Big City Scenes


A photo trip into Philadelphia over the weekend yielded the scenes below. An earlier scouting trip helped in getting closer to the results I am after. City traffic was shot with a small aperture for the starburst effect and to ensure sharpness throughout the image. A long exposure of 30 seconds created the blurred tail lights of the passing traffic.

'Center City' © Denise Bush

'Art Museum & Water Works' © Denise Bush

'City Traffic' © Denise Bush

'Philly Night' © Denise Bush

4 Responses to “Big City Scenes”

  1. Nice collection you have created, I hope you got to that same spot today, there was awesome cloud play.

  2. 2 anthony murray

    I like the photos that you put on the net of Philadelphia at night. I do like to see a city at night time. It makes it look so nice. I wish we had more buildings in London.

  3. Hello Denise, My name is Jermaine Scott and I am a desktop publisher in delaware. I love your photos and would like to know if your work is available for use. I certainly do not mean to offend by asking you this and hope that you reply to my request.

    The Philly Night picture in particular. I would use it as a Header image on an upcoming gospel singers’ biography page, and it would not be altered. And you will be listed on her site as the copyright owner with a link to your page. (blog or website)

    Please let me know…and again I Love Your Photography!

    Thank You,

    Jermaine Scott

  4. 4 denisebushphoto

    Thank you for your inquiry Jermaine. I’ve sent you an email answering your question.

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