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As the saying goes … ‘when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.’ So I say, ‘when life gives you snow, make snowtographs!’ Here are a couple more snow photos that I have submitted as stock images. These are more generic than those in the previous post and could be useful to graphic designers who want […]

Unexpected Find


After finishing up a sunrise shoot at the beach this weekend I turned to leave and found this design. The fence, shadows and pattern in the sand combine to make an image that is all about stripes. The find reinforced the idea that it’s a good practice to always look in all directions for unexpected […]

Icy Abstract


This abstract photo of some bog ice and tree shadows has me wanting to explore ice as a subject. It was a warm day and the ice was getting soft. I am not sure what created the holes — maybe twigs or pine needles. The original photo was almost monochrome so I converted it to […]