Autumn Recap – Part Two

Although it feels like winter, autumn isn’t over until December 21. Here are more images I wanted to document and share. I try to keep up with with what I capture by processing and posting what I like. Now I’ll move on to tackling other images from recent captures … some set aside for particular themes. In October, fall came to an abrupt stop. I wasn’t ready for the sudden onset of especially cold weather and snow. Processing kept me busy and after taking a break from shooting, I’m ready to venture out again …  hunting for new subjects and scenes.

A peak with snow peeks out to top aan autumn aspen slope.
‘Mountain Topping’ © Denise Bush
Fog obscures a distant mountain while fall foliage shines up front.
‘Foggy Impression’ © Denise Bush
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An unsettled sky gives way to light on the mountain and colorful aspens.
‘Colorful Aspens Below’ © Denise Bush
A colorful selection of aspens and willow gather at the bottom of a hill to make a pleasing grouping.
‘Down In The Valley’ © Denise Bush
Storm clouds move in to create dramatic lighting over this Colorado landscape.
‘Mountain Drama In Autumn’ © Denise Bush
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Vibrant aspens show off peak foliage below a peak with a light dusitng of snow.
‘Aspens Below Dusted Peak’ © Denise Bush
Aspens close-up and faraway make a pretty autumn scene in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado.
‘Aspens In A Forest’ © Denise Bush
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Lakeside aspens in all their autumn glory are enjoyed twice in this reflection scene.
‘Reflecting Aspens’ © Denise Bush
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Golden aspens glow below a peak in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado.
‘Autumn à la Mode’ © Denise Bush
Aspen trees with bark damage twist every which way in this autumn grove.
‘Twisted Sisters’ © Denise Bush
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A large dead tree is a fitting subject for a Halloween tale.
‘Sorcerer’s Tree’ © Denise Bush
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My passion for photography has rewarded me with the opportunity to examine the world carefully. My approach is intuitive and I choose to impose no constraints – leaving myself open only to possibilities. As a professional designer I am drawn to images that offer a strong composition, pattern and rhythm. Creating images with a unique perspective while sometimes pushing the limits of traditional composition 'rules' excites me. Landscapes, nature subjects and things from the past are common themes in my work.

52 thoughts on “Autumn Recap – Part Two”

  1. Denise, you are so fortunate to be in such a beautiful environment for photography all year round. There are several photos in this post that I especially like. These are (in no particular order of preference): Sorcerer’s Tree, Twisted Sisters, Reflecting Aspens, and Aspens in a Forest.

    1. Thank you … I’m always glad when other’s appreciate my photography! I am lucky and I hear that a lot! Any success I have is not just luck because of where I live though. I have been practicing art my whole life and I know that my experience and dedication to my craft, as well as having an eye for composition contributes greatly.

  2. All very dramatic scenes, Denise. I enjoyed viewing your images. Sometimes, it is good to just spend time processing images, but then I know, after a while, the urge to get out and take more photos gets stronger and stronger, like an addiction.

  3. I was reading an article the other day that differentiated astronomical seasons from meteorological seasons. Astronomical are the ones based on day lengths; whereas meteorological are more based on temperature and align with Dec 1 for winter, Mar 1 for spring, Jun 1 for summer, and Sept 1 for fall. I know which one makes more sense to me.

    Another nice set of pics. I particularly like Foggy Impressions and Reflecting Aspens.

  4. Lovely, as usual, Denise! I love those stormy skies! Foggy Impression is an fav, as are Mountain Drama In Autumn and Aspens in a Forest.

    Our weather changed really fast, also.

  5. Nice set. Your aspens in the opening photograph look a lot like some of the ones I encountered in the mountains outside Santa Fe. Your reflected view works well, with white trunks above as well as below. In your final picture, the scraggly bare tree easily conjures up your sorcerer, and the aspen glow could pass for a forest fire. You also have an effective orange glow in “Mountain Drama,” as well as orange “flames” at the bottom of the following photograph.

  6. Glorious landscapes. Love the Sorcerer’s Tree. It is a magical specimen as are all the other trees featured in your images. Foggy Impression caught my attention. The mountain in the background is so subtly massive and strong.

  7. Your region comes into its own in autumn. I’m sure you could say that about winter, too, but at least you can get around in the fall. The second photo is interesting for the way it appears to be two different photos put together. I like that strangeness – the looming, foggy mountain’s ghostly presence contrasts so powerfully with those golden trees. I also love the way the leaning aspens frame the upright one in ‘Aspens in a Forest.’ Those reflections are appealing – the dark conifers really give the aspens room to shine. ‘Twisted Sisters’ is interesting to me for the way the bark changes from roughened to smooth but as pleasant to see as the aspens are. I love that last tree! That’s a tree to remember!

    1. I was a bit rushed yesterday in my reply. As for ‘Twisted Sisters’ … deer eating the bark caused the scarring as high as they could reach. We have fencing around our aspen trees to keep them away. I’m glad you like ‘Foggy Impression’ … it is just the result of isolated snow over the distant mountain. I was happy I could isolate the tree in the last, ‘Sorcerer’s Tree’ from others beside it. The aspens in the background were quite a distance away. Thanks again!

      1. No problem! Thanks for telling me about the aspens, that’s so interesting. It looks better than trees that have all the lower branches missing from deer browsing. 😉 I read that a juniper we have (which is closely related to Rocky Mtn. juniper) grows prickly foliage when young and then when it’s older and taller, the foliage is flatter. The young trees supposedly get some protection that way and the older ones get more sun, I think.
        Isolation – it’s our friend in photography but not always in life. 😉

  8. Wow… beautiful!! You have taken me down memory lane. Love each capture….so beautiful!! The Aspen groves are especially spectacular during the fall color changes!! Thanks for sharing!!

  9. “Mountain drama in Autumn”! Just glorious! All are wonderful but that one really appeals. “Foggy Impressions” too. Your aspen foliage is such a wonderful vision with the mountain landscapes.

    1. Thanks Steve. I posted a horizontal version of ‘Autumn Drama’ in an earlier post. I don’t usually do that but in this case I liked the scene that much. Several people liked ‘Foggy Impression’ … shot with my Sigma 150-600 @ 244mm. I’ll have to see how that vantage point looks in winter.

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