Back Road Memories


It’s hard to beat driving down back roads lined with glorious autumn color! Fond leaf-peeping memories go back to childhood in Western New York Sate. Coming home from Gramma’s house, who lived about an hour away, we stopped to gather a bouquet of autumn maple branches. It was Mom’s idea that I could take them into school the next day. I remember it being a proud first grade moment and fall has been my favorite season ever since. An autumn without driving down colorful backroads, just would not be autumn for me. Come on …let’s take a little ride and have a look!

You just know these cattle are happy! Look at where they get to graze!agriculture,

‘Happy Cattle Hill’ © Denise Bush

A mountain road leads to the mountains in autumn.

‘Aspen-lined’ © Denise Bush

Beautiful aspens line a dirt road in autumn splendor!

‘Along An Autumn Road’ © Denise Bush

A quaint mountain road curves through beautiful golden aspens in autumn.

‘Curving Into Gold’ © Denise Bush
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63 Responses to “Back Road Memories”

  1. “Curving into Gold” is golden!

  2. Gosh, these shots are so gorgeous, Denise. Those curves are most inviting!

  3. Curving into Gold is my fave! Love the story you shared. Have a Merry Thanksgiving!

  4. Sweet collection! Autumn is my favourite season too.

  5. Beauties, all!

  6. 11 Deb

    Glorious!! And a happy memory!
    My absolute favorite is “Happy Cattle Hill)!

  7. Your closing photograph is lovely. This ex-New Yorker (Long Island) doesn’t recall what western town in the state you grew up in. What’s clear is that you’ve gone from one fall-foliage-rich region of the country to another. You’d feel really deprived if you lived somewhere without autumn color. (For once I don’t feel quite as envious, having spent 10 days in New Mexico last month.)

    • All our clan is from outside of Buffalo. We only lived there until the middle of 2nd grade for me. Then we moved to Overland Park, Kansas where we only lived for 3 years before moving to South Jersey to start 5th grade. My Dad worked for Smith, Kline, Beckman, whose headquarters are in Philadelphia and got transferred each time. For several years I ran photo tours in the Catskills. I had a friend who owned an Inn where all my friends from various camera clubs and I stayed.

  8. I especially loved the last one. Those golden aspens are gorgeous.

  9. Good morning! Aspen-lined wins this group for me. Thanks for the ride.

  10. 21 Bonnie Rovere


    • Hi Bonnie. Going through my photos has been quite a task. I haven’t even been out shooting since October 16! There is plenty of winter ahead.

      • 23 Bonnie Rovere

        I am definitely living vicariously through you! LOL Love your photos! Such a beautiful place to live.

  11. 24 bcplimpton

    My favorite is ‘Happy Cattle Hill’, just a lot to keep my eyes busy.

  12. Wow!, lovely autumn colors!

  13. Beautiful images! Enjoyed seeing them!

  14. Great collection! Almost all of them are my favorite. I love Curving Through Aspens, Happy Cattle Hill, and best … Curving in Gold.

  15. Pleasant memories and wonderful photos, Denise!

  16. I always love your posts!

  17. It looks good

  18. It looks beautiful! I love the dirt, winding roads lined with Autumn’s color. Beautiful!

  19. Lovely colors. Do happy cattle make better milk?

  20. Stunning shots Denise!! Brings back many memories of our time in Colorado! We’re just thrilled to be in an area that has fall colors after so many years in San Diego. Thanks for sharing and have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

  21. Wow! These are gorgeous photos! Thank you for sharing them and the memories you hold with us. They make the photos that much more meaningful 🥰

  22. Beautiful images!

  23. Sweet rides and sweet memories, Denise!

  24. Stunning photos Denise👌👌🔥🔥🔥

  25. I sound like a broken record, Denise. These are absolutely lovely, and iconic of fall in backroads Colorado.

  26. Golden trees? What a wealthy area! 😉 Autumn is the most beautiful season.

  27. Absolutely stunning!

  28. What spectacular work and gorgeous memories! Loving your blog Denise ❤️😊

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