More Fun With Fences


If you’ve been following this blog you already know that I love to include the rustic fences I find while photographing the landscape. This post includes new compositions found this fall and two that were pre-visualized and finally actualized. These two are at the end of the post, utilizing a fence that grabbed my attention several years ago. I was drawn to the way it was situated high on a hill, with only the sky behind it. I drove by it many times and with its wide, uninterrupted line, I would pre-visualize a capture with the right sky. I knew I only had to be there on the right day and at the right time … and that finally happened this fall. I was able to create these two rather minimalistic images, exactly as I had imagined them.

A broken down fence add interest to this near and far autumn scene.

‘Fence & Fall Line’ © Denise Bush
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A rail fence has completely collapsed and been left in disrepair.

‘Fallen Fence’ © Denise Bush

Less seen orange and red aspens make a beautiful statement, bordered with a rail fence.

‘Fenced Aspens’ © Denise Bush

A rustic ranch gates acts as an appropriate mountain frame in this Colorado, San Juan Mountains scene.

‘Mountain Ranch View’ © Denise Bush

An oldstyle fence passes through some aspens whose leaves have started to fall.

‘Just Passing Through’ © Denise Bush

An oldstyle fence stays true to Colorado's long ranching tradition.

‘Rustic Fence & Autumn Aspens’ © Denise Bush

A wooden rail fence makes an interesting silhouette as it curves towrad a colorful sunrise.

‘Sunrise Curve’ © Denise Bush

A fence set against a sunset sky creates a minimalistic landscape.

‘Fence Silhouette At Sundown’ © Denise Bush

The sunsets with vibrant orange just on tyhe other side of a barbed wire fence.

‘Across The Border’ © Denise Bush

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42 Responses to “More Fun With Fences”

  1. Wonderful fence photos. I especially like “Rustic Fence & Autumn Aspens”, “Just Passing Through” and “Fenced Aspens”.

    • Thanks Ken! Early signs are suggesting ‘Just Passing Through’ will be a common favorite! The “Fenced Aspens’ were an uncommonly red group.

  2. My favorite of this set is ‘Just Passing Through’. I love the golden aspen tops with white trunks and more golden leaves scattered on the ground. I also like the way the fence leads the eye into the aspens and disappears in the distance.

    • With the leaves starting to fall the trunks are a little more visible in ‘Just Passing Through’. I was pleased with the color the fallen leaves added to the foreground. Thanks very much for your insights!

  3. Amazing images.

  4. 7 Terry Wilson

    Worth the wait! And the one just before those two. I’m also fond of Just Passing Though.

    • So nice to hear from you. I have been thinking of you because it has been a long time since we connected. Call me sometime when it is convenient for you! Thanks for letting me know your favorites. XOXO

  5. 9 Joe Perno

    They are All beautiful of course Denise. I Love the Fence Silhouette at Sunset. Just reminds me of a simpler time A sprawling ranch that seems endless

    • Hi Joe! Thanks very much. That fence is on ranch land but the cattle are not fenced in. Most of the time cattle are in the road when I go there. I like that the composition suggests no end to you. Hope all is well … I love that you are keeping in touch. 🙂

  6. The compositions are great! I like every one of them. The ‘Fence Silhouette At Sundown’ is really awesome. Love the sun down light behind it.

  7. Wonderful collection! I am particularly drawn to the texture and composition of “Rustic Fence & Autumn Aspens.” Bravissimo!

  8. You’ve got an excellent set of pictures here.

    The vertical posts in the rail fences align with the aspen trunks, while the overall horizontality of those fences contrasts with the uprightness of the aspen trunks.

    Good positioning of the high fence gate in ‘Mountain Ranch View’ to frame the mountain peak.

    • Thanks very much Steve! I’ve played around at that gate a lot and got some nice winter photos there last year. A few steps one way or another can increase composition possibilities.

  9. These are marvelous, Denise. Impossible to choose a favorite, although the color in ‘Fenced Aspens’ is delicious!

  10. 20 Ken Curtis

    Very well seen and photographed. Five of these really stand out in my mind as being exceptional, Fallen Fence uses the fence as a starting place to explore the woods, Just Passing Through uses geometry to weave through the Aspens (it is amazing that the fence did go between the trees), Sunrise Curve has such beautiful colors, and both Fence Silhouette At Sundown and Across The Border use silhouettes very effectively. I can easily see any of these five hanging in a gallery or on someone’s wall. Great work, Denise.

    • Thanks very much Ken. Aspens grow pretty fast so I bet the fence was there first in ‘Just Passing Through’. I really appreciate you telling me your favorites and why! 😊

  11. Beautiful series of images Denise! Enjoyed seeing them!

  12. Love the strength shown of the Mountain Ranch View. The sky in the Fence Silhouette at Sundown is outstanding. Great compositions all!

  13. 26 Maureen Streck

    Wonderful photographs! I’m planning a trip out West for autumn 2023, from New Jersey; when do the aspens typically look their best? Love the bright gold colors!

    • Thanks! In my part of Colorado we say the last 2 weeks of September and first 2 weeks of October are peak. It can fluctuate though so to be safe the last week of September and first week of October might be best for planning a visit. Again … that’s in my area … others like Rocky Mountain National Park could be sooner.

  14. 28 bcplimpton

    They are all beautiful but I am partial to Sunrise Curve. It makes me think that I could ride along that fence forever especially since it is just sunrise.

    • Thanks Barry! I would like to go up and over that hill too. Unfortunately there are no trespassing and surveillance camera warning signs. The unknown is enticing. 😊

  15. I love the fences with all the fall colors! You have great wood fences out there.

  16. 32 Deb

    I like too many to pic a favorite!
    Just beautiful!

  17. I have always loved these types of fences!! Great captures and a great rustic variety with stunning scenes in the background!! Love your work!

  18. You make old and weathered look like freshly minted gold! I love them all.

  19. A favorite element and you’ve embraced your fences so beautifully, Denise. Fenced Aspens caught my eye and your patience paid off with the last two silhouettes. What fabulous skies!

  20. As always I enjoyed each of these, Denise. Being an early riser “Sunrise Curve” is my favorite. What I always think of when viewing old fences in the landscape is what they represent in labor. Especially here in New England, the work involved in digging and moving rocks is impressive. Just as much is the digging in rocky soils for all those fenceposts. Each brings interest and meaning to a composition.

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