Autumn Recap – Part One


I’ve been busy reviewing and processing more fall images that interest me. As I’ve mentioned before, my blog acts as an archive of my work. Just some of what I post here will end up in my yearly favorites gallery and this is a record of those that do and those that don’t. It was a wonderful fall for photographing and perhaps one of my more productive too. Here, in no particular order is part one of the recap, containing more images than my usual posts. The leaves may be gone but it is still fall!

Sunshine Mountain near Telluride Colorado displays a coat of fresh snow above autumn colors below.

‘Winter Above Autumn’ © Denise Bush

A fence has fallen but remained in place to border some golden, autumn aspens.

‘Broken-down Border’ © Denise Bush

Snow comes to the mountains to create a dramatic autumn scene.

‘Wintry Prelude’ © Denise Bush
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A cloud lights up shortly after the sun goes down as a last minute surprise.

‘Sunset Near Telluride’ © Denise Bush

Using a telephoto lens, aspens in the distance are glowing with late day backlighting.

‘Admiring From Afar’ © Denise Bush

Aspens intersect in a forest that grows every which way!

‘Aspen Intersections’ © Denise Bush
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A favorite stand of cottonwoods shows their autumn grandeur in this isolated view.

‘The Cottonwoods’ © Denise Bush
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A little light peeks out above Red Mountain to illuminate the autumn colors.

‘Red Mountain In Autumn’ © Denise Bush

Snow comes to the Colorado mountains in autumn seen here in this contrasting scene.

‘Season Contrast’ © Denise Bush

A border of golden aspen trees compliments the warm spotlight on the distant mountains.

‘Spotlight At Sunset’ © Denise Bush

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28 Responses to “Autumn Recap – Part One”

  1. Breathtaking contrasts, cant get enough!

  2. Wonderful photos, as usual, Denise.

    My top picks, in no particular order of preference, are “Aspen Intersections”, “Aspen Vignette”, and “Wintry Prelude”.

  3. The leaves are gone here too. Really nice to revisit the colours in this wonderful series!

    • Hi Belinda! I guess the leaves are gone most places. Our peak is last 2 weeks of Sept., first 2 weeks of Oct. so our’s are long gone! We’ve had a cold Nov. with several small snow falls already. Thanks for visiting!!!

  4. 7 bcplimpton

    ‘Sunset Near Telluride’ and ‘Spotlight At Sunset’ really trigger my imagination. The lighting is almost spooky.

    • Hi Barry … the scenery at this time of day is very quiet … perhaps eerily quiet. Time to go home … it’s getting dark. Appreciate your visit and thoughts … thank you!

  5. These are spectacular, Denise! Clearly, autumn is your most photogenic season.

  6. Wonderful! I keep going back to “The Cottonwoods.” It looks like you captured a “yellow explosion.”

    • Thanks Carlos! I have photographed those cottonwoods many times. This time I decided to fill the frame with them to give a sense of how large they are.

  7. The mountains are majestic and the fall colors are gorgeous. I love the vignette, and the orange colors of the leaves.

  8. Your “Wintry Prelude” differs from other views. You have so many bands crossing the picture, from lighter and darker clouds at the top to green and yellow cotoonwoods across the bottom. You caught pretty pink in “Sunset Near Telluride” and again at the end. I like the way the aspen trunks lean differently in what you called intersections.

    • Thanks for your observations! Those are aspen trees in ‘Wintry Prelude’. Cottonwoods generally grow along creeks, rivers and wet areas. They don’t grow in big forest stands like aspens. I always enjoy capturing some pink as long as the clouds have a nice balance.

  9. Stunning photography! Thanks for sharing these wonderful landscapes with us 🙂

  10. Hard to pick a favorite, but Red Mountain is fairly unique…

  11. Each and every capture is stunning. You do an awesome job framing the subject matter. Love your work!!

  12. When an image compels you to linger that says a lot. And Wintry Prelude did that for me. The drama in the sky and contrast of light along with the warm color in the foreground and snowy coolness of the distant mountains is totally captivating. Now that I’ve gushed over that one I have to say that all are superb and worthy of your portfolio. And since this is part one we are just getting started. 🙂

    • Thanks Steve! The sky was beautiful that day. Autumn Recap – Part Two is coming and will be the last of my autumn themed posts although autumn might show up in other posts, like one I am planning with some old buildings.

  13. There’s nothing more spectacular to me than standing alone in a meadow surrounded by mountains. Swoon!

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