MACRO Magic!

On a recent trip to photograph some old farms, some branches caught my eye. I was attracted to the way rain drops clinged to them … all in a row. So, after shooting the buildings for a while I decided to attach my 100mm macro lens and play with the branches before they dried. Facing the sun provided a result that surprised me. Like magic, each droplet displayed its own little starburst against a pleasing bokeh background. I was glad I decided to take a break shooting what I thought I had come for, and it reminded me to always look beyond my expectations.

I will be co-presenting a fun, hands-on workshop, MACRO PHOTOGRAPHY & The Natural World. The workshop will be held in Vincentown, NJ on June 21 and there will be a field workshop to photograph wildflowers on the 22nd. For details go to

'Backlit Droplets'  © Denise Bush  (click to see larger)
‘Back-lit Droplets’ © Denise Bush (click to see larger)