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Gimme Shelter


I am grateful that interesting old structures keep finding me! They call to me to stop and put my camera to work. It’s a way of documenting them before they are gone forever. And it’s fun! Over the years many of the subjects of my ‘Remnants & Remains’ captures have disappeared. I am glad I […]

Here is a small assortment of abandoned houses and shacks I have discovered in recent months. This subject matter is quite different here in Western Colorado compared to some of the larger abandoned structures I was used to Back East. People who lived here one hundred years or so ago were for the most part […]

Circa 1885


According to Wikipedia this house is the oldest known house associated with the black community on Edisto Island, SC after the Civil War. It was the home of Henry Hutchinson, who built and operated the first cotton gin owned by a black person on the island from about 1900 to 1920. Henry built this house in 1885 at the time […]

While traveling south on a photo adventure last week my friend and I stopped to photograph some rather unique abandoned buildings. Situated at a busy crossroads in a rural setting, they more than stood out with their bold, abstract expressionistic designs. Odd and fascinating they provided a fun subject as I set out to photograph […]

The worn, weathered and abandoned are among my favorite and most blogged about subjects … as many of you know. These subjects have always held a deep fascination for me as I imagine their past. Speaking about a way of life our ancestors knew, they hold a special charm as they gracefully age. And photographing […]

Part VI – The End On the way home my friend and I planned on stopping at the picturesque, red barn we had visited earlier in our adventure. We were also hoping to find and photograph a couple of abandoned houses we saw while following our caravan a few days before. This time the barn […]

For as long as I can remember I have been interested in ‘home’ and especially ‘abandoned homes’ as subjects. The homes below are some of the special places I have gone back to to photograph time and time again. They are all within a short distance from my home. Shot during the snowfall, winter’s muted […]



On Sunday I went to Winterthur, DE with some photo buddies. OMG was it ever cold. We stayed warm while on the Yuletide Celebration Tour, displayed in this grand DuPont Estate and the history was interesting. Our guide did a great job of hurrying us along just as we got our cameras into focus! The […]

I was hoping to go out shooting both last night and this morning to some locations I have been wanting to get back to but the weather and quality of light did not warrant it. That’s just how it is sometimes. I ran into the photo below, ‘Attic Window’ last night while gathering some images […]

I have been fascinated with abandoned places since I was a young kid. I was the one who would get my friends to help me ‘investigate’. We would sift through the remains and try to figure out who lived there and why they left. To this day I am always on the lookout for old […]