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On our last full day in West Virginia we woke up early … early enough to make the 1 hour drive up to Bear Rocks in the Dolly Sods Wilderness area for some night shooting, before the sun came up. I had a hard time getting it together in the dark, climbing around on the […]

One of my favorite shoots on our Canaan Valley trip was to a small lake just in time to capture morning’s first light. The sunlight, autumn foliage and reflection came together to create a stunning scene. I couldn’t stop shooting! Aside from the big picture there were many abstracts available in the still reflection. I […]

Better Light


More West Virginia Barns While meandering with the group one afternoon we spotted a couple of interesting barns along the road. Displaying less than optimal light at the time, we decided the scenes would look better with morning light. So, on our third morning, after our shoot at a lake we remembered the barns. Hoping […]



West Virginia’s Back Roads There were times during our trip to West Virginia when we did not have a specific plan so we ‘meandered’ the back roads for whatever caught our eye. I looked up ‘meander’ in the dictionary and a definition was ‘to wander at random’. We encountered an abundance of beautiful scenery along […]

West Virginia Waterfalls – Part I I was pleasantly surprised with my results from a visit to Elakala Falls in Blackwater State Park. We went on a sunny morning and found several photographer’s already there, including some people from my camera club. I like to provide a sense of place when available and think including […]

West Virginia Waterfalls – Part II Here’s more West Virginia waterfalls. With these I couldn’t decide whether I liked the horizontal or vertical version better. I tend to shoot vertically quite often and think it’s a good idea to remember to look for a composition both ways when possible. Which do you prefer?

Familiar Places


I have been to the Canaan Valley area of West Virginia twice before. Our second full day brought us to some familiar places including a distant view of Blackwater Falls, Lindy Point and Harper’s barn. This year the autumn foliage was a little late and not quite as colorful as on a trip four years […]

The first day of my trip to West Virginia was spent in the Seneca Rocks area. A great group of friends and I arrived at Seneca Rocks in the dark and fog to search the grounds and find our way to a good spot for first light. The light came on slow and soft. I […]

Here are a couple of images shot shortly after sunrise at Bear Rocks, Dolly Sods, WV on October 10th. I posted these on Facebook and thought I might as well post them here too. As I said on Facebook, the shot of my friend, Dave titled ‘OMG!’ repeatedly gave me the chills while processing it. […]