Finding Fall


My camera and I have been working the autumn colors every chance we get. This year the change began a little late and so far, seems to be progressing somewhat slower than usual. Since I can’t be everywhere at once, I appreciate the staggered display. The area from and including Ouray and Silverton, along the Million Dollar Highway was, and usually is first to present beautiful colors. This is where I concentrated my time, with side trips to see how other areas were coming along. My priority is on shooting since the brilliantly colored foliage can be so fleeting. A recent rainy day allowed me to begin editing and processing some, but as long as nature allows, the rest can wait until the last leaf falls! Here are some of the scenes and subjects that caught my eye early on.

Surrounded by aspen trees, a Colorado Spruce tree is at home, among friends.

‘Among Friends’ © Denise Bush

Young spruce trees are companions tosome colorful autumn aspen trees, in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado.

‘Opposite Attraction’ © Denise Bush

Aspens high up on rocky cliffs glow in the late day sun.

‘Aspen Waves’ © Denise Bush

A golden glow comes from within the forest. Aspen trees beyond the front trees have started their autumn display.

‘A Glow From Within’ © Denise Bush

A beautiful mountain view is accented with autumn aspens ... and if you look closely you'll see a little shelter below.

‘Little Shelter Below’ © Denise Bush

This seldom used road allowed for a private and peaceful moment among the colorful autumn aspen trees!

‘My Private Road’ © Denise Bush

Aspen trees are most often yellow but somethimes orange and even red be found.

‘Some Of Each’ © Denise Bush
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55 Responses to “Finding Fall”

  1. Fantastic images of the wonderful Colorado fall. I’m envious. I did not get to visit Colorado this fall, electing to take a journey into the middle section of our country, instead.

    I really like “A Glow from Within”, with the Aspen trunks in front of the colorful Aspens in the background.

    Well done.

    • I’m glad you like the glow, I debated whether or not to include it in this set. These all have some green as they are the earliest captures. Thanks very much!

  2. The yellow leaves around that area were really nice when I was there. I imagine the burst in color this time of the year makes it look spectacular. Nice photos!

  3. Does a slower change than usual imply you’ll have more chances at the good stuff than usual?

    • Well yes, hopefully! You never know when a strong wind or heavy snow comes along and wipes it all out though. There are still patches of green and that is unusual this time of “peak”.

  4. 9 Deb

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!
    “Little shelter Below” is my absolute fave!! “My Private Road” and “Among Friends” are my runner ups! Wish I was out there with you!

  5. Like you, I love trees. They offer so much, not only to our senses, but to our lives. Wonderful, soothing images. Makes me want to be there beside you taking photographs and talking about the grandeur of God’s creation!

  6. 13 Ken Curtis

    Wonderful images, Denise. My favorites are the top two with the contrast of the yellow and green colors.

  7. Amazing. 🙂

  8. These images are wonderful. Your titles for them are always spot on!

  9. Fall is such a gorgeous time of year… you’re off to a fabulous start, Denise. My favorite is the last, the title explains why. 🙂

  10. ‘A glow from within’ it is fantastic how nature do almost architectonic shapes. Indeed when I think in your photography I think much about autumn colors. Thank you, Denise.

  11. Beautiful shots. Several caught my attention: ‘A Glow From Within’, ‘My Private Road’, and ‘Some Of Each’.

  12. Visions of beauty!

  13. That was a delectable appetizer! I love The Glow Within. A very unique and beautiful image.

    • I’m gonna have so many images to go through! I wasn’t sure I was going to include that image and am glad I did. Several have noted that one. Happy autumn and thank you!!!

  14. “Little Shelter Below” is my favorite. Oct. 6 happens to be my birthday….so…. thank you! 🙂

  15. Absolutely beautiful! ‘A glow from within’ is simply mesmerizing.

  16. Gorgeous views and fantastic job with the framing.

  17. Fall is gorgeous there! I love the private road image.

  18. Heck of a start for your fall season pics. We’re only just now starting to see hints of color, but I’m not sure what it’s like at the higher altitudes.

  19. I’d say you have your priorities straight, Denise. 😉 I love the repeating diagonals in the third photograph and the repeating verticals in the aspens after that. The depth in the aspen photo is fantastic. I’m a sucker for road photographs so I really like ‘My Private Road’ too. Happy fall color, Denise!

    • Hi Lynn. I do look for patterns within the tree groupings and there will be more of that coming as well as more roads … so I’m glad you like them. I will catch up soon. I do see the leaves are starting to fall and am seeing more bare limbs so I plan on getting out later today, and tomorrow and the next!!! 😀

  20. Stunning set! Love them all.

  21. I am always envious of Colorado’s Aspens and your photographs heighten the sentiment. I’d love a walk down “My Private Road”.

    • Why don’t you come out next fall? You have to make reservations early. I crossed paths with many photographers from all over, and people shooting with phones out of their car windows! New England is beautiful too and photographing where one lives is a huge plus.

      • I’d love to but financially not likely. We contracted for the entire house to receive replacement Andersen windows and they are way more expensive than we expected. And, finally, we’re having Solar Panels installed next February or March so there goes another huge chunk of change. Maybe one of these days. I know of an excellent guide out there. 🙂

  22. I love the Aspen and you do them such sweet justice this time of year!! Thanks for sharing!

    • As you would probably suspect, there is an abundance of aspen photos in my portfolio, shot every time of the year. True, they are especially stunning in the fall! Thank YOU for visiting and commenting!

  23. Your compositions are fantastic, Denise. You have an eye that finds great layering, depth, light and color. Your titles are fun- the pines and the aspens together. 🙂 A Glow and My Road are standouts among these excellent images. Brava!

    • Thanks again Jane! I have a lot of fun with the titles but it is hard to come up with good ones I haven’t used before after all these years. Thanks for letting me which stood out to you.

  24. These are beautiful photos. You’ve got the touch. I think my favorite is Some Of Each.

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