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It has become a yearly tradition for me to bid a formal farewell to winter each March in a post with this same title. Don’t get me wrong… I do love winter and I especially love photographing in the snow. With average daytime temps in the 50’s spring is well upon us here on the […]

The more I target my outdoor photo shoots around sunrise and early morning, and late day and sunset, the more I realize the light is quite often not golden. I am presented with the choice of coming back another time or shooting for a different mood. I seem to always choose the later. Less than […]

I traveled up to the Catskills last Friday in the snow to scout for an upcoming photo tour I am leading. It snowed the entire time to varying degrees. I made some hand-held snapshots of some of the places we will visit. Shooting some at locations I had visited before, it became apparent like never […]