After a long, long, very snowy winter I’ve been out close to home searching for spring! To tell the truth, as glad as I am to see spring arrive each year, it has never been my favorite season for photography. It comes in third with autumn and winter being first and second. And if I can get up into those wildflower basins this summer, spring could lose its third place standing. Spring … it can be uncooperative and I’ve often referred to the season as a ‘big tease’! After just a sprinkling of warmer, sunny days the cold and chance of snow lingers. As they say in the mountains, “if you don’t like the weather, just wait five minutes.” This is especially true in spring, when conditions change quickly. Along with cloudy skies, rain, snow and strong gusts of wind, the weather has been fickle to say the least. It’s all part of what defines this season however … so what’s a landscape photographer to do but embrace it all …. as wondrous, dynamic and unpredictable as it is. Following are some landscapes I found while out searching.

‘Spring Glow’ © Denise Bush

‘Ranch View’ © Denise Bush

‘Vernal Reflection’ © Denise Bush

‘Mount Abram View’ © Denise Bush

‘Coming Home’ © Denise Bush

With so much snow this year it may be a while before the high mountains are accessible. Roads in the the National Forest and on BLM land are not maintained in the winter, in addition to several county roads. In some places residents need snowmobiles to get home. Not only is the snow incredibly deep and melting slowly, but winter avalanches and slides are making clearing the roads an even more difficult task. It’s a perfect time to head in other directions that explore more arid areas near our Ridgway home. Here are some views from the Gunnison Gorge National Conservation Area, about an hour north. Comprised of 62,844 acres, I was amazed by the uninterrupted vastness of the scenery. Getting out in the sun and exploring this unique landscape was a fun spring outing. Here are a few of the views.

‘West Elks In View’ © Denise Bush

‘Forever View’ © Denise Bush

‘Great Wide Open’ © Denise Bush

Yehah For Utah!


The images in this set are from two trips to Utah … just across the border. It’s nice to get away from time to time, take in different views, and shoot new scenes. Utah’s canyons, buttes, mesas and strange rock formations provide unique opportunities. The first trip was a fun photo weekend with a friend. We stayed in Moab and went to the parks among a few other locations I have photographed before. Unfortunate, but as often happens, the conditions were grey with lack-luster skies much of the time. Many of my images did not make the cut. I try to be selective, processing and sharing only what passes my self-critical eye. The image must have something special about it … it needs to speak to me in some way. In the case of putting the image in a set, it should help to tell the story. So for me, sometimes less is more.

The second trip was a quick overnight trip with Brent. We stayed out of the parks and explored some jeep roads. When with non-photographers I try to curb my photographic expectations and am happy for the company and exploration. It’s often difficult to be in the right place at the right time as you would on a serious photographic outing. However, I am lucky … Brent is patient and can tolerate a good bit of photography … from time to time. Sometimes there are places I just have to stop and I did find a few of those on the trip. Here are some favorites … yehah for Utah … let me know what you think!

‘Morning In The Canyon’ © Denise Bush

‘On Edge’ © Denise Bush

‘Mountain Route’ © Denise Bush

‘Fisher Towers At Sundown’ © Denise Bush

‘First Light With Ponderosa’ © Denise Bush

‘Sunset With Rainbow Colors’ © Denise Bush

‘Lavender Valley’ © Denise Bush

Little Mountain


Once upon a time there was a mountain so small in comparison to its majestic neighbors, no one paid any attention to her. Everyone talked about the ‘Fourteeners’ … tall and mighty. Photographers came from near and far to photograph the taller mountains, never even noticing Little Mountain. No one even cared to know Little Mountain’s name and there were no pictures of her on the internet. Although lonely, the little mountain tried to be content … just to be a mountain in the San Juans of Colorado. One day, the little mountain spotted a lady on a cliff in the distance. She had a camera with a big, long lens and it was pointed right at her! From her lookout, the lady noticed the small and lonely mountain to the west, looking beautiful below the clouds and setting sun. Finally! … Little Mountain had been noticed. She started seeing the lady every so often. You see, the lady developed a fondness and appreciation for Little Mountain and the beautiful skies overhead.

‘Delicate Stripes Over Little Mountain’ © Denise Bush

‘Little Mountain In The Clouds’ © Denise Bush

‘Little Mountain Through Cottonwoods’ © Denise Bush

‘Fiery Clouds Over Little Mountain’ © Denise Bush

‘Snow Clouds Over Little Mountain’ © Denise Bush

‘Little Mountain Silhouette’ © Denise Bush

What I can gather from maps this little mountain is named West Baldy. From my lookout points I can see this looking down Pleasant Valley to the west, and the majestic Sneffels mountains looking south and the unique Cimarrons to the east.I have been shooting this mountain when something happens with the clouds or light. If you follow this blog chances are you’ve seen other shots posted here in the past.

In January I posted favorite photographs from 2018 on my website as I have been doing each year since 2003. It was bittersweet as I knew it was time to move away from my Dreamweaver created site and onto something new. Setting up a new computer and wanting to avoid renting more software helped to make the decision. I spent January and February testing and researching different website building companies and then building the new site using Format. I am very happy that it serves all of the same needs as the old site. My Favorites By Year galleries have been recreated and the site serves as a hub for all I do. There’s a link to this Blog and my Store, with so many choices from notecards to large metal prints. Another link takes you to my Graphic Design samples. By the way … I can work with clients anywhere in the country. With About, Contact and a few other pages I’m all set, and invite you to take a look at!

This collection is a sort of medley of winter stragglers. In processing this set I thought about some of the things I love about winter. I love how the snow completely changes the landscape, into something new & fresh. With winter comes a feeling of peacefulness and rest. Snow becomes its blanket. Land forms and contours take on new meaning. Bare limbs of exposed trees are made more beautiful, when coated with snow. That’s something magical when you’re a tree lover like me. In the mountains winter shows us the power of Mother Nature and the season, and we yield utmost respect. Out there and with camera in hand, I can’t help but feel alive … braving the cold air and slippery roads, with numb face, fingers and toes. It’s all very worth it!

‘Double RL Trees In Winter’ © Denise Bush

‘Forever View’ © Denise Bush

‘Sunset Over The Bluff’ © Denise Bush

‘Courthouse Undercover’ © Denise Bush

‘Winter Boundaries’ © Denise Bush

‘Snowmobiles Only’ © Denise Bush

‘Cabin With Two Doors’ © Denise Bush

‘House On The Hill’ © Denise Bush
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‘Pleasant Valley Sunset’ © Denise Bush

Being at the right place at the right time is something all landscape photographers hope for! I love being out there to see what the sky is going to do at sunrise and sunset. However, it’s quite often that I come home with nothing to be excited about. I always remind myself that it’s a matter of going out and being ready. Persistence is always rewarded … sooner or later! Here are some awesome skies I’ve had the privilege to witness in 2019.

‘Vibrant Sunset’ © Denise Bush
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‘Broad Strokes’ © Denise Bush

‘Pastel Sky Over The Ridge’ © Denise Bush

‘Pink Cloud Over White House’ © Denise Bush

‘Ridge Finale’ © Denise Bush

‘Wintry Mountain Sunset’ © Denise Bush

‘Round Top Trio’ © Denise Bush