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Artist Statement
My passion for photography has rewarded me with the opportunity to examine the world carefully, to really look, and to see. My approach is intuitive and I choose to impose no constraints – leaving myself open only to possibilities. As a professional designer I am drawn to images that offer a strong composition, pattern and rhythm. Creating images with a unique perspective (both visually and intellectually) while sometimes pushing the limits of traditional composition ‘rules’ excites me. Landscapes, nature and things from the past are common themes in my work. My personal success is two-fold; first in making the discovery and capturing the moment that calls to me and second, in transferring that sense of discovery to the viewer.

Denise Bush earned a Bachelor of Fine Art’s degree from Moore College of Art and Design, and has worked as a Graphic Designer for over 25 years. She escapes the commercial art world through photography, choosing it as her ‘fine art medium’. Denise’s work has been accepted into many juried shows and has accumulated many awards over the years. She has also acted as a photography judge for more than a dozen organizations including the Photographic Society of America (PSA). Denise is an exclusive contributor for istockphoto and Getty images and she offers One-On-One Digital Photography Training and Online Critiques & Consultations. To view more of Denise’s work and offerings click on the ‘links’ tab.

Thank you for visiting my photography blog!

47 Responses to “About”

  1. I checked a lot of your photos and I have to say that they are gorgeous!!! There is one thing more which I love in your posts and that is: You are showing in a brilliant way sets of photos with interesting themes. I have tried to do so also.

    Happy shooting!

  2. 2 Steve Robinson

    Loved your Catskill photos Denise. They are just beautiful.

  3. Wow, beautiful (RE: WA state)! I just got back from a 2 weeks photog road trip to Olympic NP; mostly the Hoh Rain Forest and the beaches: Ruby, La Push, Shi Shi and a visit to Cape Flattery and Sequim. Looking forward to hearing from you…howard jones photography

  4. 4 Richard

    Denise I am legally blind & cannot see from my center to my periphial left. I appreciate these photo graphs soooo much. I currently reside in Orlando. but am anticipating a visit & or move badck up to the Catskills. That is home to me. The beauty of moss on rocks & streams, open fields, the 3rd dimention of elevation of a mtn. I’ll follow your blog if i can figure out how to do it.

    Thank you, Richard

  5. Great blog Denise. I’ll visit it often.

  6. Hi Denise, mentioned you in a “Versatile Blogger Awards” post and now I’m supposed to let you know about it. 🙂 Love what you do! http://bit.ly/FQO6fc

  7. 7 Bob Damato

    Just wanted to say the “Winning Photographs” workshop was intense and my head hurt from all the wonderful info. I tried to be a sponge through out. Your style I can really relate to as I love roadside Americana. I am basically self taught and have many years of picture taking, developing and printing and now I’ve jumped into the digital world. I would like to show you some of my work and discuss what my development as a digital photographer may bring.
    Thank you again for sharing your wonderful art and expertise.

  8. 8 oureverydayadventures365

    Thanks for stopping by our blog. Cool photos!

  9. Your blog is so refreshing and inspiring. I greatly appreciate your attention to detail and your point of view. I look forward to seeing new posts and images from you.

  10. Your photographs are beautiful!

  11. Thanks so much for visiting my blog Fun With Filters! I appreciate it very much. I’ve enjoyed my visit here and look forward to following your work. 😀

  12. Your photographs are wonderful! Thanks for stopping by my blog, and for the “Like,” as well.
    Todd the Hiker

  13. Just popped over top say many thanks for the like on my own blog, really appreciated. Will take a bit more of a tour on your own blog. MM 🍀

  14. All your photos are amazing and so beautiful!

  15. Thanks a lot for stopping by my blog, Denise.

    You have a beautiful blog here, let me explore it.

    Have a great time 🙂

  16. Denise, thank you for stopping by! I just got lost in your blog and your view of the world. Are you in New York? My home state that I miss very much. Have a great week. C.

    • We spent a summer in Ocean City, NJ and just love Cape May. We are from Long Island. Looking forward to keeping up with your artistry. Cheers! Carlos

  17. Great work! I love your choices in what you photograph. Especially love the abandoned stuff! There is so much to explore. Thanks for sharing what you love!

  18. lovely photographs. so rich in colour, texture, composition and content.

  19. 21 Maggie Beck

    Your photography is full of light, movement, and color! I was delighted with your ‘like’ on my post today as it led me here to start my day. I was particularly captivated by the photograph of the window with the granny squares . . . What a story it told! Thanks for the visit, and I look forward to following you.

  20. I quickly viewed your website – 2003 compared to 2013. Great pictures all, and I saw the progression from awesome photos to true art. I felt the stories told by your most recent photos. Excellent!

  21. Hi Denise!! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope you liked it. Looking forward to reading your post. Tc 🙂

  22. Had a quick scroll through your blog….absolutely beautiful! Looking forward to coming back when I have more time!

  23. Hi Denise- thanks for liking my post as it inspired me to check out your blog and am now following. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

    Best – Susan

  24. Hi, Denise! Nice site and wonderful images! And thanks a lot for visiting my photo blog: Cheers. Riccardo

  25. You take some great pictures, really enjoyed having a look through your work

  26. 28 One Blue Sky

    Thanks for liking my post 🙂 I love the range of your work.

  27. your work is brilliant! I’m so happy you visited and liked my photo, now I can follow your work…thank you!

  28. Thank you for stopping by Storyteller. — Ray

  29. Hi Denise. I love the vivid and beautiful portrayal of your subjects. Your landscapes are striking. I see you went to Moore College of Art. I lived in Philadelphia and went to Philadelphia College of Art. I have subscribed to your blog. I am looking forward to seeing more of your work.

  30. Hi Denise. Thank you for liking some of my work. It’s a real honour for a newbie like me to be appreciated by a pro. James

  31. 33 Sig Nordal, Jr.

    Thank you for liking our blog.

    Our objective is to show and help promote the works of great photographers.

    We love your work, please keep it up and have a great year!

  32. Thanks for stopping by my blog and thus letting me find yours!

  33. from me too, thanks for your visit and kind words,look forward to seeing more of your work.

  34. Beautiful work and I look forward to seeing more of your photography – there is a lot of story telling in the images that I love.

  35. Thanks for visiting my blog and appreciating my work. I am sure I am going to learn a lot from your blog.

  36. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Since I retired I’ve been spending alot of time taking photgraphs and sharing them. Some include my poetry. I look forward to seeing more of your work of the beauty of your area.

  37. Thanks for the lovely comment on our ‘Happy Fall’ post. I somehow deleted it. 😦 Love your photos…following you now!

  38. Hi, Denise! You have an incredible and beautiful photography blog. I love your photos 🙂

  39. Superb shots Denise! HDR with subtlety that really draws the viewer in; just lovely!

  40. Thanks for stopping by and liking my post. I looked through your galleries and could tell how much your work has grown since you started your site. Best Wishes!

  41. Thanks for visiting my page. Your work is phenomenal; I could only dream to shoot like you do, someday…sigh.

  42. Thank you you for the lovely comment on my last blog post. For some reason the comment gets deleted, probably me.

  43. Argh. I just accidentally deleted your nice comment on my post about the Twister. But at least I got to read it first. Thanks for the support. 🙂

  44. Denise, you have a great blog site. I only found it via your comment on my most recent blog post (kenstravelphoto.com). I wish I had found your site sooner. There is so much useful information about photography in Colorado on your site and Colorado is one of my favorite places for photography.


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