Finding More Fall


I’m continuing to ‘find more fall’ and this post is another mix of autumn images. Beauty abounds and the area is busy with photographers from parts near and far, working to capture a piece of that beauty. I can relate to all those photographers as I too was once someone who would often travel for more scenic opportunities. Yes … I am very grateful to live where I can enjoy such wonderful scenery. It still takes work and I do consider it my job … one where I can happily put my skills (and determination) to work! Among the expansive landscape I enjoy finding smaller, intimate scenes like some I’ve posted here. I look to find aspen groupings that have an arrangement I can isolate and frame to create a pleasing composition. A walk to a less populated side of a lake provided opportunities to explore interesting reflections, instead of the overall view most come to capture and take home. I am always looking for subjects and compositions within the landscape that call out to me, and autumn is a time when that happens often!

Young aspen foliage sparkles in the late day side-light.

‘Sparkling Aspens’ © Denise Bush
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Aspen trees illuminate as the sun kisses the ridge goodnight in the distance.

‘Colorful Aspen Family’ © Denise Bush

Young aspens in gold acompany red and green in this found arrangement.

‘Cliffside Arrangement’ © Denise Bush

The contrast of twhite and black aspen trunks against autumn gold is a striking combination.

‘Aspen Trunks In Autumn Forest’ © Denise Bush

Tall aspens are daring so close to the edge of a cliff.

‘Aspens On Edge’ © Denise Bush
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Walking around the back side of this lake offered solitude among the beauty.

‘The Back Side’ © Denise Bush

Colorful aspen trees are reflected in a lake among some marsh grass.

‘Grassy Reflection’ © Denise Bush

An autumn mountain reflection among marsh grass makes a unique seasonal statement.

‘Frosty Grass & Reflection’ © Denise Bush

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32 Responses to “Finding More Fall”

  1. Gorgeous colours and compositions.

  2. Beautiful set, Denise. The season is all too fleeting!

  3. 5 bcplimpton

    Wow, Denise!
    As I scrolled down through the post each image moved me more than the last. After going over them several times I think I might be able to pick five or six favorites out of this amazing collection.

  4. Aspens on Edge is my fave of this set.

  5. You’re making it really difficult to choose a favorite. Each of your compositions are so well thought through. Frosty Grass & Reflection is my favorite. Bravo!

  6. It seems to be a fabulous year everywhere for color this fall. I hear its great on the east coast. And I’m here in for my week in McCall, a time which is usually just past the peak color season, but this year there hasn’t been much in the way of rain or snow so the colors keep glowing.

    I love your images. I think my fav is Splendor in the Grass, but I also love the unique perspective of Frosty Grass & Reflection.

    • The colors were especially fabulous, although it is always stunning so that is saying a lot! I was most proud of my title, ‘Splendor In The Grass’ … have you seen or do you remember the movie? Natalie Wood and Warren Beatty as young lovers. Thanks for checking in … will reciprocate soon!

  7. You made multiple good use of reflections for unique aspen photos. For once those yellow leaves are personally familiar, as we’re visiting New Mexico and saw it in aspens on the drive up to Sandia Peak outside Albuquerque yesterday shortly before sunset (and therefore without enough light for any pictures of those yellow leaves). As you said, you’re fortunate to live where you do.

    • Anyone can move here and people do all the time. One day we just said yes, let’s move and spend the rest of our days near our son and surrounded by beauty. I must say I really worked hard this year and yesterday was a marathon day. It was cloudy with some light peaking through so I stayed out all day to capture it all at least one more time. Now I am a bit overwhelmed with how many images I have to go through!

  8. Aspens on the Edge is so dramatic! I love that one. You found lots of great fall color for this set too.

    • Thanks Deborah! I decided to put that one on Facebook too. I don’t post very much there, preferring this blog for many reasons. Now that more bare trees are showing up I’ll be able to process, and catch up with everyone’s blogs.

  9. I like your reflection collection here, Denise. You’ve captured a lot of autumn’s intimate compositions which are a treat to see.

    • Thanks Steve! I had a lot of fun composing the reflection images! Will have time to process and catch up with everyone else’s blogs now!

  10. Lovely colors. Everyone gets all hyped about reds and oranges, but doesn’t consider the yellows…

  11. “Aspens on Edge” is magnificent. I’m inspecting your fall images looking for inspiration for my own fall shooting. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work.

  12. Stunning captures!! Love the colorful brilliance of Aspens on Edge and the great reflective captures in the last four….the stillness of the water. All of them are so beautiful!

  13. A fab celebration of Aspens and color, Denise. Your opening shot is reminiscent of Ansel’s Aspens…wondering what it would look like in monochrome…it has excellent separation in the trunks. Love your detail shot of Aspen Trunks, On Edge is eye-popping glorious and your final set of reflections show the colorful beauty all around. Thank you for your intrepid quest to document nature’s artistry.

    • Hi Jane! I think the first would work well in B&W. I had a similar shot last year and it was accepted into B&W Magazine’s Single Image issue. I had a lot of fun with those reflections. Thank you!

  14. There’s no question that your region shines in autumn! I love the first and third photos and the lake reflections. The white trunks in the first photo recede beautifully. It’s amazing how tall and straight some of those aspens grow!

    • Thanks again Lynn! The lake reflections were especially fun because I was able to find new compositions at a very familiar and photographed spot. The aspens grow especially tall in canyons or steep ravines … you can look way down and way up as they reach for the light!

      • It’s not easy to find new compositions in familiar places so I can understand how good that would make you feel. 🙂

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