I suppose it is just another number but this post is my 200th and I felt I should make note of it! I started blogging in January 2009 as a way to display my photographs and express my thoughts about photography. Acting as a photo journal; I can scroll through and see where I’ve been, what I’ve done and where I’m headed. But the best part has been the ability to share what I am doing with others. Posts have often opened up welcome and interesting discussion in the comments area and I have made new friends through blogging. So, in celebration of my 200th post, I’d like to thank you if you are reading this! Special thanks to my followers and those who have taken the time to leave encouraging words. That encouragement has meant a lot to me over the years.

Now, feeling a bit retrospective I’d like to share the image below and how I was feeling when I made it. One of the bigger challenges of late has been in achieving a landscape image I could get excited about … something as good as, or better than favorites that have come before. I have been out with my camera numerous times lately; sunrise, sunset, scouting, looking, and trying without the level of success I was looking for. The weather, the light, the sky, my timing, just wasn’t coming together and with the added challenges of photographing New Jersey’s Pine ‘Barrens’ I was getting discouraged. Than this … finally, the moment I had been hoping for. My discouragement vanished completely as the sunset reached its peak color and I heard someone across the lake yell … ‘thank you God’! It was the most beautiful sunset I had ever seen. No contrails and no Photoshop necessary. Yes, ‘thank you God’. It was just the gift I needed to lift my spirits and help me celebrate this personal photographic milestone!

Sunset Dream I

‘Sunset Dream I’ © Denise Bush


Something always seems to happen to me this time of year whereby I am compelled to join the legions of other photographers, focusing on flowers! As if never seen before, I am in awe of the incredible beauty and colors these wonderful subjects bring. Being among flowers, examining and photographing them can act to renew the spirit, especially after a long winter! So, please forgive me … here are a few more images from a recent trip to Longwood Gardens.

'Poised Poppy'  © Denise Bush

‘Poised Poppy’ © Denise Bush

'Poppy Close-up'  © Denise Bush

‘Poppy Close-up’ © Denise Bush

Rare Beauty

‘Rare Beauty’ © Denise Bush

Emerging Poppy

‘Emerging Poppy’ © Denise Bush

Little Lupine

‘Little Lupine’ © Denise Bush

Alien Encounter

‘Alien Encounter’ © Denise Bush

Hibiscus Center

‘Hibiscus Center’ © Denise Bush


Taking a trip to Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, PA for my first flower captures of the season, is a fun yearly ritual. This year, accompanied by 3 friends, our goal was to capture the beautiful blue, Himalayan Poppies. Their stay is always short-lived and we were lucky to find the last remaining few. So, in my desire to move things along (and in contrast to my previous post) here is my first spring image.

Poppy Fireworks

‘Poppy Fireworks’ © Denise Bush

Farewell, adieu, au revoir, ciao, adios, bye, bye-bye, so long, see you later, see you, sayonara, bon voyage, cheers, and toodle-oo … Old Man Winter!

I have to say, I like winter more than most people it seems … but I am very happy that spring is finally here. It started snowing here (in southern New Jersey) in October and our last storm was just last week on March 24. That’s 5 months of snow! And, temperatures were especially cold too. I am feeling ready to move on yet thankful for the opportunities to photograph snow and ice. To see what came of my winter outings simply click on ‘Denise Bush’s Photo Blog’ at the top and begin scrolling.

What do you think of the 2 compositions below? Horizontal or vertical? Centered or formula of thirds? I photographed this tree I had been admiring for some time from my car, during a blizzard. I was able to stay dry by using my tripod on the passenger seat with one leg extended to the floor. The driving snow is a little more apparent on larger versions. For me they have the look of an etching or lithograph.

Tree In Blizzard I

‘Tree In Blizzard I’ © Denise Bush

Tree In Blizzard II

‘Tree In Blizzard II’ © Denise Bush

As the sun lowered itself past the horizon a peaceful calm came over the bay. I could hear the sea birds and waterfowl calling to one another while settling in for the night. The sun painted the sky with a beautiful pastel gradient of color that deepened with every second. I used my 6-stop neutral density filter to lengthen the exposures and capture the passing of time. At the end of the light show the sky glowed with a brilliant warm red that made the scene seem surreal before passing into the night.

Sunset On The Bay I

‘Sunset On The Bay I’ © Denise Bush

Sunset On The Bay II

‘Sunset On The Bay II’ © Denise Bush

Sunset On The Bay III

‘Sunset On The Bay III’ © Denise Bush

Sunset On The Bay IV

‘Sunset On The Bay IV’ © Denise Bush

Two January’s ago I reviewed my year’s work and thought … ‘what now?’ … ‘more of the same?’. It was then I decided that I wanted to overcome something I had been avoiding in my work, and that was the human form. I would look for subjects and scenes that might contain a human element, but were void of people. Why I was avoiding the human form, I don’t know. (I have many albums to prove I was good at it when my son was young!) I began slowly, by studying the works of others who incorporate the human figure in their work, both contemporary and masters. I enrolled in a few meet-ups that utilized models, took a week long workshop and viewed many webinars. I hired models on a few occasions to work on my personal projects as well as stock images and images for the models themselves. I used what I had learned to lead a workshop called, ‘Photographing People On Location’. Where all of this exploration was leading me other than that, I was and am unsure. Ideas continue to ruminate and as always, I am open to whatever my creativity may bring. Here are a few images from my ‘creative side-trip’ that explore ideas about self, dreams and even ghosts!


‘Elizabeth’ © Denise Bush


‘Alone’ © Denise Bush

Alone In A Room

‘Alone In A Room’ © Denise Bush

Waiting For Someone

‘Waiting For Someone’ © Denise Bush

A Place To Hide

‘A Place To Hide’ © Denise Bush

Eye Of The Beholder

‘Eye Of The Beholder’ © Denise Bush

Conflict Within

‘Conflict Within’ © Denise Bush

Is It A Dream?

‘Is It A Dream?’ © Denise Bush

My Own Company

‘My Own Company’ © Denise Bush

Ghost Bride

‘Ghost Bride’ © Denise Bush

Fifth Time In The Pen
Photo trip number five to Philadelphia’s Eastern State Penitentiary Museum was during a special offer for photographers, in the hours pre and post twilight. I searched for subjects that I had not photographed before and found a few to my liking. First I looked outside while there was still some light and found some architectural elements from 1903 that were now weathered and worn and hiding secrets within. In one cell there were some puzzling bowls… some look like toilets and others more like planters. A mysterious red glow emanated from a left-behind box and I captured the glow that only I could see. I found a desk, bathed in warm desk-lamp light while the cool tones of twilight streamed in from above. As I walked around alone looking and thinking about those who had spent time there, I sensed the presence of lingering spirits.

Let There Be Light

‘Let There Be Light’ © Denise Bush

Built In 1903

‘Built In 1903′ © Denise Bush

Room With Bowls

‘Room With Bowls’ © Denise Bush

Red Glow

‘Red Glow’ © Denise Bush


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