The End Is Near


Part V – Day Four
On our last full day in the Adirondacks we were greeted with a dramatic light show. The fog and colors of sunrise changed quickly from one moment to the next keeping our shutters busy. Whiteface Mountain was exposed only for a short time before it was blanketed by the fog rolling across the lake. After breakfast we visited our barn again to capture it in the cloudy, diffused light we were presented with on this day. On our way to the Tupper Lake area we went to a spot where we could see what is referred to as the ‘high peaks’. Along our travels we stopped at a swamp that caught our eye before coming to a spot where some kayakers were setting off for an adventure all their own. Tupper Lake was outlined with vibrant autumn color and the ‘little island’ pictured below was a highlight for all. It started to rain and I was having trouble keeping my eyes open while my friend shuttled us back to our hotel in the dreary weather. That night we had one last dinner together before heading home the next morning. Looking back it seemed like a long time ago that we had started our adventure in Schroon Lake, even though it had only been a few days.

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'Lake Placid At Dawn'  © Denise Bush

‘Lake Placid At Dawn’ © Denise Bush
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'Misty Waters'  © Denise Bush

‘Misty Waters’ © Denise Bush

'Pink Sky & Water'  © Denise Bush

‘Pink Sky & Water’ © Denise Bush

'Shoreline Isolation'  © Denise Bush

‘Shoreline Isolation’ © Denise Bush

'Autumn Barn'  © Denise Bush

‘Autumn Barn’ © Denise Bush

'Posted'  © Denise Bush

‘Posted’ © Denise Bush

'Adirondack Swamp'  © Denise Bush

‘Adirondack Swamp’ © Denise Bush

'Adirondack Kayaker'  © Denise Bush

‘Adirondack Kayaker’ © Denise Bush

'Maple Close-up'  © Denise Bush

‘Maple Close-up’ © Denise Bush

'Red Maple Leaves'  © Denise Bush

‘Red Maple Leaves’ © Denise Bush

'Cloudy Day At The Lake'  © Denise Bush

‘Cloudy Day At The Lake’ © Denise Bush

'Little Island'  © Denise Bush

‘Little Island’ © Denise Bush
Prints For Sale at Fine Art America (link top right)

'Painterly Reflection'  © Denise Bush

‘Painterly Reflection’ © Denise Bush
Prints For Sale at Fine Art America (link top right)

16 Responses to “The End Is Near”

  1. Wow, Denise, superb photos! What a great adventure; it is too bad it had to end. Your images really show the beauty of the Adirondacks, even though the sky was gray and overcast.

  2. Lovely set of images Denise. What a beautiful way to end your trip.

    • It’s not over yet Rich. My friend and I made some stops on the way home which will be my last and final post on the Adirondacks, I promise!

  3. Just beautiful images. I guess my favorite is ‘Little Island’.

  4. 7 Kathleen

    Hard to pick a favorite but the last 3 are great with Autumn colors.

    • We hit the autumn colors just right I think. The last is just another water reflection isolated and flipped. They are fun to do and work especially well in the fall.

  5. “Lake Placid at Dawn” is a Dreamscapes image. I also like “Little Island” and “Maple Closeup”.

  6. 11 Deb

    Very lovely Denise. I love the Pink Sky and Water! What a great trip!

  7. 13 tabularasa88

    The foggy shot of the lake is great. Right time, right place, but obviously also the right photographer.

  8. Had a good look through your posts after spending all day setting up a new blog ( Sort of relaxation! Loved the Shoreline Isolation image. Makes me want to be there and wonder who is lucky enough to live in such a great location. Also found the Little Island image great. Reminded me of a ‘bonsai island’, perfectly formed but in miniature. Thanks for some inspiration at the end of a desk day!

    • Thank you for spending some time on my blog and leaving a comment. The images from this particular post are from the Adirondacks which is about 8 hours away for me. I will certainly check out your new blog. Happy New Year!

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