Yehah For Utah!


The images in this set are from two trips to Utah … just across the border. It’s nice to get away from time to time, take in different views, and shoot new scenes. Utah’s canyons, buttes, mesas and strange rock formations provide unique opportunities. The first trip was a fun photo weekend with a friend. We stayed in Moab and went to the parks among a few other locations I have photographed before. Unfortunate, but as often happens, the conditions were grey with lack-luster skies much of the time. Many of my images did not make the cut. I try to be selective, processing and sharing only what passes my self-critical eye. The image must have something special about it … it needs to speak to me in some way. In the case of putting the image in a set, it should help to tell the story. So for me, sometimes less is more.

The second trip was a quick overnight trip with Brent. We stayed out of the parks and explored some jeep roads. When with non-photographers I try to curb my photographic expectations and am happy for the company and exploration. It’s often difficult to be in the right place at the right time as you would on a serious photographic outing. However, I am lucky … Brent is patient and can tolerate a good bit of photography … from time to time. Sometimes there are places I just have to stop and I did find a few of those on the trip. Here are some favorites … yehah for Utah … let me know what you think!

‘Morning In The Canyon’ © Denise Bush

‘On Edge’ © Denise Bush

‘Mountain Route’ © Denise Bush

‘Fisher Towers At Sundown’ © Denise Bush

‘First Light With Ponderosa’ © Denise Bush

‘Sunset With Rainbow Colors’ © Denise Bush

‘Lavender Valley’ © Denise Bush

46 Responses to “Yehah For Utah!”

  1. Wow, these are gorgeous, Denise! I love them all, but ‘On Edge’ has that remarkably old pine, which is amazing!

    • Thank you Eliza. There are a lot of old, twisted cedar and pine trees in this area of Utah. I am always on the lookout for trees with interesting shapes … dead ones are often better!

  2. Utah is a great state for photographers. Unfortunately, the weather doesn’t always cooperate and then we do what you did – the best we can with what we have. Your images are wonderful. My favorites are “Mountain Route” because of the layers of sky, mountains, greenish low land and of course the leading line road, and my other favorite is “Fisher Towers at Sundown” because of the lighting and the colors. Hope you get back to do more in Yehah land!

  3. Utah agrees with you I see. My fav. is “Mountain Route”. I like the foreground looking rather dry and probably dusty. Then you head on down the road to those snowy mountains. Glorious collection.

  4. Despite your self-critical eye, you managed to pull off some great images. Lucky Brent to be able to savor the land while you duel with your muse. I think my fav of this set is “On Edge.”

  5. Great colors in the sky and in the ground. Must go to Utah, some day.

  6. My favorite is “On Edge” great collection and were fortunate for some awesome captures despite challenging conditions!

  7. 13 Deb

    Amazing scenery, beautiful captures!”On the Edge” and “Mountain Route” are my favs and really like “Lavender Valley” too!

  8. Beautifully captured, my favorite is the last image! ❤

  9. Can I say….stunning….stunning…stunning!

  10. Wonderful captures! I can understand well when the light or environments do not play along when you had high hope for. To me, bad weather over a weekend is just bad too.

  11. The sunrise in ‘Morning in the Canyon’ is amazing! I like how the images are all different. And the tree! Yes the tree! Very nice.

  12. I like ’em all. Amazing how much difference an interesting sky and its lighting can make.

  13. Beautiful colors, as always. I think my favorite is that gnarly tree in “on Edge”.

  14. Sunsets in this landscape are so vibrant. Your “Mountain Route” and “Fisher Towers at Sundown” take me back to my own travels among the mesas. Thank you.

  15. 30 Amy

    Wow… awesome photos of the scenery! The tree of the second one is unique.

  16. Even with uncooperative weather you managed to come up with some excellent pictures. You’re right that Utah is one of our most scenic states. I first saw it looking down from an airplane during a flight from Texas to California in the 1990s, and what I saw from the air intrigued me so much that I resolved to go back there on the ground, which I did within a couple of years. Then I returned in 2016 to see Zion, the one national park in the state I didn’t get to at all on the previous trip.

    • There are still several places in Utah for me to explore. Zion is one of them. Thanks for your visit and comment!

      • When I finally got to Zion it became my favorite of the five national parks in Utah. Just be aware that it’s very crowded for much of the year, so if you can go at an untouristy time I think you’ll be better able to appreciate it.

  17. Hi Denise, There are some amazing images in this collection. I especially like the ones with the snowy mountains in the background.

    • Thank you Margaret! The mountains got a lot of snow this year. Especially on this side of the border in Colorado. It’s possible it won’t all melt before it starts snowing again!

  18. 37 Natalie

    Beautiful shots Denise. Moab has a lot of beauty surrounding it and is one of my favorite places.

  19. A very different landscape, beautifully photographed. It may be just over the border but I don’t think Moab is that close! 😉 I’m glad you and Brent enjoyed those back roads together – it’s wonderful to be able to do that. We just returned from just 2 nights on the other (dry) side of the Cascades, and the forest service roads were so much fun to wander along. And I’m hoping to get back to Utah SOME day – I spent happy times around Capitol Reef years ago. That juniper “On Edge” is really nice, and I always like a good, straightforward road shot like “Mountain Route.” And beautiful light in the one at Fisher Towers.

  20. On Edge has such wonderful lines and texture, but I love the surprising color in Lavender Valley.

  21. Oh wow, amazing post! Love the color tonality in this series, especially the purple to magenta hues in the first 4 images – sometimes subtle, and also straight forward as in the Fisher Towers at Sundown. And On Edge is such an amazing composition – my fav. Also love the alternating zones of texture and tonality in First Light With Ponderosa.

  22. Utah has some incredible landscape. I have always enjoyed being there. And you surely captured some gorgeous images from your two trips.

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