Aspen Patterns & Abstracts


I’m drawn to repetition and nature patterns … I suppose it’s the part of me that likes to create order! I enjoy finding patterns, and selectively framing them while out in the landscape. Here are a few recent patterns added to a couple I was saving for this post. The second part includes images created using intentional camera movement (icm). It’s a fun technique that’s freeing and unpredictable. I like to do a bunch and decide what I like when I see them on my computer. All of the images in this post happen to feature aspens … I think they make great nature patterns and icm abstract subjects.

A distant forest of aspens and spruce makes an interesting linear pattern in the snow.

‘Winter Aspen Forest’ © Denise Bush

A distant aspen forest, with spruce trees makes an interesting wintry subject.

‘Forest Pattern In Winter’ © Denise Bush

Young aspen trees arrange themselves among the rocks and snow in winter.

‘Saplings In Winter’ © Denise Bush

A long shot at some distant aspens combines a grouping that creates diagonal layers.

‘Distant Aspen Pattern’ © Denise Bush

This abstract was created by intentionally moving the camera during exposure.

‘Aspen Abstract In B&W’ © Denise Bush

This abstract was created by intentionally moving the camera during exposure.

‘Aspen Abstract, No. One’ © Denise Bush

This abstract was created by intentionally moving the camera during exposure.

‘Aspen Abstract, No. Two’ © Denise Bush

This abstract was created by intentionally moving the camera during exposure.

‘Aspen Abstract, No. Three’ © Denise Bush
Imagine this printed as a large canvas!

Intentional Camera Movement creates an impressionistic image among the aaspen trees in autumn.

‘Autumn Dream’ © Denise Bush

See my complete ‘Nature Abstracts & Patterns’ collection here!

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40 Responses to “Aspen Patterns & Abstracts”

  1. Interesting images, Denise. I really like “Tight Family”, it has a cool winter look. I like all of the camera movement images. I have only done this a few times, but I should do it more. It is one of those techniques I tend to forget about, then in hindsight, realize where I should have use it. I have created a few “accidental” such images by an inadvertent shutter release, while moving around. I recall at least two of those producing really interesting results.

    Happy New Year and Happy Shooting,


  2. Love the art in every day life. Beautiful.

  3. The B&W aspen from above makes a great new expression.

  4. I like that narrow lattice of aspen trunks you led off with. The blue tone in “Tight Family” is a deft touch. In the intentional camera movement group, I find the final one quite effective with its differently colored sections.

    • I like that you see the trees as lattice … that was what I was going for. I was thinking of them as a veil but I like ‘lattice’ better. All of the icm images could also be considered impressionistic, and I think that last one is more so and not really abstract. Thanks for visiting and commenting!

  5. Wonderful patterns, Denise. I wonder if the mind settles when it detects them?
    I esp. like the layers in ‘Distant Aspen Pattern.’

  6. 14 Ken Curtis

    My favorites are Tight Family, because it has a pleasing feel to me and looks wintery, and Distant Aspen Pattern, because of the multiple layers of green, yellow and white colors. FWIW, I am not a fan of ICM unless it goes with the “grain” of the subject. There is something in my brain that going against the grain makes the subject look out of focus and really bothers my vision. I have to look away. Of course, you and others may disagree.

    • I always appreciate your thoughts. The bare branches and blue cast does add to the wintry feeling in ‘Tight Family’. I think I remember you telling me your thoughts about ICM images before.

  7. Love! Distant aspen pattern is my fav!

  8. 18 Bonnie Rovere

    Definite winners! Love Tight Family!

    • Thanks very much Bonnie. The patterns are fun but not as easy to find nice, clean ones as people might think. I’m itching to get out and photograph but it’s been gray and the mountains are covered with clouds.

  9. Absolutely love these, Denise. Wonderful set! Tight Family is great to view again and the vertical images are very effective. And your ICM shots are beautiful. Happy New Year! 🙂

  10. I like these a lot! Happy New Year, Denise!

  11. Indeed a beautiful tapestry of patterns. Thank you, Denise; it is a way to get lost in middle of gentle infinites ^_^

  12. I found it interesting to ponder why that one strip of aspen in Distant Aspen Pattern was so different (far behind in maturity?) from its neighbors to either side. I guess there must be a little microclimate current that travels that gully.

    My 2 favs of the icms are the B&W and the Autumn Dream which is just stellar.

    • Thanks Linda! I think the ‘Autumn Dream’ is more Impressionistic than abstract. I looked for a patch of red to include in that one. I’m glad you like it. I’ll visit soon.

  13. 29 Amy Golden

    Love autumn dream with the complimentary colors! Also the first one looks like raining aspens. My WordPress password/ user isn’t working. That’s why I can’t comment as often as I’d like. Amy

    Sent from my iPhone


  14. Your ICM images are neat! I always try it when among the trees, but rarely am successful…to my liking. Once in a blue moon I get an image I like. Your images make it look easy to do!

    • Hi Deborah! Thanks. The ICM images are easy. You just have to do a lot and keep looking at the results. To slow the shutter I’ll use f16-22 and set the ISO on 50 or 100 depending on how much light there is. This usually produces enough time to swipe, jiggle or twist. 🙂

      • Those are the settings I use as well, but I end deleting most if not all of the images. Some of them just make me dizzy! 🤣 I guess you’ve gpt the right wiggle, swipe, and jiggle. 😃

  15. ‘Tight Family’ has to be my favorite. The black and white ICM Aspen Abstract has very appealing depth and rhythm. The complexity of “No. 2” interests me, too and the layers are beautiful in Autumn Dream. But I keep going back to those verticals and fine diagonals in ‘Tight Family’. 🙂

    • Thanks Lynn … ‘Tight Family’ is my favorite and other people’s too. The ICMs images are fun to experiment with but I don’t take them too serious because they are so unintentional. I would like to see one printed real big on canvas though.

  16. I’m with the “Tight Family” crowd. But as often is the case picking a favorite from the bunch is a challenge. All well seen and captured, Denise. A fine collection.

  17. How incredible each and everyone is. Love all of these. Each capture is so unique and appealing. Thanks for sharing!

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