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Two January’s ago I reviewed my year’s work and thought … ‘what now?’ … ‘more of the same?’. It was then I decided that I wanted to overcome something I had been avoiding in my work, and that was the human form. I would look for subjects and scenes that might contain a human element, […]

Catskills Winter Photographers Weekend II There’s no shortage of old and abandoned buildings in the Catskills and one doesn’t have to look hard to find these forgotten places. Some were left behind long ago to be weathered by the elements creating fascinating photo subjects. While the Catskills are still a popular tourist destination today, I […]

I was hoping to go out shooting both last night and this morning to some locations I have been wanting to get back to but the weather and quality of light did not warrant it. That’s just how it is sometimes. I ran into the photo below, ‘Attic Window’ last night while gathering some images […]

I have been fascinated with abandoned places since I was a young kid. I was the one who would get my friends to help me ‘investigate’. We would sift through the remains and try to figure out who lived there and why they left. To this day I am always on the lookout for old […]