Some Summertime Scenes


The last few posts were about very specific themes … trees, water, mountains and then wildflowers. These subjects are common in my portfolio. In this set I’ve combined subjects, while considering how the elements come together to provide a sense of place. I want my photographs to portray a feeling of being there. Ideally it’s great when viewers see what I thought was special enough to capture, process and show. After looking at a series of my landscapes, a friend recently wrote, ‘each and every one is like a journey’. That comment made me feel I had met my goal … at least with that friend and set of images!

A little pond offers a pretty reflection as a mountain is illuminated with morning light.

‘Little Pond Reflection’ © Denise Bush

Red Mountain is lit up under a dramatic sky as seen through beautiful spruce trees in summer.

‘A View Through Spruce’ © Denise Bush

Clouds roll in to create a beautifully reflected scene in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado.

‘Cloudy Reflection’ © Denise Bush

King's Crown and other wildflowers grow on a sunny slope in the mountains of Colorado's San Juans.

‘King’s Crown On A Hill’ © Denise Bush

Fireweed grows in August along the shore of this mountain lake in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado.

‘Fireweed Along The Shore’ © Denise Bush

Water from the mountain peaks falls down the mountain in a series of cascades and falls, like this one.

‘Lower Basin Falls’ © Denise Bush

Flowers, trees, mountains and puffy clouds ... who could ask for more?

‘Summer Mountain Scene’ © Denise Bush

Beautiful clouds light up at sunrise in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado.

‘Summer Sunrise’ © Denise Bush
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42 Responses to “Some Summertime Scenes”

  1. 1 Ken Curtis

    These are a series of wonderful images in which I wish I could have been beside you with my camera. I love “Little Pond Reflection” and “A View Through Spruce” because of their peacefulness and contrasting colors and lighting. Another image that piqued my interest is “Summer Mountain Scene” because of the shades of green mixed with yellows and the blue sky.

    • Hi Ken! With all the traveling you do I am surprised you haven’t come out yet! Let me know when you are ready. And thanks … glad you like!

  2. Your “King’s Crown on a Hill” strikes me as a lot more “deserty” than all the other pictures in this set. I like your fireweed quadrilateral. Though your last view is a sunrise, it’s a good way to close out the post.

    • The ‘hill’ is high up above treeline and where I took the King’s Crown in the previous post. It is along the jeep road and so steep not much is growing on it. There are some bare and rocky areas up high. Thanks for your thoughts!

  3. These are ALL WONDERFUL COMPOSITIONS! Great photographic art. “A View Through Spruce” is a close second to my favorite: “Summer Sunrise.” Bravissimo!

  4. 7 Bonnie Rovere

    Just the fact that you can see these scenes let alone live near them is awesome. Beautiful as always.

  5. I love the shade/light in Little Pond Reflection with the background mountains in the background. I also like the distinct clouds “Kings Crown on a Hill.” So nice to be in the high country!

    • Thank you! There is a hint of fall in the air and before we know it we won’t be able to get up in the high country. I want to go out as much as possible before that happens!

  6. Beautiful as always!

  7. Lower Basin Falls looks familiar and very nice. Summer Sunrise and Fire Weed along the Shore are winners.

    • Thanks for letting me know your favorites Ken. The falls are up in Yankee Boy Basin and catch the eye of a lot of photographers.

      • I was rather sure the falls were in Yankee Boy Basin. I’ve photographed the falls and in that basin a number of times.

  8. Superb series, Denise. My favorite is ‘Fireweed Along the Shore,’ closely followed by ‘Lower Basin Falls’ and Summer Sunrise.’ And I learned a new plant Rhodiola (King’s Crown), with those lovely burgundy flowers. 🙂

    • Hi Eliza. I had some King’s Crown in my previous post as well as Queen’s (or Rosy) Crown which is pink but has the same succulent looking foliage. That fireweed was a little past prime but the stems have some color too. Thanks for the nice comment and letting me know your favorites!

  9. 20 Stephen M Robinson

    Love this set. Hope all is well with you.

  10. 22 bcplimpton

    Summer Sunrise just blows me away. LOVE IT!

    • Hi Barry! Thanks so much … that is one of the go-to spots for photographers around here. I’ve posted similar compositions in the past … usually fall scenes. The aspens around the lake are some of the best. I am always going back to see if I can catch an even better sky than before.

  11. Wowzers, Denise! These are all beautiful. Each a favorite. Great scenery, mountains and flowers, and I am very jealous of the waterfall. Ours are all just trickles.

    • Hi Steve … thank you. We’ve been getting regular afternoon monsoons, keeping the water flowing and vegetation green … and keeping wildfire smoke away too. It has been a great summer’

  12. Excellent photos ! All are looking beautiful ! Wonderful shot! Thanks for sharing.💐💐👌

  13. 30 Deb

    So beautiful Denise! Oooohhhh, that sunrise!!

    • Thanks Deb! That last location is a favorite among photographers and workshop leaders, especially in fall. I keep going back to see if I can get a better sky than before.

  14. Nice set. I particularly like #1, #2, #6, and #8.

  15. Your gift is your visual framing of a subject (or subjects) and capturing it!! Love your work. The pond reflections are stunning and your work does make me feel like I’m there!! Beautiful!!

    • The tripod really helps one slow down and consider the framing of a scene. I am not a one and done kind of photographer. I often linger making little tweaks until I am sure I have the composition I want. I’m so glad you are getting a sense of place when viewing. Thanks very much for all your nice comments. Sometimes I get discouraged and a little encouragement from friends helps!

  16. Oh geez. These are all stunning. Your posts always bring a big smile to my face and lift my heart. I could not possibly pick a favorite out of this collection….well, maybe I’m extra partial to Summer Sunrise….

    • Hi Linda! We’ve been having such a nice summer. We are thankful for the rain and the monsoons have been keeping smoke from the west at bay. It’s the first summer in a while that’s been the case. Fall is sometimes hazy too so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I am very happy you enjoy seeing my landscapes and passion. Thank you!

  17. Such stunning scenery!

    • Thanks for visiting and your comment. You should come visit! Colorado and the neighboring western states offer some magnificent views.

  18. Yes, these landscapes all have that sense of journey and undeniably, a strong sense of place, particularly the first two scenes and the fireweed by the lake. And I can just about smell the grass in ‘Summertime Mountain Scene!”

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