Cimarron Magic


Colorado’s San Juan Mountains are a part of the Rocky Mountains, located in the southwestern portion of the state. Within the San Juan’s there are ranges with their own names such as; the Sneffels Range, the Needle Mountains, the La Garita Mountains, the San Miguel Mountains, and the La Platas, to name a few. The San Juans also include the Cimarron Range, which is the topic of this post. The Cimarrons are distinctly shaped mountains including Chimney Rock, Courthouse Mountain, The Turrets and Coxcomb … all pictured here. In addition to the distinct shapes, the range is unique because it runs from south to north, tapering off along the Cimarron Ridge at the north end. From home its east facing alignment offers brilliant sunrise mornings and evenings filled with alpenglow surprises. Here are a few of those magical moments, captured from our property and other not so distant vantage points.

Rain at sunset creates a splendid sight to the east, over the

‘Cimarron Sunset Rain’ © Denise Bush
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Sunset's alpenglow lights up Courthouse Mountain peeking above some pinion pines on a hill.

‘Courthouse Peak Peeking’ © Denise Bush

The Turrets are a part of the Cimarron Range near Ridgway. Colorado. The Cimarrons are part of the San Juan Mountains and Rocky Mountains.

‘The Turrets At Sunset’ © Denise Bush

Some bright puffy clouds settle along Cimarron Ridge with dark blue clouds drift above.

‘Ridge Silhouette’ © Denise Bush

Looking east to the Cimarron Range of Colorado's San Juan Mountains is often a beautiful sight at sunset.

‘Cimarron Cloud Layers’ © Denise Bush

Beautiful late day light hits Chimney Rock offering a beautiful scene in Ridgway, Colorado.

‘Chimney Lighting’ © Denise Bush

Pretty pink clouds move in above The Turrets of the Cimarron Range in Ridgway, Colorado.

‘Pink Clouds Above The Turrets’ © Denise Bush
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Colorful foliage is beginning to put on its beautiful autumn show here. That will keep me busy for the next several weeks … shooting, processing and of course, last but not least, posting!

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38 Responses to “Cimarron Magic”

  1. Stunning captures, Denise!

  2. Amazing that you can capture this right from your property. You live in a beautiful place.

    • The first, fourth and fifth are from our property and shot with my Sigma 150-600mm lens. The third, sixth and seventh we’re shot from a closer view point while the second was shot from below, in the valley. It’s great to be able to grab my gear and shoot from the property but the compositions are limited. We have an escarpment trail on our mesa that has views of the Cimarron and Sneffels Ranges.

  3. The color of your top photo influenced my mind to read the first word in your title as cinnamon—and a luscious color it is. How fortunate you are to get to see sunrises and sunsets like these from and near your home. The bright clouds along the ridge in “Ridge Silhouette” are quite an eye-grabber. A nice showing throughout.

  4. 👌👌👌📷🤗

  5. Beautiful place to live, Denise! Love those dramatic skies behind the craggy mountains. ❤

  6. Superb. And I thought our backyard has been looking good lately! 😉 Ridge Silhouette is my favorite. Thanks for sharing.

    • Oh good … glad you like ‘Ridge Silhouette’. I didn’t think that would be a favorite as I feel it is a little more reserved. Thanks for visiting and for your comment! 🙂

  7. Gorgeous colors, light, and compositions!
    Colors are beginning to change here as well and the air is cooler.

  8. Amazing!! How beautiful series!! Thanks you for sharing, Denise.

  9. 18 Bonnie Rovere

    I can’t even imagine seeing that from my own window in the evening! Stunning.

    • Hi Bonnie! Thanks for looking. We can see these from our upstairs which is the main floor … kitchen and open concept living/dining room. Three of these (1, 4 & 5) are from the end of my driveway … I have the most composition options there with my long lens.

      • 20 Bonnie Rovere

        That is just so cool, especially when all I see across the street are houses! LOL

  10. 21 Ken Curtis

    Very nice set of images, Denise. Ridge Silhouette is my favorite because of the layers of clouds and mountain. Pink Clouds Above The Turrets is my next favorite because of colors.

  11. Amazing shots.

  12. Thanks for sharing these moments of sublime weather moments over your mountains. Cimarron Sunset Rain is utterly stunning.

  13. Gold, from golden hour.

  14. What a spot, Denise! You found such great light and skies. Great landscapes full of drama, color and mood. 🙂

    • It’s nice when the planets align and you happen to be ready with a camera! So often I see something happening with the light and by the time I get out there, or if driving find a good spot to pull over, the moment is gone. This is definitely one of my more dramatic sets. Thank you, Jane!

  15. You certainly have a way with the camera! First time I’m seeing a sunset rain…so dramatic…love it! Hoping this finds you enjoying the autumn season. Take care!

    • Thanks so much! I’ve caught sunset rain a couple of times now. Distant mountain showers are fun to watch, especially if I’m not getting wet. I love my long lens for that! I am enjoying fall and hope you are too.

  16. You live pretty close to heaven it seems. These are all wonderful, Denise. The light and mountains make a great combination and they are so different from the sunrise/sunset views I get to see here. And rarely do I see a sky like any of these from my yard. 🙂

    • Thanks Steve! Like I told a couple of people, only 3 of these are from our property. The view is great but after a while (7+ years) it’s hard to find a new composition from home. I more or less depend on the sky doing something different.These are all facing east.

      • The view may be a challenge for new compositions but it’s still wonderful to have such a view on a daily basis assuming the light but even without.

  17. Photographed from your property and nearby, well, that says it all. Being surrounded night and day, year after year, by breathtaking scenery like this has to get into your bones. And I know it has. 🙂 Beautiful work. (Oh, the Turrets!).

    • We passed by The Turrets close up last night and I commented how much I like them! It’s about 35 miles from our house and most is rough switch-backs. The aspens in the Cimarrons are always real pretty and there are a couple of lakes and a reservoir up there too.

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