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On our last full day in West Virginia we woke up early … early enough to make the 1 hour drive up to Bear Rocks in the Dolly Sods Wilderness area for some night shooting, before the sun came up. I had a hard time getting it together in the dark, climbing around on the […]

One of my favorite shoots on our Canaan Valley trip was to a small lake just in time to capture morning’s first light. The sunlight, autumn foliage and reflection came together to create a stunning scene. I couldn’t stop shooting! Aside from the big picture there were many abstracts available in the still reflection. I […]



West Virginia’s Back Roads There were times during our trip to West Virginia when we did not have a specific plan so we ‘meandered’ the back roads for whatever caught our eye. I looked up ‘meander’ in the dictionary and a definition was ‘to wander at random’. We encountered an abundance of beautiful scenery along […]

West Virginia Waterfalls – Part I I was pleasantly surprised with my results from a visit to Elakala Falls in Blackwater State Park. We went on a sunny morning and found several photographer’s already there, including some people from my camera club. I like to provide a sense of place when available and think including […]

West Virginia Waterfalls – Part II Here’s more West Virginia waterfalls. With these I couldn’t decide whether I liked the horizontal or vertical version better. I tend to shoot vertically quite often and think it’s a good idea to remember to look for a composition both ways when possible. Which do you prefer?

Familiar Places


I have been to the Canaan Valley area of West Virginia twice before. Our second full day brought us to some familiar places including a distant view of Blackwater Falls, Lindy Point and Harper’s barn. This year the autumn foliage was a little late and not quite as colorful as on a trip four years […]

The first day of my trip to West Virginia was spent in the Seneca Rocks area. A great group of friends and I arrived at Seneca Rocks in the dark and fog to search the grounds and find our way to a good spot for first light. The light came on slow and soft. I […]