A Nice Surprise At Sunset


The day following our last big snow storm I ventured out for a second time, to see if I could capture a sunset shot with snow. It was windy and very cold but I dressed for the weather determined that a ‘try, try again’ approach would eventually pay off! I had a place and composition in mind that would include the western sky, after the sun had disappeared. As so often happens however, the sky was less than wonderful. On this night disappointment was quickly forgotten when I looked south and found a nice surprise in a scene that I liked even better!

To The Left Of The Sun

‘To The Left Of The Sun’ © Denise Bush
Prints For Sale at Fine Art America (link top right)

40 Responses to “A Nice Surprise At Sunset”

  1. This is so beautiful!

  2. Denise, I’ve very glad you turned your head. I really love this composition. The vertical lines of the trees work so well with the horizontal clouds. Then you add that nice little curve with the ice. Stunning!

  3. 5 Deb

    Nice soft beautiful colors!

  4. Beautiful capture, Denise.

  5. You certainly live on a beautiful part of the planet. The dynamic range of colours (colors) that is so accentuated with your seasons is breathtaking. I enjoy your wintery images as they are such a novelty especially as we only have two seasons: hot and dry or wet and humid.

  6. 11 Joanna Patterson

    That is just beautiful, Denise. Great capture.

  7. 13 davidcollinsfoto

    You have a real photographer’s eye for the subtlety of winter light and the colours it produces. Keep posting.

  8. 15 Kathleen

    Beautiful image and reflection Denise!!

    • Thanks Kathleen! Seems like I have to go out about a dozen times to get one special image. Like I said in my post … it’s the ‘try, try again’ approach.

  9. Tranquil, moving, beautiful!

  10. Gorgeous and a good reminder to look all around us. MM 🍀

  11. 21 Terry Wilson

    That’s a great image. I love the soft colors and reflections.

  12. 23 brandon flores

    Aunt niece, you suck! Just kidding, damn cool as usual. Keep em coming. – Love, bran

  13. 25 jr cline

    You definitely got a winner. Beautiful.

  14. This just says “get out and feel the world”… very laid back and powerful at the same time, love the lines and muted color.

  15. Very nicely done. Love the comp and the soft pastels.

    It’s remarkable how often you can find a truly compelling sky in a direction other than west at sunset or east at sunrise.

    • Thanks Kerry! Maybe you can add that to your favorite misconceptions!

      • It was on the short list to be added to the previous set of fallacies, but I already had five, and in the interest of retaining alliteration (i.e. “five favorite fallacies”) I decided not to add a sixth or seventh. Maybe I’ll post another list at some point down the road…

  16. That perfect moment: It’s all in this photo! The sound of silence, the stillness in the air and the furtive ray of crepuscule… It’s Supper time!

    • Thank you George for the very insightful comment… you are describing the feeling of being there!

      • Thanks for sharing those with us. A point of singularity is as fleeting as the stillness of time! You were fortunate to recognize, and immortalize it!


  17. That is a wonderful capture. Wish it was mine.

  18. Amazing Blog, i enjoyed so much, Regards

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