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Catskills Winter Photographers Weekend II There’s no shortage of old and abandoned buildings in the Catskills and one doesn’t have to look hard to find these forgotten places. Some were left behind long ago to be weathered by the elements creating fascinating photo subjects. While the Catskills are still a popular tourist destination today, I […]

No week-long photo trip in the country would be complete without at least a few barn images. So, here they are:  ‘Old Barn Door’ and ‘Barn with Cupola’ was the same barn I had captured on my trip back in 2003. The interesting old tow truck was no longer beside it so I chose to […]

Weathered Barns


There’s something about old, weathered barns that you just gotta love. Here’s one that I have been after for a few years and in all seasons. It’s in one of those positions that just doesn’t get great morning or afternoon light from an approachable vantage point. The clouds were looking interesting around 6 pm one […]

Lust for Rust


Why is it that I find old and rusty discarded items so fascinating? Why do I feel like I am in my photographic element in a junk yard or poking around abandoned buildings? I guess I know the answers to these questions, at least in part. I love wondering about who used the items and […]