Driving a back road I noticed a lone cluster of gamble oaks catching some low light. The contrast between the snow-covered mountains, and grassy foreground contributed to the scene, along with the beautiful cloud formations overhead. Soon the trees were in shadow and the mountains lit up with beautiful pink alpenglow. What a privilege it was to witness these ooh and aah moments.

‘Golden Hour Gamble Oaks’ © Denise Bush
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‘Soulful Sunset’ © Denise Bush

‘Pink Sky Tonight’  © Denise Bush

Ins & Outs


I continue to be drawn to, and fascinated by windows and doors as a photo subject. I find them equally interesting whether I am looking from the outside, or looking from within. I have posted many on this blog and my collection has grown after finding and shooting them for many years! I decided to create a dedicated, store gallery, composed of some of my all-time favorite ‘Windows & Doors’ HERE. Windows and doors can stir the imagination. We look in, or out, wondering about life on the other side. Symbolically they can be portals for transformation, opportunity, illumination and more. I do hope these beloved and thought-provoking subjects and I will continue to find each other!

‘Red Shutters’ © Denise Bush
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‘Window Arrangement’  © Denise Bush

‘Fleur de Lis Window’ © Denise Bush

‘Mercantile’ © Denise Bush

‘Red Mountain Greeting’ © Denise Bush

I’ve always been a fan of low horizons … especially when the sky is interesting enough to deserve the extra attention. If you follow this blog it’s likely you’ve seen some, mixed in among my landscape posts. Here are a few recent images with skies that attracted my eye. I see them as giant canvases that Mother Nature has painted for us to enjoy. Like abstract paintings I find the shapes, patterns and colors very appealing. Standing before them and soaking in the panorama is always rewarding. The views feed my mind, body and soul! And, I’m grateful for the opportunity to experience these beautiful moments with my camera!

‘Cimarron Light’  © Denise Bush
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‘Big Sky Over Pasture’ © Denise Bush

‘From Afar’ © Denise Bush

‘Sunny Side’ © Denise Bush

It has been a while since I’ve posted the weathered little structures found along the way. I’ve been all wrapped up in shooting and then processing my fall foliage images! This set shows several photos that document the finds and record their existence. They’ve been patiently waiting to be shared. Evoking all kinds of questions I wonder who built them, used them, and what are their stories?

‘Cabin Amid Hay Harvest’ © Denise Bush
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‘Little Cabin, Big Tree’ © Denise Bush

‘The Passing Of Summer’ ©Denise Bush

‘Settler Remains’ © Denise Bush

‘Lucky Find’ © Denise Bush

‘Cabin On Forest Edge’ © Denise Bush

‘Mining Town Cabin’ © Denise Bush

Tiny Shelter Beside Aspens’  © Denise Bush
Added to my ‘Remnants & Remains’ Gallery

‘Shack Near Red Mountain’  © Denise Bush

Eager to get caught up, and get on with new work, I’ve posted my remaining autumn landscape images in one, big MEGA-POST! This collection (much larger than usual) is a sort of potpourri of images that didn’t fit into other posts, fell through the cracks, or were shot later in the season. As mentioned in an earlier entry, I went out a lot and really worked our local peak colors! I processed many more, then edited the selections to include only my favorites … those with something special or different than what I’ve shown before. Snow came to the peaks on October 4th which added beauty to the mountain scenery while forshadowing the long winter to come! I always appreciate your visits and hope you enjoy this ‘Autumn Extravaganza’ … happy scrolling!

‘Wilson In The Clouds’ © Denise Bush
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‘Fall Flames’ © Denise Bush

‘Cloud Topping’ © Denise Bush

‘Mingling’ © Denise Bush

‘Through The Forest’ © Denise Bush

‘Where The Willows Grow’ © Denise Bush

‘Old Autumn Grove’ © Denise Bush

‘Giants Among Aspens’ © Denise Bush

‘Here I Am’ © Denise Bush

‘Clouds Over Distant Mountain Peak’ © Denise Bush

‘Tree Of Gold’ © Denise Bush

‘Mears Peak In October’ © Denise Bush

‘Seasons In Contrast’ © Denise Bush

‘Southeast View’ © Denise Bush

‘Sneffels Brooding’ © Denise Bush

‘Autumn Glory’ © Denise Bush
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‘A Bit Of Winter In Autumn’ © Denise Bush

‘Magical Mountain Moment’ © Denise Bush
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What? … can’t get enough autumn scenery! Scroll down to see other autumn posts including; ‘Reflecting Autumn’, ‘Fall Along Fence Lines’, ‘Autumn Roads – 2018’, ‘Million Dollar Magic’, ‘Intimate & Isolated’, and ‘Complementary Companions’. Click ‘Denise Bush’s Photo Blog’ to return ‘home’. I love hearing from you … feel free to leave a comment at the end of any post.

Many landscape photographers love reflections and I am one among them. This fall I visited a nearby lake on four different mornings, hoping to capture the scene with the perfect sky. It is a popular spot this time of year with other photographers from near and far. The surrounding slopes are filled with beautiful aspen trees and Red Mountain II & III are just beyond the opposite bank. When the wind is calm a beautiful reflection completes the picture. In this post I will show you several examples of how conditions impacted the scene … some of the changes are subtle but make a difference. I also found other interesting reflections that may be a little more unique. Reflecting on fall … I’d say it has been a good one!

‘Pink Accents, Crystal Lake’ © Denise Bush
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‘Highlight On The Right’ © Denise Bush

‘Wetland Reflection’ © Denise Bush

‘Autumn Reflecting Pool’ © Denise Bush

‘Glistening Gold’ © Denise Bush

‘Steamy Reflection’ © Denise Bush

‘Warm & Cold’ © Denise Bush

‘Blue Beginnings’ © Denise Bush

‘Along The Edge’ © Denise Bush

‘Awakening Across Crystal Lake’ © Denise Bush
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‘Another Sunrise, Crystal Lake’ © Denise Bush

If you have a favorite from this set I’d love to know which! Click the comment link below.

If you follow this blog you may have already noticed that I often include fences in my landscapes. I prefer wooden fences and when they’re broken-down, I love them all the more. But, I even like barbed wire fences with old, irregular posts … they have character too. Fences offer something more to the scene and stories. So, without further ado, and to add to my growing collection, here are a few fall images that feature fences!

‘First San Juan Snow’ © Denise Bush
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‘Boundary Surplus’ © Denise Bush

‘Borderline Remains’ © Denise Bush
added to my ‘Colorful Colorado’ gallery

‘Autumn Borderline’ © Denise Bush