Winter In B&W


In the winter I like to challenge myself to produce a few black & white images. Often times the scenes seem monochromatic right from the start. Snow lends some white often contrasting elegantly with other elements in a scene. It helps define the contours of the mountains. Trees also look beautiful in winter, and in black and white … exposing their lines and bare form more clearly. We have had plenty of snow and following are some B&W images Mother Nature, my camera and I created this winter.

Low light, filtered through adjacent trees creates long shadows on the snow.

‘Long Shadows On Snow’ © Denise Bush
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The almost full moon rises above mountains near Telluride, Colorado.

‘January Moon’ © Denise Bush

A snow covered road leads the way to an awesome winter road to Mount Sneffels, near Ridgway.

‘Winter Road To Sneffels’ © Denise Bush

A small but shapely tree can see the didtance from its hilltop perch.

‘Winter Lookout’ © Denise Bush

Long shadows appear on new fallen snow from aspen trees the low angle of the sun.

‘Aspen Snow Shadows’ © Denise Bush

Mount Sneffels shows off in its winter coat in this San Juan Mountains scene.

‘Classic Sneffels’ © Denise Bush

A creek runs through a snowy canyon in Colorado's San Juan Mountains in winter.

‘A Creek Runs Through It’ © Denise Bush

Are you a fan of B&W photography? Check out my ‘BLACK & WHITE’ Gallery HERE!

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47 Responses to “Winter In B&W”

  1. 1 maryannsilvers

    Denise, We always love seeing your masterpieces. And they are just that along with God’s beauty. You are a true master of your art. Thanks for sharing your lovely images. Mary Ann Silvers

  2. The contrast between the long shadows on the snowfield and the bright sky really gives that extra to the first picture.

  3. All images well done, as usual, and Winter Road delivers a wonderful perspective.

    • Hi Michael! Thanks so much. I am glad to hear you say that. I struggled with that one a bit and ended up reprocessing it to my satisfaction.

  4. These are all remarkable photos, Denise. Thanks for sharing.

  5. “Aspen Snow Shadows” is especially appealing. I like the way the tree shadows are curved by the contours of the snow.

  6. 11 Deb

    Beautiful! Love b&w images. “A Creek Runs Through It” is my favorite!

  7. As you said, winter gives you a big head start on monochrome, what with snow and the absence of so much foliage. Have you ever experimented with reducing color saturation rather than eliminating it altogether?

    • Hi Steve. Yes, I have done that by combining a color version with a B&W version. I’ve done it on layers and the n adjusted the opacity of the layers. At this point I think I am more of a purist, rather than dabbling with techniques or filters. Thanks for visiting!

  8. 14 bcplimpton

    I’m definitely a fan of your black and white works.

  9. 16 Ken Curtis

    Well done, Denise. I enjoyed viewing your images as always, but it was a bit hard to see the details in such small images. Wish I had been there with you.

    • Hi Ken. I know the blog images are small … it is due to the template I use and the images are sized accordingly. If I went to a larger template the small sized images already posted would enlarge and not look sharp. If I started a new blog I’d lose my archives and followers. I post a lot here and don’t mind restricting the size since my website and store displays larger images. I think a lot of people look on their phones too. I started another blog with larger images but it is geared more toward wall art and selling. Thanks so much for your visit and thoughts.

      • 18 Ken Curtis

        I understood that. I was not asking you to change anything. Just mentioning that I could not see the details.

  10. I love all of these beauties and the Aspen shadows image was so unique – great set!

  11. Beautiful monochromes, Denise! Winter landscapes are ideal for B&W, aren’t they? My favorites are ‘Aspen Snow Shadows’ (love those long lines) and ‘Winter Lookout’ (what a cool tree 🙂 ).

  12. 23 Bonnie

    Such beautiful images!! A Creek Runs Through It is just amazing. Love them all.

  13. 25 Kenneth Richard Sichel

    Beautiful as usual

  14. Stunning! I was only thinking the other day that I should do some B&W photography again soon.

  15. You always expect to see landscapes in colour. But as you demonstrate, it is also worth to see monochrome versions. You look at them differently and take in the forms, shapes and shadows more than you would in a colour photo.
    Excellent series, Denise.

  16. Winter is kind of black and white anyway, if there’s snow. Might as well milk it. Think I like ‘Classic Sneffels’ the best.

  17. Nicely seen. Nicely done. Really hard to pick favorites, but I think Long Shadows and January Moon stole my heart right off the bat.

  18. They’re all so pretty! I love the road to Sneffels, and the ones with the long shadows, and the one with the Moon.

    • Thank you Deborah … glad you like! We have more snow in the forecast. When life gives you snow, make snowtographs!

      • Yes!! We too have more snow on the way. I just came in from shoveling last night’s snow from the driveway, the street in front of the driveway, and the sidewalk in prep for the snow due later today.

        Stay warm and safe!

  19. The Winter Road and Aspen Shadows have such an appealingly fresh look, exactly what one associates with newly fallen snow. “January Moon” is wonderful – what a sight that must have been to see in person. The last photo may be my favorite – there is such a cozy feeling to it, everything seems snuggled up together and I love the way the foreground seems to be plunging forward or down – well, I can’t quite describe it but you get it, I’m sure. 🙂 Nice set, Denise!

  20. Great shots as always, Denise. Sneffels always steal the spotlight. 🙂

  21. Really good photos. Black and white photography always has appealed to me very much. It’s got a direct kind of vibe. Mysterious too, sometimes.

    • I recall your post about how you relate to colors so this too is interesting. I’ll catch up with your blog today and will look for a future post about B&W! Thanks for your visit and comment!

  22. Hola! Wow! Love this gallery of black and white. A definitive favorite is “Winter Lookout.” That magnificent tree looks like a Hogwarts Castle transplant! The series, of course, represents your beautiful compositional gifts.

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