Mystic Falls … My First Time


Last weekend a kind friend invited me on a photography outing to two locations not easily found. It was a fun time sharing the adventure with seven other photographers. I had seen photos and learned about the first location, Mystic Falls almost a year ago and had been wanting to photograph it since. The directions seemed sketchy and after seeing the trail for myself I was glad to have help in getting there. With eight of us wanting to take pictures there was not a lot of room to move around and we each took our turns trying to stay out of each others’ way from the limited vantage points. Nestled between steep canyon walls it is one of the prettiest waterfalls I’ve seen. I do hope to return in the fall when the water is lower and more angles are possible. Here are three favorites from my first (but not last) visit to this very beautiful and mystical place!

'Mystic Falls I' © Denise Bush

‘Mystic Falls I’ © Denise Bush
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'Mystic Falls II' © Denise Bush

‘Mystic Falls II’ © Denise Bush

'Mystic Falls III' © Denise Bush

‘Mystic Falls III’ © Denise Bush

37 Responses to “Mystic Falls … My First Time”

  1. Wow I think I can hear the power of the water cascading down the side of the canyons. Perhaps my next trip we will be able to grab some shots here. Beautiful captures.

  2. 3 Angela Moyer


    • Thanks Angie. I am looking forward to going back when I won’t be in anyone’s way. Hope they leave the repelling ropes there! 😜

      • 5 Angela Moyer

        I agree! Let’s plan a trip next weekend together to mystic!

  3. It certainly looks like it was worth the first trip and another one. Well done.

  4. 8 Deb

    Wow! Yes, it is one of the most beautiful waterfalls and I love all of your shots!

  5. Very nice pictures, fresh and inviting

  6. 12 Rich Proctor

    What an extraordinarily beautiful place. Lovely work Denise.

    • Thanks Rich! I appreciate the visit … Feels like I’m hearing from an old friend … How long have we been blogging?

      • 14 Rich Proctor

        Hmmm,… it seems we’ve been at this blogging thing for a good while Denise 😉
        I still love it!!

  7. So beautiful! It must have been wonderful to be there. I love waterfalls – the energy is ion-filled!

  8. Wow. Great shots, Denise. Plenty of water. Love the shutter speed you’ve chosen.

    • Thanks Jane. Yes, plenty of water but not as much as June. We had record snowfall/melt. We might have been swept away if we went earlier!

  9. This looks like a beautiful spot. I’d love to join you on a future trip if I’m in the neighborhood. I love the first image. It really provides a sense of place.

  10. 22 Amy

    Great shots of the waterfalls!!

  11. Oh it’s beautiful! I’d hike to it! It looks pretty tall. I’m looking forward to your return trip.

  12. Beautiful photographs Denise! I would love to photograph this!

  13. These falls are not only mystic, they are also beautiful! What great captures – all three of them. Definitely worth visiting over and over again.

  14. Beautiful location, beautifully captured. Often, the best locations are not easy to find or get to.

  15. Nice job Denise. Very effective use of foregrounds. Well done!

  16. Hey!!! Mystic Falls III just spilled onto my keyboard.! 😉

  17. Cool canyon!

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