Autumn In The Mountains


I haven’t posted many autumn landscapes featuring mountains yet, but that isn’t because I didn’t shoot them! I’m actually a bit overwhelmed (and pleased) by how much I have to go through! As usual the mountain peaks started out bare, and during the first part of October received some snow … a little dusting at first, and then more a few days later. The snow has managed to hang around on several of the peaks but evaporate on others. The coating depends on how high the peaks are and what face you are looking at. North faces tend to hold onto the snow a little longer. As I write this, snow is in the weather forecast. The mountains will start accumulating more and more, but sadly without the aspen accents. In no particular order, here are some of my favorite autumn, mountain images … with still more to go through. Editing is a time consuming task for me. I have to process selected images to decide if they are something I want to use. Sometimes they go into the ‘not using’ folder and the rest end up here! Hope you enjoy my ‘autumn in the mountains’!

Storm clouds roll in to produce dramatic lighting on thes San Jauan Mountains, Colorado scene.

‘Autumn Drama’ © Denise Bush
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This San Juan Mountain scene has both the colorful foliage and a snowcapped peak, creating a postcard perfect landscape.

‘Postcard Perfection’ © Denise Bush

A look down adds perspective to this unique San Jaun Mountains, Colorado scene.

‘Bottom Of The Hill’ © Denise Bush

It's that time of day ... when the evening shadows start to creep in at lower elevations, while the mountains still shine.

‘Shadow & Light Landscape’ © Denise Bush

A dusting of snow arrives in time to accompany the colorful autumn foliage.

‘A Little Autumn Snow’ © Denise Bush

A mix of sun and clouds creates a spotlight effect on an autumn, aspen ridge.

‘Autumn Light Play’ © Denise Bush

From near to far, the mountains are especially beautiful in autumn.

‘A Perfect Afternoon’ © Denise Bush

The deep golden color of this aspen tree really stands out against a foggy backdrop!

‘Highlights In The Fog’ © Denise Bush

Interesting clouds grace this autumn scene featuring Sunshine Mountain near Telluride!

‘Sunshine On Sunshine Mountain’ © Denise Bush

Autumn aspens adorn the foreground of this San Juan Mountain, Colorado scene.

‘Autumn Aspens & Sunset’ © Denise Bush

The peak of Mount Sneffels is above the clouds here to the left of the frame.

‘Sneffels Under Cover’ © Denise Bush

Some final sunlight filters through the clouds to create a brilliant, last light over autumn aspens.

‘Last Light Mountain Time’ © Denise Bush
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This is my third 2022 autumn post and there’s more to come. If you missed ‘Finding Fall’ or ‘Finding More Fall’. Click on Denise Bush’s Photo Blog at the top and scroll down through the most recent posts! Thanks very much for visiting!

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55 Responses to “Autumn In The Mountains”

  1. A Perfect Afternoon is….. perfect. Wonderful series of images!

  2. 3 Diane St Peter

    Beautiful work Denise!

  3. Wilson peak stands out in the crowd, two seasons in the same picture.

    • Thanks Hans. FYI … Wilson is Telluride’s signature mountain and the one featured on the Coors Beer label. I don’t know if you get that where you are?

  4. These are so beautiful, Denise, you’ve outdone yourself! Impossible to pick favorites. 🙂

  5. Both Perfects and Bottom of the Hill are my faves. But all are superb, as always, Denise! Such wonderful colours and layering of the distances.

  6. Blessing light, I don’t mean it in a religious way, but how it transmits so much peace and done the world with youth. Thank you, Denise.

    • Thanks very much Francis. Unspoiled nature is peaceful for sure!

      • Yes, it is true. But I mean, there is something like legendary in this landscape hard to find in other places, whose beauty is also magnificent but different. Other lights and other expressions.

  7. 14 Ken Curtis

    Exquisite photographs, Denise.

  8. Every one of these images is glowing with yellow. Thank you mother nature-aspens and of course Denise for capturing these exceptional landscapes.

    • Hi Michael! Our San Juan Mountains are very beautiful! Have you ever visited the Rockies?

      • Yes, I have been fortunate enough to have visited several ranges of the Rockies’ including the San Juan, Sangre de Cristo and Front range. I never tire of seeing them, especially your photographs which capture their magic so well. I’ve climbed a few rocks, too! Thanks for asking.

  9. You should be pleased, Denise. These are beautiful shots.

  10. Beautiful images. There’s a simplicity to the scenes. And a lot of power too. You know, some of them have the feel of Van Gogh paintings to me, in color and composition — “Shadow And Light Landscape” for one example.

  11. 25 Bonnie Rovere

    Seriously? I can’t imagine living so close to that beauty!

  12. They’re all so good, but “A Peek at Wilson” is my favorite in this set.

    • Thanks Deborah. I put that one on FB too figuring it would be a favorite. Started snowing yesterday and just stopped 24 hours later. It’s a winter wonderland out there!

      • We had a dusting of snow on the lower mountains here in the valley too on Saturday, but it’s melting already so not a winter wonderland here yet. It’s already down in the low 20’s in the mornings though! Stay warm!! 😀

  13. Wow. These are all simply stunning. I can’t possibly pick one over another. I don’t know how you make those excruciating decisions that land an imagine the discard/later pile or the now pile.

    • Thank you Linda. Once I start putting a post together I can see which images don’t fit so well or might be too repetitive. Sometimes they will fit in a future post better.

  14. Good work, Denise. “A Peek at Mt. Wilson” is a stand out for me, closely followed by “Last Light Mountain Time” and “Postcard Perfection”.

  15. Each and every capture is breath taking!! I loved “The Peek at Mt. Wilson” as I know that comes under the category “timing is everything”!! Stunning captures…can’t say it enough!!

  16. Denise, Your collection is a visual delight! You sure have many keepers in your editing process. Your opening image is a stunner with its excellent layering of elements- you got it all. Postcard is just that…perfection. I love Autumn Light Play for its triangles of color, A Peek at Wilson Peak is truly awesome- the light and mystery is wonderful. A grand Autumn set! 🍁👏🏻

  17. ‘A Peek At Wilson Peak’ is my favourite shot. Stunning!

    • Thank you so much for visiting and leaving a comment! I put that image on FB too and it got more than my normal amount of likes.

      • I’m not surprised. It’s a very good photo, really. It catches eye with yellow “fence” of trees, but there is the mistery, a second layer behind clouds. Maybe it is a portal to another world? I have goose bumps on my arm.

  18. Better to have a surfeit of choices than having to make something of nothing. 🙂 Nice set.

  19. Stunning landscapes!

  20. Beautiful shots. I especially liked Autumn Drama, Postcard Perfection, and a Peak at Wilson Peak. I have been on the road, also collecting autumn photos which I hope to post soon.

  21. Amazing colours.
    A really wonderful series, Denise.

  22. Wow, that’s a landscape shooter’s dream to have all that to wander in and photograph. Great autumn collection, Denise!

    • Always gratifying when an awesome landscape photographer appreciates my work. I wish I could wander … most often it’s with my eyes! My photos can be deceiving … you don’t see the fences and no trespassing signs that are everywhere! Even more has been fenced off since we relocated 7+ years ago. With that said, I do have a post coming up with fences as the theme. Thanks so much!

      • Thanks for the compliment, Denise! I feel the same about your comments. 🙂

        Slowly but surely more and more is being fenced in. I am fortunate that many of the places I visit are not fenced and some of the ones that are actually are stone walls rather than actual fences. While not as wide-angled as your “selective” compositions, my post today had to be narrowed to exclude a concrete post/braided cable barrier along the road I was on. Looking forward to your fences post.

  23. Well, all that work pays off! There’s a fresh, expansive feeling running through these – what beauty the mountains hold! I like ‘Sneffels Under Cover’ – maybe because I’m in a gray mood – not in a bad way, in an appropriate-to-the -season way. We finally have rain here! And yes, the dusting of snow on your mountaintops is the icing on the cake. ‘Bottom of the Hill’ really appeals to me, too – the view just keeps opening up. It feels very hopeful. Great work!

    • Thanks very much Lynn! I’m glad you like ‘Bottom Of The Hill’ … it’s different. During and after snow the mountains are usually hidden by lifting clouds as in ‘Sneffels Under Cover’. It can be very pretty when the clouds finally unveil the peaks.

      • The sunlight on that gentle slope in the middle of ‘Bottom of the Hill’ is so pretty. Mountains and clouds make good neighbors. There’s a high peak that’s visible from a number of places on the island. It’s always snow-covered, in varying amounts depending on the season. I love seeing it with different amounts and kinds of clouds around and over it.

  24. That’s a good play on words in “A Peek At Wilson Peak,” and a good photograph, too. The cloud piques our curiosity about what’s behind it. And how about that warm light on the mountain in “Autumn Aspens & Sunset”?

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