Low Horizons & Big Skies


I’ve always been a fan of low horizons … especially when the sky is interesting enough to deserve the extra attention. If you follow this blog it’s likely you’ve seen some, mixed in among my landscape posts. Here are a few recent images with skies that attracted my eye. I see them as giant canvases that Mother Nature has painted for us to enjoy. Like abstract paintings I find the shapes, patterns and colors very appealing. Standing before them and soaking in the panorama is always rewarding. The views feed my mind, body and soul! And, I’m grateful for the opportunity to experience these beautiful moments with my camera!

‘Cimarron Light’  © Denise Bush
click here to view larger or order a print

‘Big Sky Over Pasture’ © Denise Bush

‘From Afar’ © Denise Bush

‘Sunny Side’ © Denise Bush

27 Responses to “Low Horizons & Big Skies”

  1. Mother Nature may have created it but you captured them forever. The mountain ranges are beautiful but I would just love to be lying in that green pasture looking up at that incredible cloud display

  2. Beautiful shots and interesting subject matter.

  3. These are lovely shots, Denise, and your words about Nature mirror my thoughts exactly. “I see them as giant canvases that Mother Nature has painted for us to enjoy.”

  4. 8 Joe Perno

    Beautiful Denise. I Love big skies and the amazing cloud formations

  5. Yes, skies are amazing. Great shots thanks!

  6. I’m with you when it comes to low horizons with interesting skies. Your four photos show how well you use that approach.

  7. Lovely work! I particularly like ‘The Big Sky Over Pasture’ photo.

  8. These are such beautiful big skies Denise. I’ve always enjoyed cloud watching on very windy days – it’s bliss to watch them race by.

  9. Like you, I have always enjoyed a low horizon—when, as you say, the sky is full of beautiful clouds or colours. As you show in these lovely images.

  10. Beautiful skies and images. There is nothing like showing how small we are within the grand landscape!

  11. It’s an out breath and an elegy, Denise – great stuff!

  12. Beautiful and thoughtful post! Indeed, the serenity and fulfillment we experience through our photography is ultimately the true reward. Hopefully others are inspired when we share our art.

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