Mountain Sunsets In Winter


Nothing too new here … just more mountain sunsets I’ve had the pleasure to witness this winter. With limited mobility this time of year my telephoto lens is a frequent choice. I can focus on the peaks where the snow is always fresh and pair them with interesting portions of the sky. For this kind of scene, the two ingredients together are what is important to me. Many outings fail to make the cut when either is lacking. But, I don’t let it disappoint me when it doesn’t work out, because it’s worth being out there no matter what. Breathing in the fresh air, and enjoying the scenery as daylight fades is always a good experience. Now, take a deep breath, relax and enjoy!

High winds wispe clouds over the San Juan mountains creating what's known as horse tail clouds.

‘Sweeping San Juan Clouds’ © Denise Bush
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Sunset takes on a fiery look over Mount Wilson near Telluride, Colorado.

‘Light Show Over Wilson’ © Denise Bush

A light coat of snow  signals winter’s arrival in the mountains of Colorado

‘A Distant View’ © Denise Bush

A small mountain beside the grand San Juans of Colorado is crowned with a beautiful sunet sky.

‘Little Mountain Sunset’ © Denise Bush

Windswept clouds over the San Juan Mountains of Southwest Colorado are a wonderous, winter sight.

‘Windswept Mountains’ © Denise Bush

A beautiful sky appears at sunset to complement this wintry mountain peak.

‘Painted Sky Above Peak’ © Denise Bush

The last light of day strikes a mountain ridge with warm light, coloring the clouds pink.

‘Snowy Ridge Highlights’ © Denise Bush

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63 Responses to “Mountain Sunsets In Winter”

  1. Great sunsets! The ones with the illuminated peaks are just stunning.

    • Thanks Terry. Both of those are looking to the east at sunset … last light + alpenglow. It would be cool if it happened in every direction!

  2. While many or most people think of using a wide-angle lens to capture the sweep of a landscape, you make the point with these appealing views that a telephoto lens has its landscape uses, too. Including sunrise/sunset clouds doesn’t hurt, either.

    • The snow melts and gets tracked up quickly below the mountains. And the sky may not be balanced in a wide view. For those reasons along with limited winter road access I often don’t want to include a wide expanse. Thanks for visiting and your comment.

  3. Mountain beacon gets my top vote!

  4. Thanks for this boost. Sky, mountains, snow. What else could a person want? I can’t even pick a favorite. I simply enjoy them all.

  5. Wonderful sunset and mountain photos. I especially like Mountain Beacon.

    Stranded in Albuquerque,


    • Thanks Ken! I was pleased with that one. Why are you stranded?

      • Had an electrical wiring problem with my Sportsmobile. Got towed 200+ miles to Albuquerque to a MB dealership, arriving after midnight on Friday, only to discover that the Sprinter service center was not open until Monday. It turned out to be a simple problem, but it upset my plans and cost days and money.

  6. Snowy Ridge is a favorite among all those wonderful images!

  7. The lens, the elements and your eye all work wonderfully!

  8. Hi Denise! My favourites … Windswept Mountains and Snowy Ridge Highlights

  9. Nice. How far do you have to go for these vistas?

    • I can see some mountains from our property and one of these was from the end of my driveway. Most of the others are from the edge of our mesa. It’s a one mile hike or 2 mile car ride which is what I do to bring my tripod, camera and giant lens. Two of these were shot near Telluride which is 40 miles away. Sorry … it wasn’t a short answer. I got the impression you weren’t blogging for a while. Nice to hear from you and I will stop by your blog soon.

      • I have been on a bit of a hiatus, and probably will not be posting much for the next few months, but sometimes it’s good to let the world know you’re still alive.

  10. So beautiful, Denise. The Rockies always seem so massive to this Easterner. 😉 The beautiful orange skies accentuate their sharp contrast.

    • Yes … they are quite rugged compared to the gentle Appalachian Mountains. Much younger! Flying over them is an awesome sight too. When traveling we take a small plane from Denver to our little local airport and a window seat is a treat. Thank you for stopping by! 😊

  11. Beautiful!

  12. You are right, to get fresh air and the real life view are worth it already. These pictures are just fantastic even without knowing what went behind to get them.

    • I watched a video recently where the presenter talked about enjoying the personal process instead of putting too much emphasis on getting the ‘result’. I see some photographers too focused on just getting more and getting the result that they are out of tune with the creative process and self-expression. Thanks for your visit and comment YellowCable … always!

  13. Each one is gorgeous, Denise! 🧡💛🧡

  14. 32 Vickie R Bush


  15. Your photographs are a real treat for the soul. Beautiful images with stillness and peace. I agree, simply being outside is enough when it comes to nature 🙂

    • Oh, thanks so much for that comment! I have said being out in the landscape is good for my soul, so I’m glad I can pass on that feeling to you!

  16. Beautiful photos. I especially like the final one: The yellowish hues on the ice and snow are really something.

    • Thanks for visiting and letting me know your favorite. That is looking to the east with the peaks catching that last bit of light.

  17. 38 bcplimpton

    Wow, Denise! I’m just blown away. I absolutely cannot pick a favorite.

  18. Those sky’s are simply breathtaking

  19. “Light Show over Wilson” for me gets the blue ribbon of this group. I think it’s the powerful colors in the sky. Kind of a natural vignette with the mountains still asleep in the shadows.

    • Thanks! Mt. Wilson is a big one over by Telluride … one of Colorado’s 58 14ers … over 14,000 ft. I have captured it from many different vantage points.

  20. Beautiful sky colors. “Snowy ridge highlights” has unbelievable colors with those yellows.

  21. Gorgeous sunsets and mountains. Denise. Love the shots where you’ve captured the last light on the tips of the peaks. 😍

  22. You’ve had some glorious sunsets there!

  23. You can’t beat the Rockies for views like these, Denise. I thought I had a favorite until another took its place, then another, and then another. 🙂 Each is wonderful. All I see from the end of my driveway are other houses although occasionally a sunrise or rising full moon show up at the end of my street but nothing like any of these. Lucky you.

    • I am lucky! Only the last in this set was from our property. We do enjoy the view after living in the woods for many years. Thanks Steve!

      • I can understand that, Denise. Although I do love living in New England, it would be nice to live in open spaces rather than have to travel to them.

  24. Absolutely breath taking. Oh to see them in person 🙂 Hope you gave a wonderful day x

  25. The clouds in the first image are such a great counterpoint to the scene below – just beautiful. The last photograph has a dramatic, spectacle kind of a feeling that I associate with seeing amazing landscapes from plane windows. There’s a sweep, a sense of spaciousness in that image, that is very appealing.

    • Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts with me … always interested in reading your comments! That last one was shot from the end of our driveway with my long lens.

  26. Beautiful

  27. Beautiful captures Denise…love the color!!

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