Last weekend a kind friend invited me on a photography outing to two locations not easily found. It was a fun time sharing the adventure with seven other photographers. I had seen photos and learned about the first location, Mystic Falls almost a year ago and had been wanting to photograph it since. The directions seemed sketchy and after seeing the trail for myself I was glad to have help in getting there. With eight of us wanting to take pictures there was not a lot of room to move around and we each took our turns trying to stay out of each others’ way from the limited vantage points. Nestled between steep canyon walls it is one of the prettiest waterfalls I’ve seen. I do hope to return in the fall when the water is lower and more angles are possible. Here are three favorites from my first (but not last) visit to this very beautiful and mystical place!

'Mystic Falls I' © Denise Bush

‘Mystic Falls I’ © Denise Bush
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'Mystic Falls II' © Denise Bush

‘Mystic Falls II’ © Denise Bush

'Mystic Falls III' © Denise Bush

‘Mystic Falls III’ © Denise Bush

Wildflower season is upon us and here is my first post of the summer focusing on this lovely subject. These scenes include fences … often catching my attention they are an attractive and common visual element in the scenery here. Coupled with the wildflowers that offer that ‘something extra’, I felt it was a good time to capture their character. I especially enjoy fence styles that include natural and uneven branches as supports. The zigzag, stacked style is popular and a favorite subject among photographers. The wildflower meadows are a beautiful sight to see … stay tuned for more wildflower posts in the near future.

'Fence & Flowers' © Denise Bush

‘Fence & Flowers’ © Denise Bush
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'Mule's Ears & Mountains' © Denise Bush

‘Mule’s Ears & Mountains’ © Denise Bush
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'Field of Lupines' © Denise Bush

‘Field of Lupines’ © Denise Bush

'Wilson & Wildflowers' © Denise Bush

‘Wilson & Wildflowers’ © Denise Bush

'Lone Cone & Wildflowers' © Denise Bush

‘Lone Cone & Wildflowers’ © Denise Bush

'Fenced In Flowers' © Denise Bush

‘Fenced In Flowers’ © Denise Bush


This post is a continuation of my previous post ‘A Tour Through Time’ since it also includes local spots I shared with my visiting friend. Of course different seasons offer very different opportunities. At the time of year pictured here, snow-capped mountains, fast moving streams and spring greens dominate. Now as the snow on the peaks melts away we are being graced by summer wildflowers calling to me to bring my camera out to play! I hope you enjoy my spring tour.

'Sneffel's Spring Stream' © Denise Bush

‘Sneffels & Spring Stream’ © Denise Bush
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'Spring Melt' © Denise Bush (The previous image was shot 2 weeks prior. Note the difference in the water flow!)

‘Spring Melt’ © Denise Bush
(The previous image was shot 2 weeks prior. Note the difference in the water flow!)
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'We Are Family' © Denise Bush

‘We Are Family’ © Denise Bush
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'All Alone' © Denise Bush

‘All Alone’ © Denise Bush

'Cornet Falls In Spring' © Denise Bush

‘Cornet Falls In Spring’ © Denise Bush

'Sunburst at Cascade Falls' © Denise Bush

‘Sunburst at Cascade Falls’ © Denise Bush

'Black Canyon Sunburst' © Denise Bush

‘Black Canyon Sunburst’ © Denise Bush

'A Billion Dandelions' © Denise Bush

‘A Billion Dandelions’ © Denise Bush

'Red Mountain Morning Reflection' © Denise Bush

‘Red Mountain Morning Reflection’ © Denise Bush

'Spring Reflection' © Denise Bush

‘Spring Reflection’ © Denise Bush

'Mountain Meltdown' © Denise Bush

‘Mountain Meltdown’ © Denise Bush

'Chimney Rock in B&W' © Denise Bush

‘Chimney Rock in B&W’ © Denise Bush
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If you are interested in photographing Southwest Colorado or the Moab Utah area I’d be happy to be your guide. My fees are very reasonable. Feel free to contact me to begin the conversation.

Since my last few posts have highlighted landscape photography I thought I would share a bit of visual history this time around. When a photographer friend came to visit earlier this month I took her on the ‘tour’. We visited many of my favorite local spots which included several old structures leftover from the wild west and mining days. Changing with the seasons, I enjoy going back to these places to attempt a new composition, look and feel. If you have been following my work you already know I love to include old houses, shacks, barns and other structures in my scenes. I hope you enjoy my selection here!

'Familiar Farm In Spring' © Denise Bush

‘Familiar Farm In Spring’ © Denise Bush
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'Passing By Time' © Denise Bush

‘Passing By Time’ © Denise Bush

'Mining Remains' © Denise Bush

‘Mining Remains’ © Denise Bush

'Little Tin' © Denise Bush

‘Little Tin’ © Denise Bush

'House With Lace Curtains' © Denise Bush

‘House With Lace Curtains’ © Denise Bush

'Mining Camp Car Crash' © Denise Bush

‘Mining Camp Car Crash’ © Denise Bush

'Yankee Girl & Reflection' © Denise Bush

‘Yankee Girl & Reflection’ © Denise Bush

'Road To Yankee Girl' © Denise Bush

‘Road To Yankee Girl’ © Denise Bush

'Beneath Wilson Peak' © Denise Bush

‘Beneath Wilson Peak’ © Denise Bush

For some time now I have been keeping my eyes open for trees that are strategically positioned against the sky. Back east where I am from it was a difficult find since the landscape was fairly flat and often interrupted by other nearby subjects. Being able to see the tree’s structure appeals to me and when the sky adds interest I find it all the more pleasing. Here are a few examples that represent my on-going collection with this common theme.

'Three Trees On A Hill' © Denise Bush (click here to view larger or order a print)

‘Three Trees On A Hill’ © Denise Bush
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'On Top Of The Ridge' © Denise Bush

‘On Top Of The Ridge’ © Denise Bush

'Twisted Tree' © Denise Bush

‘Twisted Tree’ © Denise Bush

'Cedar Tree Sentinel' © Denise Bush

‘Cedar Tree Sentinel’ © Denise Bush

'Aspen Hill at Sunset' © Denise Bush

‘Aspen Hill at Sunset’ © Denise Bush

This will be a very spare post … it seems I goofed! Some images from the last part of my trip are M.I.A. While I have a system in place to safeguard against losing images this has been a wake up call that my system only works if I adhere to it. I either lost a card or recorded over it … whichever the case, I am already over it! Since Moab is only 3 hours away I can try to capture a few of the lost images next time I visit. On the bright side this incident was a good reminder that you can never be too careful! Here are the last of the images from Moab. I’m ready to move on and have my sights set on some beautiful local scenes.

'Canyon Sunrise' © Denise Bush

‘Canyon Sunrise’ © Denise Bush

'Rock Wall Background' © Denise Bush

‘Rock Wall Background’ © Denise Bush

'Southwest Panorama' © Denise Bush

‘Southwest Panorama’ © Denise Bush

Here are some favorites from the middle portion of my photo trip to the Moab, Utah area. The images in part one were from Canyonlands National Park and Dead Horse State Park and the images in this post were shot in Arches National Park. Here the area around Balanced Rock proved to be a good spot for both sun and moon rise. It is one of the more distinguishable formations in the park and is set so that sky is visible surrounding it. On the way to the windows section for sunrise one morning we saw good potential here and stopped… ‘never give up a sure thing for a maybe’… it was a very pretty display. A hike to Delicate Arch one afternoon was good exercise and a bit of an adventure. It was clear that tourist season had begun and I estimated about 100 people there at one time. It was tough to get many vantage points on the arch without including people. I’m glad my companion wanted to stay until twilight as this gave the arch a bit of a different look and lit up the distant peaks. The hike down in the dark was an adventure too! On the night of the full moon we moved in closer to Balanced Rock. It was a cloudy night with the moon only visible for a few seconds in the beginning. Long 30 second exposures blurred the clouds for a different look to the silhouette forms. I love photographing the landscape in the Moab area and hope you will enjoy this collection.

'Balanced Rock at Sunrise' © Denise Bush

‘Balanced Rock at Sunrise’ © Denise Bush
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'Sunrise Silhouette' © Denise Bush

‘Balance Rock Silhouette’ © Denise Bush
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'Sunburst & Silhouette Forms' © Denise Bush

‘Sunburst & Silhouette Forms’ © Denise Bush

'Godbeams on Distant Forms' © Denise Bush

‘Godbeams on Distant Forms’ © Denise Bush

'A Nice Place to Stop' © Denise Bush

‘A Nice Place to Stop’ © Denise Bush

'Skyland Arch' © Denise Bush

‘Skyline Arch’ © Denise Bush

'Delicate Arch Detail' © Denise Bush (Note the flower at the top.)

‘Delicate Arch Detail’ © Denise Bush
(Note the flower at the top.)

'Delicate Arch at Twilight' © Denise Bush

‘Delicate Arch at Twilight’ © Denise Bush
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'Night Cloud Blur' © Denise Bush

‘Night Cloud Blur’ © Denise Bush

'Moonlit Silhouettes' © Denise Bush

‘Moonlit Silhouettes’ © Denise Bush


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