A major objective on a recent photo adventure to South Carolina was to photograph the trees in the ocean at Edisto Island. I had been admiring photographs from this location for years. When we arrived we learned that the road leading to them was washed out and closed. Dismayed, we surveyed the area on Google Earth to see if we could find an alternate route but were unsuccessful. Each day we checked the road to see if it had been repaired, and then finally, the day before we were to leave we learned it would open the next morning. Hurray… we were thrilled and the first ones at the gate which opened at 6 am! In the dark, we hiked a half mile to the beach and there they were, trees in the water and along the beach. I quickly set my sights on a tree that I found to have the most pleasing shape and got to work. Finding a vantage point along the cluttered beach that was away from the surf was important so that my camera did not move during the exposure. Pre-visualizing the look of a long exposure to smooth out the breakers my first exposure was long enough to achieve what I was after, because it was still quite dark. As the sky began to lighten I used a 6-stop and then a 10-stop ND filter. Being there was a wonderful experience and I feel so fortunate that we were able to photograph at this location before ending our awesome adventure.

Tree At Dawn

‘Tree At Dawn’ © Denise Bush

Sunrise Dream

‘Sunrise Dream’ © Denise Bush

Sunrise Silhouette

‘Sunrise Silhouette’ © Denise Bush


‘Awakening’ © Denise Bush

While traveling south on a photo adventure last week my friend and I stopped to photograph some rather unique abandoned buildings. Situated at a busy crossroads in a rural setting, they more than stood out with their bold, abstract expressionistic designs. Odd and fascinating they provided a fun subject as I set out to photograph the artwork in such a way to repurpose it, and make it my own.

Pollock Inspired

‘Pollock Inspired’ © Denise Bush

Swirling Siding

‘Swirling Siding’ © Denise Bush

Picasso Inspired

‘Picasso Inspired’ © Denise Bush

Painted Pattern

‘Painted Pattern’ © Denise Bush

Abandoned Abstract

‘Abandoned Abstract’ © Denise Bush

The Yellow Door

‘The Yellow Door’ © Denise Bush

I had the same title on a post last year at this time so I guess now it is tradition. In this scene I am reminded how I meant to get out there and photograph the ice more than I actually did. It seemed that every time it snowed the timing was not right or I was committed elsewhere. Adding to the challenge was the record cold temps… the coldest since 1967 they say. It sounds like excuses I know and maybe it is! Now, with the first day of spring this Friday, March 20 I am feeling renewed enthusiasm to get outside with my camera. Welcome spring!

The Crack of Dawn

‘The Crack of Dawn’ © Denise Bush



I have a question for all you photographer’s out there. Have you ever created an image and you just couldn’t decide whether you like it or not? It happens to me from time to time. Here’s one that I’ve been holding at bay for months because I just can’t decide! Let me know your thoughts!

'Wilted Rose With Drops'  © Denise Bush

‘Wilted Rose With Drops’ © Denise Bush

A short family vacation to Florida was a nice respite from all the cold and snow here in Southern New Jersey. It was hard to leave the warm 81 degree weather and come back to more winter. Since the purpose of the trip was to be with family I didn’t do much photography and with new carry on limitations and fees I brought just my camera and ‘walk around’ lens. We went to a couple of outdoor eateries that were along a lake, under large grandfather oak trees draped in spanish moss. Of course the trees are quite different from what I am used to so I couldn’t resist studying them and taking a few shots.

Retired in Florida

‘Retired in Florida’ © Denise Bush

Spanish Moss Study

‘Spanish Moss Study’ © Denise Bush

A couple of weeks ago I went on a photo shoot to Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, along with some friends. I have lost count of how many times I have been there. This February day it was very cold and we weren’t planning on staying long so I went my own way and got right to work. With each visit it gets a little more difficult to find something I haven’t photographed before, but I enjoy the challenge. I bypassed the popular barber’s chair and Capone’s cell, scanning the cell blocks, looking for something other than the typical images of cells and halls. Displayed are a few favorites from the morning. An old boot I had seen and photographed before turned out better with a second try. I liked that it added a human element and completed the found still life. I noticed a mysterious, mossy wall with a blocked doorway that spoke to me and framed an unconventional composition, juxtaposing the radiator with the doorway. Windows showed their character with exposed stone and plaster and an entrance to the hospital ward cast some interesting shadows. Finally sun streaming in some doorways reminded me of the very different world outside these walls, both then and now.

I enjoy going back to locations I find interesting because it gives me a chance to study a place more completely, fine-tune compositions and discover new ones. Returning to Eastern State Penitentiary on several occasions over the years has been both visually rewarding and a lot of fun!

Still Life With Boot

‘Still Life With Boot’ © Denise Bush

'Tomb Of The Unknown'  © Denise Bush

‘Tomb Of The Unknown’ © Denise Bush

LookingOut, Looking In

‘Looking Out, Looking In’ © Denise Bush

Hospital Ward Entrance

‘Hospital Ward Entrance’ © Denise Bush

No Escape From Winter

‘No Escape From Winter’ © Denise Bush

Prison Light & Shadow

‘Prison Light & Shadow’ © Denise Bush

I am a bit late posting my 2014 website photo gallery … a yearly tradition since 2003. This 12th year of digital photography took me on some fun photo adventures with the highlight being a trip to Iceland. It was something my friends and I had anticipated for almost two years and it did not disappoint! Locations near and not so far make up the rest of the gallery and I hope you will enjoy taking a look. Now I can check ‘2014 gallery’ off my to-do list and as mother would say, ‘better late than never!’ (Click the picture to see the gallery.)


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