One More!

My last post, ‘Endless Winter’ described our epic 2022-23 season. And it didn’t end there … it’s snowing today, April 25th! We got about 6 inches of wet, heavy snow with the temps hovering around 32-35 degrees. I really hadn’t planned on posting more winter shots. I thought that viewers, and maybe even myself, might be getting tired of snowy landscapes. In addition, April was not a great month for my photography. Besides having a lot of gray days, melting snow reveals ugly, brown vegetation. So, since I haven’t posted in a while, and our endless winter continues, here’s just ‘one more’ from last month!
UPDATE: Woke up the next morning (April 26th) to about a foot of new snow!

Distant mountain are subdued by clearing clouds after a fresh snowfall.
‘Mountain Clearing’ © Denise Bush

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