Road Trip Relics

On a recent overnight road trip, Brent and I discovered some fascinating relics. I enjoyed exploring to find and shoot them! Each one has its own imagined story, since there is little to no information about why the inhabitants vanished. I hope you enjoy seeing my latest captures below. These relics may not be around much longer!

And speaking of relics, it’s come to my attention that the theme used for this blog is no longer supported and needs updating to a ‘responsive’ theme (template). I will be studying the best way to do this and am hoping there won’t be too many kinks. I am concerned images uploaded before August 2021 may not look acceptable as they were sized very small. I’ve been sharing my images and thoughts about photography since 2009 and this theme has served me well. Blogging is a wonderful way to archive work and including this entry I’ve posted 452 times. Most often posts display several photos following a topic of my choosing, and I’ve posted 3,121 images to date. Thanks very much for following along … and please stay tuned!

UPDATE: I pulled the switch and this is my new theme. I chose something similar and think it worked out well, and without any apparent glitches … yay!

An old brick house glows in the golden hour sun below beautiful clouds.
‘The Brick House’ © Denise Bush
Barns and sheds part to reveal a mound in the distance.
‘A Distant Mound’ © Denise Bush
The sky blue color and unusual siding call attention to this little relic.
‘Diamond Sided’ © Denise Bush
An old Dodge sits on top of a foundation providing a covered storage space.
‘Storage Solutions’ © Denise Bush
A little house sits abandoned long ago on the plains of the west.
‘Little House On The Plains’ © Denise Bush
A shelter built from adobe bricks and mud holds onto history with a weathered patina.
‘Adobe Shelter’ © Denise Bush
A little house, quaint adn new at one time, weathers with age.
‘Gone’ © Denise Bush
Old weathered buildings are in a perfect setting below Colorado's beautiful mountains.
‘Relics Below’ © Denise Bush
An old barn stands out with its red weathered siding.
‘Red Barn & Silo’ © Denise Bush
A windmill and some old tractor wheels make an intriguing rural scene under ominous looking storm clouds.
‘Windmill & Wheels’ © Denise Bush

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My passion for photography has rewarded me with the opportunity to examine the world carefully. My approach is intuitive and I choose to impose no constraints – leaving myself open only to possibilities. As a professional designer I am drawn to images that offer a strong composition, pattern and rhythm. Creating images with a unique perspective while sometimes pushing the limits of traditional composition 'rules' excites me. Landscapes, nature subjects and things from the past are common themes in my work.

52 thoughts on “Road Trip Relics”

  1. Denise, these are heart touching photos. In my travels to landscape photography destinations, I’m always looking for such abandoned places to photograph. One can’t help but wonder about the lives of those that lived in those old houses, conducted business in abandoned commercial sites, worshiped in abandoned churches, housed animals or stored hay in abandoned barns or grain in old silos.

  2. Love all these relic images. “Relics Below” is my favorite. I wish we could go back in time and see these buildings new! The diamond pattern is very interesting, and I’d love to see it in its original state.

  3. Nice finds, Denise! The stories they could tell, eh? My fav is the last– swirling clouds, golden fields and wheels.
    Good luck with the conversion… I don’t know what I’ll have to do one day if they require the same of me, ugh.

    1. Hi Eliza! Thanks for the visit and comment. It started raining at the ‘Windmill & Wheels’ spot … I could have stayed a bit longer … there were many compositions!

  4. Fantastic! “Relics Below” is my favorite! I guess your theme is now considered a relic. It is full of treasures. Hope the move to your new home is as uneventful as possible.

  5. Another wonderful set of images, Denise. My favorite is “Storage Solutions” because it brings back memories of when I grew up in the 50’s. That old Dodge station wagon was such a nice looking car then. Now to see it left to the elements along with the building seems sad and out of place with its prairie surrounding. Photographically, “Relics Below” is my favorite because of the layers in the image.

  6. Fantastic… the stats of how many posts and pics..KUDOS!!!
    Mt favs are… Relics Below and Windmill Wheels. Thanks for judging and was just great to see and hear you again. Be well and keep posting.

    1. Nice to see you and hear from you! Appreciate the visit and nice comment, as well as knowing your favorites. I’m hoping to visit in person next spring. Take care Mike! 🙂

  7. You found some fantastic relics and had some cool skies too. The feeling of the “west” is definitely there for me in all these images.

    I hope you find a theme that works for you and the migration is seamless. It’s such a pain to have to change after years of having a theme you like.

  8. What a wonderful collection! Probably unsurprisingly, my favorite is Relics Below thanks to the depth added by the mountains in the background.

  9. Nice set of relics. Sometimes I feel like one, so I can relate.

    I just recently changed my theme as the old one wasn’t behaving consistently. It was a bit challenging as the preview process only worked with a couple of the basic themes, although I could update, look, and change back again with any of them. (But not back to my original theme, it wasn’t available anymore.) Some of the themes didn’t convert well, others were ok. As I’m still using the free interface there were fewer themes to choose from. I ultimately found something somewhat similar to the old one that worked. I didn’t have to change any content, apart from finding a new banner.

    Good luck with finding your new look.

      1. Not sure. I bit the bullet and started using the block editor a while back. Figured I was going to have to sooner or later. Remind me, how do you get to the classic editor?

        1. I’ve replied. Short answer, yes, but you have to get the views right. Not sure if it’ll work with all the themes.

  10. These are almost haunting… what happened to the people that lived there… why did they leave their home? The way you capture them are so beautiful. Thank you!

    1. Thank you … I do find them haunting. I have searched and do not know why they are abandoned. Hard times, age, death, better opportunity, too outdated, too remote???

    1. That comment did go into my spam folder … can’t imagine why? Then I had to approve it. I think we will be good now. Could you comment on another post and we’ll see if resolved? And thank you very much!

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