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Piers are fun photography subjects and this one at Folly Beach, South Carolina was no exception. The clouds that spit out a few raindrops just to tease early in the morning turned out to provide us with the gift of a dramatic sky instead. It was one of those mornings that the clouds and color just kept coming. […]

A major objective on a recent photo adventure to South Carolina was to photograph the trees in the ocean at Edisto Island. I had been admiring photographs from this location for years. When we arrived we learned that the road leading to them was washed out and closed. Dismayed, we surveyed the area on Google […]

Back in 2009 I learned about a broken pier somewhere at the Jersey Shore. Not knowing exactly where it was I went searching for it and finally found it by looking at a satellite map online. It is located at Corson’s Inlet, at the southern end of Ocean City and is now a very popular […]

For me, Winter seemed especially tough this year probably due to my working from home again and not getting out as much. At times I felt like I was hibernating! I was glad that I got down to the beach after the most recent storm as I had never seen snow on the beach before. […]

Sunrise on our 2nd morning in Cape May is pictured in the two photos below. Since the sky lacked cloud interest, I concentrated on the reflections in the sand and water. I enjoy shooting sunrise. Quiet anticipation and a sense of awe are constant emotional ingredients to the experience.

Cape May Visit


I visited Cape May last weekend with my friend Wendy and a group from her camera club with whom I’ve become friends. We stayed overnight on Friday and Saturday and photographed a good variety of subjects during our stay. I will be showing some results over the next few days. This shot was made about […]

The image below has nothing to do with this post except that it was my other entry in the competition mentioned previously. I was sure it was going to win something from the judge who’s own photographic subjects are always shore themes. The image made it into the semi-final round but it didn’t score any […]