Wintry Mix


The following is a random mix of winter subjects shot in the last few months. If it seems like I post a lot of winter images, I can explain … our winters are long … very long! Second only to autumn, I think winter is a great time to shoot. Challenging as it may be, it offers opportunities for unique and beautiful nature images. As I write this we have the possibility of more snow in the forecast. But this time of year the sun is strong and it melts fast, leaving our mostly dirt roads a muddy mess and adding a new challenge to my photo outings. With our winter coming to a close, I wanted to document the following not included in other posts. I’ve posted more in March than usual … a sort of spring cleaning, readying myself for a new season. I hope you like this mix and other recent posts … if you missed them!

Cool hues contribute to the cold feeling of this wintry scene.

‘Wintry Hues’ © Denise Bush

Last light strikes a mountain peak in this snowy winter scene.

‘Last Light On Peak’ © Denise Bush

Detail of an icy winter cascade in the mountains.

‘Cascade Detail’ © Denise Bush

Cold water flows along a mountain stream, freezing to rocks along the way.

‘Winter Cascade’ © Denise Bush

A view from the Double RL (for Ralph Lauren) includes Loghill Mesa in the center and the northern end of Cimarron Ridge in the distance.

‘Ranch, Mesa & Ridge’ © Denise Bush

A partially frozen Ridgway Reservoir creates a wintry view of McKenzie Butte in the distance.

‘Winter At The Reservoir’ © Denise Bush

A pink alpenglow and pretty clouds are a wonderful sight to behold over the Cimarrons, of Colorado's San Juan Mountains.

‘Sunset Over Wintry Mountains’ © Denise Bush

The moon appears on this scene near Telluride to create a unique winter scene.

‘Twilight Moon Over Snowy Peaks’ © Denise Bush

A snowy slope near Telluride reflects beautiful pink alpenglow!

‘Slopeside Alpenlow’ © Denise Bush

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56 Responses to “Wintry Mix”

  1. Wonderful images, just like the ones in your previous post. Besides making me feel cold, your photographs inspire me !

  2. 3 Deb

    So pretty but brrrrrrr!
    I love the bits of ice in the water! I think my favorite it “Ranch, Mesa & Ridge” but I also really like “Twilight Moon Over Snowy Peaks”!

    • Thank you my friend. The mesa pictured is our ‘Loghill’, and the view and trees in the foreground are Ralph Lauren’s ‘Double RL Ranch’, and the far away ridge is called ‘Storm King’. Glad you like the moon image too. Scrambler27 above went with your picks! XO 🙂 XO

  3. As always, love them all! Faves are the same as Deb!

    • Thanks Rich! 🙂 Deb has good taste so you can’t go wrong with her picks! Ha ha! That mesa in the middle layer is where I live … up on top!

  4. 7 Terry Wilson

    I’m a sucker for silky water and any kind of contrast. “Winter Cascade” so aptly demonstrates the literal contrast between flowing water and frozen water that I clapped out loud when I saw it!

    • Thanks for clapping Terry! As I explained to a couple of other people here, this scenes are hard to find. I have been thinking of you so it was a nice surprise to hear from you. We should catch up on the phone soon! XO

  5. 9 bcplimpton

    Not sure which I like better, “Last Light on the Peak” or “Winter Cascade.” Love them all but those two really speak to me.

    • Thanks so much Barry! ‘Last Light On Peak’ shows the blue cast of winter which always seems to evoke a peaceful feeling for me. ‘Winter Cascade’ is a little different for me because I have a hard time finding nice, clean cascades, or getting to them. A lot of the streams and rivers are down steep embankments. In winter they end up buried below cloudy snow and ice.

  6. Lovely set, Denise. Those mountains sure are amazing to this Easterner!

  7. 13 Vickie Bush

    Just beautiful Denise!

    • Hi Vickie! Glad you like these. I am about ready for spring … that’s for sure. Took a drive out to Gateway yesterday for views that did not include snow! XOXO

  8. You did a good job of housekeeping in preparation for spring. Some of the ice formations in ‘Winter Cascade’ (along with the one in ‘Cascade Detail’) seem to be floating above the flowing water. It’s an effective illusion. Your final picture is a nice mix of pink and blue.

    • The cascade images were shot earlier in the season when the ice and snow were fresh. The rivers get mostly covered up with snow that gets dirty around the edges from melting, refreezing and dirt carried down in the water. I’ve had a hard time finding these kind of scenes that are nice and clean. I love using my long lens as in the last image to pick out scenes that are far away … especially in the winter with less accessible. Thanks for looking and commenting!

  9. These beautiful compositions draw me into each scene. Can’t pick a favorite, so, they all are!

    • That’s OK … I don’t need to hear favorites every time! I just appreciate you stopping by and leaving a comment to let me know you did. Thank you. 🙂

  10. These are stunning! Your hard works and endeavors are shown in these pictures!

  11. Good morning I really like the composition of “Winter Cascade” Thank you for sharing all of these wintery views. Beautiful XOXO

  12. Great series of images! Enjoyed seeing them!

  13. 25 Joe Perno

    Cascade Detail and Sunset over Wintry Mountains are my Favorites. But they are ALL Extraordinary

  14. Beautiful series …

    Ray Yeager RTY Photography LLC

  15. They’re all so beautiful, Denise, but my favorite this week is the cascading stream with the frozen ice puddles. That’s just so lovely.

    We’re expecting heavy winds and rain with snow on the mountains. They should be even prettier when the storm is through. Stay warm and safe!

    • Hi! We are expecting rain/snow/sleet? tomorrow. It has been warming up and the snow melts quickly. The cascade was early in the season before a lot of snow and refreezing … therefore I was able to find clear ice forming on the rocks. I will be making my rounds soon. You stay safe and warm too!

  16. Great shots, love the cascades!

  17. 34 Ken Kemp

    I admire your stamina in getting out in the cold winter there to get such beautiful photos. Cold weather is becoming more difficult for my body to tolerate. I just returned from a trip to Utah. I had taken many hand and foot warmers, anticipating cold weather, but it was not cold enough to require those. Some days were very windy, though.

    My top three picks in this batch are Winter Cascade, Sunset Over Wintry Mountains and Twilight Moon Over Snowy Peaks.

    Good work as always,


    • Thanks Ken. It’s all about dressing for the weather … layers are my solution. In the winter I am usually not very far from my vehicle. Appreciate reading your favorites! 🙂

  18. “If it seems like I post a lot of winter subjects….” That really made me smile. Sometimes I have a similar thought about the surfeit of rather dark images on my blog/. But let’s say that just means we’re fully engaged with the places where we live. There’s something very authentic about “Ranch, Mesa, and Ridge” that appeals to me. The full moon and alpenglow are also wonderful scenes. I’m glad you have adapted so well to your part of the world – I certainly benefit from seeing it. Happy spring…hope the roads aren’t too muddy!
    p.s. We’re heading down to Las Vegas Sat. to begin a southern UT raod trip. I don’t think we’ll Be in the snow but I suspect we’ll see it.

    • Oh, have a great trip to Utah. Arches and Canyonlands are only a 3 hour drive for me and I have been wanting to get back there to enjoy some scenes sans snow! I went out to a canyon area here the other day that looks a lot like Utah but when my old jeep’s engine warning light came on I got scared and booked home instead of stopping at a few places. It was 200 miles away and there is no cell service out there. I’ll have to go back soon. The mesa in ‘Ranch, Mesa & Ridge’ is Loghill Mesa where I live … on top! Thank you!

  19. Absolutely stunning and beautiful pictures…i especially loved the twilight moon and winter cascade pics…just amazing 😍😍❤️😍

  20. Beautiful series of wintery photos.
    Here winter just came back with snow and all…
    …after we already had some beautiful spring days.

    • Hi rabirius! We could get snow through April. I haven’t bothered going out because things are still brown with patches of old snow. The peaks are pretty but I’m ready to focus on some other scenes. Thanks for stopping by!

  21. We New Englanders, at least those of us more southerly, ‘think’ we have long winters but your Rocky Mountain winters are indeed much longer. We do, on occasion, get the odd April snowstorm but they are not frequent and as with your recent ones melt quickly. I don’t mind them because our spring melt lasts that much longer. Unfortunately, we did not receive much snow so there won’t be a spring melt this year. Hopefully we’ll get some good rains so the brooks will be streaming.
    All beautiful winter images but, as you might imagine, my favorites are the cascades.

    • Thanks for your comment. We don’t see much green foliage until May. It’s kind of in-between now so I’ve been taking a break from going out as often. I figure why waste the gas if it doesn’t look promising. Glad you like my cascades. Spring is a good time for them so one of my goals is to find more.

  22. I can’t even begin to imagine the challenges you faced in your two Cascades. They are fabulous. But the twilight moon is a breath stealer, too. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks Linda!!! It was more challenging just finding a nice clean cascade to frame than actually shooting it. I used a telephoto. I love to include the moon and when there’s no clouds it is all I need for interest!

  23. Your “Winter Cascade” has such intriguing texture to it. Very mesmerizing. Thank you for this tranquil look at winter through your eyes.

  24. They are all breath taking captures!! You truly live in one of the most beautiful places on the planet. They are all stunning! You have a great eye and know just what to capture. Last Light on the Peak is a great example. Most people would see that and go “wow’. You not only saw it, you captured it framed perfectly. I also felt the same way about your water shots. All of them show that skill, but those jumped out at me!! Love your work!

  25. Quite stunning photos! Love the Cascade and Sunset ones the most.

    • Thanks very much for visiting. I have lots and lots of landscapes shot around sunset. Click at the top ‘Denise Bush’s Photo Blog’ then scroll down to see! 🙂

  26. 54 Priti

    Wonderful shot ! Looking so beautiful thanks for sharing 🙂😊

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