki: Mount Sneffels was named after the volcano Snæfell, which is located on the tip of the Snæfellsnes peninsula in Iceland. That mountain and its glacier, Snæfellsjökull, which caps the crater like a convex lens, were featured in the Jules Verne novel A Journey to the Center of the Earth.

  7. 15 Bonnie Rovere

    The views are just magnificent!!

  8. 17 anita Gooden

    Phenomenal photos! Do you feel like you are living your dream? xoxo

    • Landscape photography has always been my favorite and now it’s about all I do (with the exception of my Remnants & Remains collection). So yes, I believe I am living my dream. I feel my best when I am out in the landscape and the views around here never get old! XOXO

  9. ‘A Different Road To Sneffels’ is my favorite. I would love living in such a beautiful place.

    • Thanks Lawrence! You should come visit this area sometime. Lots of photographers come here in the fall for the beautiful aspen foliage. July is a good time too, when the wildflowers are blooming in the alpine slopes and basins.

  10. All of these landscapes are simply beautiful. The one that my eye loves is the “Layered Landscape”. Love the depth and the palette displayed. Thank you for sharing. Miss you.

    • I miss you too! Why don’t you come out again? I’m glad you like that image. No one else has picked it as a favorite and I really like that kind of thing. Those mountains are way over in Crested Butte about 120 miles away by car. I shot it with my Canon 70-200mm @ 150mm but the 150-600mm Sigma is good for that kind of landscape too.

      • I would love to visit again. I’m not planning on getting on a plane anytime soon. So it would be a road trip. Maybe next year…..

  11. Would love to live in the red roofed house in the “Gulch Spotlight” Just fantastic images!

    • I think that is some kind of mining building. On that same road there is an old, rustic, mining mill that someone is living in. Thanks for looking and commenting Carlos!

  12. Beautiful series of images! Enjoyed seeing them!

  13. A Different Road is a total WOW for me.

    • Thanks Rich. That was shot in the early morning and I am liking the morning shoots more and more. There’s a much better chance of having a place to myself and some spots just favor morning light.

  14. I always enjoy seeing your mountain images, Denise. These are beautiful every one. So different from much of Western Mass. “A Different Road to Sneffels” with its wonderful directional lighting, “Gulch Spotlight” with those nice foreground lines and the distant light drawing us in, and “Morning Highlights” for its absolute beauty should all be hanging on a wall somewhere.

  15. I agree with you and many of the other people on this thread … A Different Road to Sneffels is a great photo and my favorite of all of these, but they’re all wonderful! ‘Tis a blessing to live in Colorado!

  16. Thanks for that uplifting fresh air. My favs are A Different Road to Sneffles and Gulch Spotlight.

    • Hi Linda! We are actually getting some fresh air this summer. The regular monsoons seem to be keeping smoke from other states at bay. I’m glad you like. I am happy with both of your choices! 😀

      • The smoke moved in to our valley today. Till now we’ve lucked out, too. But I guess we couldn’t be that lucky throughout the long fire season.

  17. “Gulch Spotlight” is a beauty. “A New Day” is lovely, too. Ah, the mountains!

    • I’m glad you like ‘Gulch Spotlight’ … I was especially pleased with that one. The clouds were icing on the cake. I stayed there for quite a while until they drifted into a balanced arrangement. Thanks again!

  18. Another series where I feel like I am right there with you!! Stunning scenery.

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